Australian Gold Tanning Lotion – Friend or Foe?

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australian gold tanning lotionDid you see Australian Gold featured on The Celebrity Apprentice? At first I was so excited that a sunscreen brand was being featured for two hours on national TV, but then I realized Australian Gold doesn’t sell many sunscreen products – they mostly sell tanning lotion, which is the opposite of sunscreen because it increases your sun exposure and sun damage:( On the show, the Australian Gold executives were describing their sun care brand with phrases like: live the gold life, have fun in the sun, enjoy the tan of your life, and share treasured vacation moments. Then they expressed how cute their surfing koala Sydney was (I assume to appeal to kids).

Australian Gold is not your friend
After looking at the Australian Gold website, I see they sell tanning intensifier oils, tanning lotions, and Moisture Lock Tan Extender – an after tanning products meant to boost your tan. They also sell low SPF 4 and SPF 8 products that will hurt your skin because they contain oils that intensify the sun, but don’t provide enough sun protection. These lotions and gels are pretending to be sun protection products, which will trick people that don’t understand the ins and outs of sunscreen. Finally their worse offense is that they have a line of indoor tanning products (products to use in tanning booths). UGH. Given that Australia has (or had) the highest rate of skin cancer, you would think a company with Australia in its name would be more conscientious about sun protection. 

With all that said, in theory Australian Gold does have some acceptable products. They carry sunscreen products with SPF 30, which is adequate protection if you apply the product every two hours. However, after tracking down the ingredients of their sunscreens, they have oxybenzone in them, which is an ingredient to avoid because it can actually make your skin more photo sensitive, and it poses other health problems. Their sunscreens also don’t contain zinc oxide (which is what I look for in a sunscreen), nor do they contain titanium dioxide, or mexoryl, which are the other best active sunscreen ingredients.

One good product
Australian Gold has a self tanning lotion with bronzer, which is probably a good fake tan product to use if you make sure to wear a good sunscreen (not Australian Gold) when you go outside. I’m trying to find something positive to say about the brand so that Donald Trump doesn’t try to sue me;) After seeing The Celebrity Apprentice, if you actually want to buy Australian gold tanning lotion products, they are sold at Wal-Mart, Ulta, and on the AustralianGold.com website.

After watching The Celebrity Apprentice were you tricked into thinking you were watching a show about a line of sun protection products, rather than tanning lotion products? Have you used Australian Gold tanning lotion or any of their products? ps. It appears Mark McGrath has laid off the Botox again, and I’m sad he was fired.

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4 Responses to “Australian Gold Tanning Lotion – Friend or Foe?”

  1. kimmy Says:

    I saw the show. I remember when Mark Mcgrath had those big forehead wrinkles and then he was suddenly totally smooth. I wish they would have sent Gary home! But yeah I did think the show was about sunscreen initially too.

  2. Mistli Says:

    Yes, I used to use Australian Gold products when I was younger & I used them in a tanning bed. I also got basal cell carcinoma at 26. Can’t blame it on Australian Gold, I’m sure the tanning bed alone would have caused the cancer anyway, but yes, lesson very well learned. Please everyone, wear a good sunscreen & don’t use tanning beds, learn from other people’s mistakes so you don’t have to learn the hard way.

  3. Lu Says:

    I had that show on my DVR and just saw it. It did make it look like they were selling products that would protect you from the sun and getting skin cancer, etc. I haven’t seen that brand in the stores so I wonder where they sell them. But anyway I am happy with the sunscreens that I use already.

  4. Michelle Says:

    I use a self tanner that has SPF 15 but most importantly, anti-aging properties in it. It’s made with all natural botanicals and you can’t buy it at the local drugstore. I love it.

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