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botox injectionBotox Tips!
Currently I’m a big proponent of Botox and have Botox injections, but it’s a serious beauty treatment, and there are several things you should know before you get it. More than 30 years ago, Botox was originally used to treat crossed eyes and twitching eyes, and it’s even been used in children with Cerebral Palsy. In 2002 Botox Cosmetic gained FDA approval for use in the forehead to treat wrinkles. Botox works by disabling nerves from telling your muscles to contract, which is what create certain wrinkles – the ones between your eyes, in your forehead, and around your eyes. Here’s what you should know about Botox:

Make sure you are receiving Botox Cosmetic
Currently, Botox Cosmetic is the only Botulinum toxin A that is FDA approved for cosmetic use. Before you receive your treatment, don’t hesitate to ask to see the box and bottle of the Botox, to confirm that it’s the real thing. Of course, an unscrupulous person could always put something other than Botox Cosmetic in the bottle, so you need to make sure you are at a trustworthy practice. If you’ve heard about the deaths or paralysis of people that had Botox injections, they were not injected with Botox Cosmetic. Here in Nevada, a doctor has recently been accused of injecting his patients with something other than Botox Cosmetic, but telling them it was the real thing, and he faces serious jail time if he’s found guilty.

Botox Cosmetic is not cheap
Allergan, the maker of Botox Cosmetic, currently charges all of its buyers $505 per 100 unit vial. That means a Medical Spa or Doctor is paying $5.05 per unit of Botox, plus they need to pay the injector, the rest of the staff, and all the bills that go along with running a medical establishment. So if you see Botox specials at places for $99, or $6 a unit, you probably aren’t going to get a good treatment! At the Medical Spa I worked at, we would charge between $9.50 and $13 a unit, depending on the special we were running. I personally got 35 units, which covered my forehead, between my eyes, and around my eyes. That’s about $350. Most of our clients got between 20 and 80 units, depending on the severity of their wrinkles.

Botox injections require skill and practice
In Nevada, you only need to be a Medical Assistant to inject Botox. In other states, you must be a Nurse or Doctor, however any type of Doctor can take a weekend course in Botox and then be able to inject it. Just because a Doctor is doing your treatment doesn’t mean you will get good results. Botox must be injected very precisely, and skill and practice are necessary for good results. When I got my Botox at the Medical Spa I worked at, my treatments were done by a Medical Assistant, yet she had been doing injections for several years, was trained by Allergan, and she had worked on hundreds and hundreds of happy clients. I saw Doctors that were affiliated with the Spa that didn’t provide the best results to clients, and the clients were happier with the Medical Assistant. Also, at the Medical Spa, one Medical Assistant literally had a week of training before she was injecting clients!!! That freaked me out. Read about my Insider Guide to Medical Spas here. Ask for referrals from your friends, ask a place to see before and after pictures, ask how long the person has been doing injections, and check with the Better Business Bureau before choosing an establishment. The official Botox website also has a list of Doctors with whom they are affiliated.

On a side note, I saw great results with the 35 units the Medical Assistant recommended, however when I asked another doctor and a nurse how many units they thought I needed, they both said 60. I’m not exactly sure what to make of that.

Ask if the results are guaranteed
While every patient is different and won’t get the same exact results, there are several factors that can effect your treatment. Botox needs to be mixed with sterile saline, but some unscrupulous places may dilute the Botox too much, which can make it less effective, or it can wear off faster. Botox also needs to be used within a few days after it’s mixed, so if you aren’t getting fresh Botox, you might not get good results. You also want to get an ample amount of units, so it’s best to pay per unit, rather than per area. Some place may charge $99 an area, but who knows how much Botox they are injecting. You need to tell a skilled injector what results you are hoping to achieve, and you need to let him or her decide how many units you will need to achieve those results. If you only have $100 and want “some” Botox, save your money til you can afford to get the units you need. If you are being treated at a reputable place, you should be really happy with your results. But see if you can get some sort of guarantee in writing, so that you don’t get Botox that fades after two weeks, and you’re out a lot of money.

