Beauty Tips From Lolcats

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If you like cats, I’m sure you’ve seen the funny cat blog I Can Has Cheezburger, which is where all of these pictures are from. Lolcats are funny cat pics with funny captions. I present you Beauty Tips from Lolcats:

Don’t fool yourself – if you’ve over 25, you need makeup, and lots of it!

Baths…totally overrated!

Do-it-yourself haircuts – how to save tons of money a year!

The compact mirror is your best friend – don’t be shy about busting it out at the dinner table.

If you stray, your hair stylist will never know!

Beauty sleep is crucial. Tell the boss to shove it.

You can never be too rich, or too thin!

This is why kitty waxing was invented…

Don’t follow fashion trends – just go naked!

Facelifts – the tighter the better!

Beauty savings tip: find non-board certified doctor that practices in a strip mall to save tons of money on cosmetic surgery!

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7 Responses to “Beauty Tips From Lolcats”

  1. Miss Gisele B Says:


    That is such an hilarious look at beauty!

    Thanks for the good laugh…some of those photos made me cry of laughter.

    This is an excellent way of starting the year!

    Thanks a lot!!!

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  4. Mind of Mog Says:

    Bad Kitty Cats Festival of Chaos Tummy Time…

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  6. Queen Snickers Says:

    HAHA those are great!!

  7. Destre Says:

    SO CUTE!!!

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