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bar soapBeware of bar soap if you have acne!
While I wrote my post about cosmetics and skin care products that can cause acne, I didn’t mention anything about bar soap. From Paula Begoun‘s books and website, I’ve learned that the ingredients that make bar soap a solid form can clog your pores. Bar soap can possibly cause, or worsen blackheads, and other forms of acne. When I’ve looked at the ingredients of various bar soaps, I don’t necessarily see any ingredients that I have on my list of pore clogging ingredients, but my list probably doesn’t include every pore-clogging ingredient out there.

I haven’t used bar soap since high school (when I used to use Neutrogena‘s Facial Bar) and I never had any success in getting rid of my acne back then. I also used a lot of acne products that turned out to have alcohol in them, or pore clogging ingredients. Woops. So all three of those mistakes probably made my acne worse in high school! But at least now I’ve “cured” myself of acne!

A lot of other companies also make facial bar soaps like Clinique and Lush, and Dove makes soap that can be used for your body and face. While I haven’t used bar soap in years, I personally wouldn’t ever use it again on my face because I have had enough success following the advice of Paula Begoun, so I’ll trust her about the bar soap. Also, Paula says to not use bar soap on your body if you are prone to breakouts there as well. Finally, you can read about how to treat underarm cysts, which is another common problem from pore clogging products!

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9 Responses to “Bar Soap Can Clog Pores”

  1. Kim Says:

    Jen, do you recommend the Weightless Body Treatment With 2% Beta Hydroxy Acid from Paula? I have those annoying bumps on the backs of my arms… I just bought something from Target called “The Scrub of your life” by soap and glory- It says on the packaging it gets rid of the bumps, that’s what prompted me to get it. Looking at the ingredients though, there are no BHA’s which Paula says is needed to help with that problem…

  2. Jacqueline Says:

    Hi Jeni,
    Your post confirms something I have been suspecting. I have been using Arbonne products for awhile and had run out of the face wash, so I used a sample bar soap (Clinique) for a few days. Now I have a lot of red bumps! I am not going to use this or any soap ever again! Thanks for the helpful information!

  3. Jeni - Savvy Skin Says:

    Hi Kim,
    I don’t know too much about those bumps but usually AHA or BHA is used to exfoliate the skin to get rid of the bumps. But if the scrub has grains in it, it might help to physically exfoliate the skin. If you go to I think she has an article about KP, which is what the bumps are called. Someone responded to this post – saying she’s had good luck with glycolic acid for KP. When I get home in a week I want to go to Target to look at that new Soap and Glory line.

  4. Kim Says:

    I checked the ingredients in the soap and glory, and almost every item is on your list with a high number. I won’t be using it, I am going to try and return it. I wrote soap and glory and they said I should be able to return it, they are sorry I was not pleased, but they did not answer anything about my questioning the ingredients:/

    They did offer to send me a sample of “mini Soap & Glory product- to try to make up for the disappointment you’ve had with the first one! ”

    I thought their reply was funny:
    Dear Kim

    Thank you so much for taking the time to send us feedback on FILL NAME OF PRODUCT IN HERE. We’re so sorry that you weren’t satisfied with this product. (It’s in fact one of our most popular products, and we’ve received rave reviews, but as always, not everything works on everyone, and you may unfortunately be the exception to the ‘rave review’ rule.)

    :) I will say the skin is soft and smooth, the bumps are even smoother feeling, but with what is in the ingerdients, I think it will become a vicious cycle!

  5. Jeni - Savvy Skin Says:

    Oh that sucks about the Soap and Glory products but I’m not surprised because I can’t use 75% of products out there. The thing about my cosmetic acne list is that if you don’t get acne, chances are none of the ingredients on the list will cause acne. But if you are prone to acne, there’s a good chance the ingredients will make it worse. I return stuff all the time to Target – I returned deodorant there when they changed the scent, and I return other products I don’t like. I feel guilty, but they let you return everything with a receipt.

  6. Anna Says:

    I have sensitive skin and i tried everything-organic-vegan all of the above exept for dove beauty bar for sensitive skin. I was so desperate because I was breaking out because of hormones that i decided to try it. helps my skin!

  7. Chris Says:

    Did you know that most of the bars you talk about are not really “soap”? Most of them, in fact most of all commercial soaps, are made of sythethic detergents! Look at the package, if it doesn’t say “Soap,” it’s not! Real soap is made from an alkali and fats, and is very good for your skin. Sythetic detergents are not. Always look at the ingredients… a pure natural bar of real soap only contains oils, and shouldn’t contain anything else except for natural colorants and essential oils for scent and/or their benefitial properties.

  8. lala lou Says:

    I have tried a number of soap and glory products(do not test on animals) and found them to be wonderful, and smell gorgous-that is, until I actually took the time to read the ingredients in them. Now, as some one else pointed out here, it probably won’t do your skin any harm in terms of acne, dryness and such if you do not suffer with it-and, true, my skin GLOWED with the stuff-but I did not glow when I relalised what many of the products contain: PARABEN’S.

    There is a lot of research that links these synthetic preservatives with breast cancer-there have been to find large amounts of what are known as parabens in tissue of said tumours. I have no idea if it matters to put it on your face, but I kind of think that to wash over certain areas, chemicals that absorb into your pores, is a bit..dicey. Soap a glory also contains other chemicals which are also bad. All in all, as research over time will tell, we will know, but I cannot use these products with a clear conscience and no fear, stupid as it sounds. And that disappoints me. A lot( A few do not contain parabens, but you’d have to do your research).

    Parabens can ‘mimick’ eostregen, and studies have shown that too much can cause said things.

    Also, for those of you who do suffer with skin problems, dry skin e.t.c-might want to check for synthetic glycerin- as these are known to remove a layer of skin, thus resulting in dry skin after a while. Natural glycerin, is perfect for skin, as are things with vit. e(natural, again not synthetic) jojoba, and many more. Natural. Honey is also good for the skin. willl contain no chemicals and will look after bad skin, depending on the product you choose. But these can be costly if you are still at school, so I don’t know..

    Soap and Glory, please take out the parabens. :(

  9. TJ Says:

    I have sensitive skin. Any product with fragrance or dyes will aggravate my skin. I will break out with a rash or my skin will dry and crack open, with itching sores. This is very uncomfortable, miserable, and very painful.

    The Made from Earth soaps I have found, that will not irritate or increase the pain of an already painful situation. I have used their Citrus Lavender and their Peppermint Parsley Soap.

    The Citrus Lavender soap is so gentle I even used it on my small son without any worries of it causing skin irritation. He is now seven and has no problems with sensitive skin, THANK GOD!

    I recently recommended Made from Earth to a new mother. Her infant daughter was breaking out in a rash all over her tiny body from something the mother was using on her. With the change of soap and lotion the infant is now rash free and absolutely adorable.

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