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blackheads acneBlackheads are very annoying to me. I’ve successfully gotten rid of all my acne, except for the stubborn blackheads on my nose. I’ve tried all sorts of things, but at most they go away for a day and then come right back. What works the best for me is the Philosophy The Microdelivery Peel but I only use it once a week, so the blackheads will go away the day I use the scrub, but then they come right back. I use Differin every night (a prescription acne gel), but that doesn’t seem to work on blackheads. I have one of those blackhead extraction metal tools with the circle on the end, but it’s not that effective, since I have so many blackheads to deal with. Sorry if I’m grossing you out. Then I have tried clay masks on my nose but they don’t do much. Maybe I need some sort of enzyme mask. Hmmm. I’ve tried glycolic acid and salicylic acid gels to no avail. Also, I want to try Tazorac (another prescription acne treatment), just on my nose, but I hate to go to the Dermatologist and just ask for a prescription so I can try it on my nose and nowhere else on my face. It’s a retinoid, similar to Differin, and now I can’t remember how it differs from Differin, but I just know I want to try it. I have an oily nose, but the rest of my face is dry.

I even had Photo Facials, which I thought could possibly help with the blackheads. While you can’t exactly shrink pores, Photo Facials supposedly stimulate collagen, which will supposedly minimize pore size. I thought if maybe I had minimized pores, my blackheads would be gone, but the Photo Facials didn’t seem to make a difference on the blackheads. So, that’s where I’m at! I need to find a product to use every day. At the Med Spa I worked at, the estheticians used something called PCA Detox Gel. I heard it works well (from like one person), but who knows, and I can’t buy it cause it’s part of their professional line. Help! Any advice to get rid of blackheads and keep them away?

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15 Responses to “Blackheads”

  1. Maria Says:

    I was fascinated by your dissertation on blackheads. Firstly what you describe on your nose are really not black heads per se they are enlarged pores that are full of sebum. You can either get used to putting on a little light cover stick daily to hide the effect of them or use a good warm wash technique twice a day of your nose. This is very effective at opening up the pores on your nose and allowing the built up sebum to flow out.
    Alternatively I had an aggressive peel/resurfacing done on my nose which effectively reduced the pores to a minimal size for many months. They returned! Genetics plays a major on how your nose pores work and if you are one of those with enlarged pores on your nose they will constantly return. I find the hot wash most effective. The more you attack the pores with black head removers etc…. the more enlarged they will get. Wait for the black heads to really be black before dealing with them like that, but if you keep to the regular cleaning routine they should stay flesh coloured and diminish in size.
    Incidentally I tried Tazorac and it only has a very temporary effect.
    If you are going to try the hot wash you need to use a soft facial brush with the cleaner of choice and just pop into the wash room for a quick wash from work…. likewise if you’re going out on a summers evening after work do the same thing. It takes just a few seconds and leaves you feeling very refreshed.
    Thank your lucky stars that you sweat like that only from your nose and not from all over your face!

  2. Jeni Says:

    Hi Maria,
    Thanks for the info! I was just about to google “dissolve blackhead sebum” or something similar, when I got your comment.

  3. Elaine Says:

    Instead of the glycolics, try a FRUIT ACID gel-mid strength.

  4. Aquafina Says:

    I have tried the Biore Deep Cleansing Pore Strips. They do work right then and there, but of course as the week progresses, you’ll have dirt build up in your pores and the blackheads return. You would have to use the pore strips once a week if your blackheads are really abundant or just use it whenever you see a lot of blackheads.

    I wonder how models & celebrities keep their faces so flawless. >_

  5. Aquafina Says:

    Oh my goodness! Today, I’ve just tried a product called “Clearskin Blackhead Clearing Cleanser” from AVON. I’ve bought it months ago thinking it’s the same as the other cleanser on the market, so I didn’t think of using it anytime soon. I’ve been looking for a product to treat blackheads for a while, but none of them ever work. I just happened to remember it the other day and gave it a try today. I’ve used ONCE so far, and for the first time EVER, a product does what it actually it would do! I’m ecstatic!

    Anyways, I just wanted to share that with those looking for a product to try. ^_^ I’ve been on the Avon Web site but didn’t find the EXACT product that I have. :( I did find something though, “Clearskin® Purifying Astringent Blackhead Clearing Formula”. It doesn’t look like the product I have, which has a structure like a tube of lotion, but I’m sure it’ll work the same.

    Best of luck!


  6. Jeni - Savvy Skin Says:

    Do you know what the ingredients are that are in the Avon cleanser that you have? Does it say on the bottle? Thanks!

