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bingo wingsBingo Wings – what the heck are they, and why do I want to get rid of my own bingo wings?

The curse of the bingo wings
Bingo wings is a slang term for flabby arms – also know as saggy arms, bat wings, and just plain fat arms. When you raise your arm to call out BINGO and the skin under your arm waves around along with your hand – you have bingo wings. The girl in this photo has escaped the dreaded bingo wings so far… When I was in 5th grade, my teacher was thin and tan, yet she had the most saggy, droopy arms ever, and they would flap like crazy when she wrote on the chalkboard. I vowed I would do whatever I could to escape the same fate (I guess I’ve always been vain, even as a kid). I wasn’t vigilant enough because I developed my own set of bingo wings last year.

Bingo wings causes
Bingo wings are either arm fat, or extra loose skin that hangs down underneath the tricep muscles when you hold your arms up. Genetics play a big role – people gain weight in different areas, and in my case, it goes mainly to my thighs and arms. As I wrote in my GoWear Fit review, I’ve gained some weight, and even though it’s not a ton, it’s enough to cause some pretty obvious bat wings (plus arm cellulite). Loose saggy skin can be caused by significant weight loss, and the skin then isn’t able to snap back into place. As you get older, your body loses collagen and elastin, which again causes sagginess. And a lack of muscle tone can make bingo wings more obvious.

Banish bingo wings
I’m in the process of trying to banish my own bingo wings, and I know what should work in theory…. When bingo wings are caused by excess fat, the best way to reduce flabby arms is the obvious way – lose fat – which of course is easier said than done. The typical healthier lifestyle plan we all know about – consume less calories and eat healthier foods, do cardio exercise, and do strength training – is the best way to reduce bingo wings (as well as fat from the rest of your body). You can’t spot-tone and just reduce fat in one area.

Exercises to reduce bingo wings
Besides cardio (fast walking, swimming, running, Zumba, spinning, etc.) to reduce overall fat, strength training (weights, yoga) builds muscle, which burns more calories than fat, and it also makes your flabby arms appear more toned. Of everything I’ve tried at the gym, yoga has given me the most noticeable results as far as more definition in my arms. I do Asthanga and Vinyasa yoga 2-3 times a week, and there are so many challenging arm strengthening poses in the class that it really helps build up your arm muscles. But losing fat is still essential because you can’t see much muscle definition until the fat is reduced. Weight machines that focus on your triceps, biceps, and deltoids are also great for arm toning. Yoga poses that really work your arms include downward dog, dolphin pose, plank and side plank, chaturanga, and crow pose – you can look for pictures of these on google, or search for “yoga arm poses.”

More bingo wing exercises
The rowing machine at the gym is an excellent arm toner. Good old fashioned push ups and pull ups are also great for toning arms. I bought one of those pull up bars you hang in the door frame (the Iron Gym) and it’s great. I have had it for a year and still can’t do a pull up (which is why I still have bingo wings), but I just jump up and hang from it and do the best I can. The Iron Gym is one of the few infomercial products that is awesome, but have you seen the Shake Weight? It’s supposed to cure bingo wings, and it’s the most ridiculous, useless invention ever. I tried one out at Target when no one was watching, and it doesn’t work at all and it’s so embarrassing – save your money! If you google “tricep exercises” and “bicep exercises” you will find some great exercises you can do at home with cheap free weights (I use 8 pound weights).

Wear sunscreen to prevent bingo wings!
I was slathering on sunscreen on my arms yesterday, and that’s how I got the idea to write about bingo wings. Saggy skin is caused in part by a loss of collagen and elastin due to age, but external factors, like sun damage, make everything worse because the sun also breaks down skin’s collagen and elastin. Crepey, saggy arm skin is what you have to look forward to if you tan and never wear sunscreen:( I am learning this the hard way because I always skimped on applying sunscreen on my arms until recently. I had written about saggy neck skin before, and lately I’ve been noticing that arm skin ages just as poorly due to sun damage. Prevention is key!

Surgical options
Despite all the ways to reduce flabby arms and saggy arms, sometimes diet and exercise is not enough to combat it. There are surgical options like an arm lift (brachioplasty), but it leaves a major scar and the results aren’t perfect. Liposuction may also be done to remove excessive fat.

Do you have bingo wings? Have you had any success in getting rid of them or reducing them?

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6 Responses to “Bingo Wings!”

  1. Fran Says:

    Or you could just wear long-sleeve shirts the rest of your life! Ha.

  2. Fran Says:

    Oh and even Madonna has bingo wings – I guess there is no hope for any of us! http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-1199849/Is-Madonna-losing-arms-race-Singer-reveals-bingo-wings-night-Italy.html

  3. GSJ Bingo-Girl Says:

    I need to lose my Bingo wings!

  4. Eve Says:

    Bingo wings caused by age won’t go. I’ve got Rylan Duggan’s book and believed I’d have firm upper arms in a month, but there’s no difference, they seem worse with time.I’m not overweight, and arms look quite slender, just the typical older woman appearance when I hold them up. Hate it, ageing is horrible. All the so-called anti-ageing rubbish on the market is a waste of time,not to mention the poor a\nimals being experimented on so women can use this rubbish.

  5. Rachel D Says:

    I don’t think the so called bingo wings are just a matter of age. I am 26 and have gained and then lost weight quite rapidly, leaving me with cellulite and flab on my upper arms. The gain stretched them out so badly that even after weight loss my skin refuses to be taut. The only effective remedy I’ve found so far is rubbing vinegar on the looose skin and then collagen lotion every night. The vinegar makes your skin contract and feel tight and the lotion puts back topical collagen.

  6. Carol Says:

    I was drawn to this site through my search on bingo wings. I would say I’m pretty fit as I’ve been gyming since in my 30s. The other day I pointed at something and caught a slight wiggle in my upper arm – oh no the beginnings of the dreaded bingo wing!! I am not over weight and I have all over body muscle tone – so why is this happening??

    The only conclusion is age. If Madonna has bingo wings then it can only be age. I’m 44 and a woman of colour so my skin isn’t prone to “sagging” as melanin helps prevent this. I blame my life long friend Gravity!

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