  7. Aquafina Says:

    Here are the ingredients:

    -salicylic acid (2%)
    -sodium hydioxide
    -benzoic acid
    etc. Basically, it contains A LOT of the same ingredients here: but not EXACTLY all of those listed on that Web page.

  8. Jeni - Savvy Skin Says:

    Thanks! I’m wondering why that cleanser works better than others that contain 2% salicylic acid (the only active ingredient in the cleanser). I’ve used several different products with 2% salicylic acid, but none of them have worked on my blackheads at all! I’m glad it’s working for you!!!

  9. Aquafina Says:

    Yeah, I find that the salicylic acid stuff is in most of my acne treatment products. O_O It works way better than benzoyl peroxide in Proactiv. >__

  10. HT Says:

    apparently sacilic acid is a BHA and is fat soluble which is different from AHA which are water soluble. thats why its good for those that have clogged pores and black heads because it works with ones facial oils to clear the skin. Thats what Ive read before anyways.

  11. Miyu Says:


    I have enlarged pored on my nose as well and I had pretty noticeable blackheads. I went to Taiwan for a month in the summer where the weather was really humid and I sweated like mad since it’s so humid and hot. Day in and Day out. By the end of the month my skin had no little bumps or blackheads and it was nice and smooth like a baby’s bum. I came back to North America and the nice skin went back to having little bumps and blackheads (and acne). Now, I couldn’t conclude really what factor it was that helped with clearing my pores, although I knew that sweating was a large part of it but then it was also an entirely different country, with different sources of water and water filters, different food diet etc etc and so forth. I don’t know if it’s a combination of all or not, but then my friend got me into hot yoga, where you sweat and workout in 90 minutes. Doing that 3 times a week has greatly reduced my pore size and blackheads. My nose doesn’t feel bumpy anymore (the blackheads that must be sticking out I guess). So the moral of the story here is that I greatly believe that the strongest defense to blackheads is sweating profusely. It kinda makes sense, I mean all the sweat that pours out from the pores must also be pushing out the sebum and dead skin cells in the pores. And the great thing is that every pore sweats (so no extraction of blackheads one by one). OH and the pore sizes stay minimized for a couple of days (which keeps me doing yoga regularly, lol). I highly recommend inducing sweat one way or another regularly (sauna, steambath, face over a bowl of hot water, excercise.. anything that works for you although hot yoga is a nice option since it’s also healthy)

  12. Beans1225 Says:

    The product that aquafina is referring to was discontinued as is and repackaged to cover more general acne issues. But it can be found on ebay.

    Happy holidays

  13. Amy Says:

    What I’ve found that helps with my nose blackheads is my electric facial brush. I just have a cheapy one that my mom bought me, but it does make a difference to the appearance of my pores. I’m currently thinking of saving up for a Clarisonic to step the cleaning up another notch.

  14. Joey Says:

    I found this as I have also gotten huge pores on my nose and the ‘blackheads’ stick out sometimes– so disgusting, so much so I can actually carefully use tweezers and pluck the big of oil/gunk right out. It’s horrific! Luckily up close most people don’t notice, but I can when looking in the mirror and it drives me mad. Those stupid strips to put on the nose and rip off– do not remove them for some reason. I also get this right below my nose and also on my chin. SO GROSS! Nothing has worked to get rid of them, obviously, as I’m seeking out online help. =)

    One product which helps a little is the Burt’s Bee’s Blemish Stick, it has a lot of ‘essential oils’ in it (ironic, essential OILS! for acne-like problems!) but obviously they return, this seems to slow them down a bit.

    I wish you luck and thank you and your readers for their input. It’s all interesting and helpful. And gross. Damn you stupid pores.

  15. SonjaBee Says:

    Shielo’s Complexion Scrub is a great way to get rid of blackheads. From what I understand blackheads form when dirt gets into your pores and get stuck. I’ve seen blackhead strips as well as methods of popping blackheads out but I’ve also read that these are only effective in the short term and can do some long-term damage especially the ones where you pop them out. It is a constant maintenance and you will never fully get rid of blackheads but it is nice to know that there are products like Shielo’s Complexion Scrub with a nice scent.

    All I do in my routine is this very simple: I just simply wash my face and then apply a little bit of the shielo complexion scrub on my fingers and gently applied to my face in a circular pattern. I let it sit a little bit while brushing my teeth and then I wash it out with warm water and pat dry with a cloth. It has worked well for me and I can recommend it.

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