Continued use of Botox and Side Effects
Since Botox Cosmetic hasn’t been around that long, no one really knows what its long term effects will be. It’s recommended to get Botox every 3-4 months, although with continued use, you should need it less often, and may need less units to achieve the same results. But if you continually get it, who knows how it will effect your looks in 10, 20, 30 years. That scares me a bit! Make sure to tell your Botox provider what medications you are on before the treatment, and don’t drink alcohol before the treatment. Botox parties may be fun (if you get a skilled injector) but you don’t want to be drinking at them! Don’t lie down for 4 hours after the injections, and don’t rub your face. The good thing about Botox is that while you have it, it will prevent your wrinkles from getting worse, so you are sort of stopping the clock. However, if you stop getting it, the wrinkles you had before will come back, and it will be like you never had the treatment.

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26 Responses to “Botox Tips”

  1. Tiffany Says:

    Great blog! Thanks. I recently had Botox done and by accident I stumbled upon I used them when looking for a provider.

    What I liked the most was that my profile remained anynomyous until I was ready to decide what to do. I received replies from four surgeons that met all the things I was looking for. I liked having that complete control without the sales pressure that some of these places can be known for.

    If you are going to go down the cosmetic surgery road…better to be safe than sorry. Check them out.

  2. Kylen Says:


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  4. Chas Says:


    Thanks for putting this blog together…

  5. Maricarmen Says:


    The blog it seems very good and daily updated….

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  7. talia Says:

    Botox is one of those products that can be used for so many different things these days, its amazing really. I personally have not used it but I have a friend who had her lips shaped with it, I have mentioned the use of it on my blog too. There is some controversy as to whether it is getting used too much but I think the main problem is that it is being used by people who are not properly trained. That seems to be where most of the problems stem from. If people want to get botox for any reason they just need to make sure that the doctor they choose is actually qualified to give the injections. I would talk to past patients too and see if they had any problems.

  8. Amy Says:

    Thanks for the info on pricing and type of Botox. I’ve heard of some “generic” vials out there, so it’s best to ask up front which type you’ll be getting.

  9. KattG Says:

    Hi, Had my Botox refresher this morning between my brows & my head has been killing me for most of the day.

    Is this common? It’s never happened to me before.

  10. Jeni - Savvy Skin Says:

    I think it’s pretty common to get a headache after having Botox. Just make sure to not lie down for at least 4 hours after treatments. The first time I had Botox, I was fine, and then it was either later that night, or the next morning, that I had a horrible headache. I was freaking out, and found lots of reports of people getting headaches after having Botox. However, mine went away a half-day later, and that was the only side effects I’ve had from Botox. I’ve only had it three times, though.

  11. Daisy Says:

    hello, I had botox a few weeks ago for crows feet, between brows & forehead, and filler between brows as well. I am pleased with the results. I like how my eyebrows now fly up a bit at the ends when I smile and I can’t frown even if I want to. All good.
    I did have a headache afterwards for about a day, the site of the filler was swollen with tiny bruises for about a week, and even my forehead had two tiny little round bruises for a week. But I do bruise easily and it was the week before my period so I kind of expected that. The filler place is still a bit tender, even now.
    However, ever since I had it done I have had it done I have had a spot/pimple on the site of one of the needles, between my brows. I NEVER get spots usually, skin always clear. Can there be a link?

  12. Diane Says:

    A few things I have experienced as after effects (not side effects) of forehead injections: I had two Botox treatments a few years apart (and it’s been a few years since my last injection). I noticed that with both injections after about a year and a half my forehead really, really hurt (not a headache but the forehead muscles) for a few days at a time every few weeks for about three months. Each time with the pain came depression (and not from a vanity standpoint that the wrinkles were coming back or anything). Thankfully I realized it was somehow related to the Botox so I just dealt with the weird thoughts(I’ve never had depression before at all). I tried to read about the after effects but could find no publications that discuss this. It will not stop me from getting Botox again because I love the injections, they make you look ten years younger, but I know the pain and depression will return about a year and a half after stopping the injections. Has anyone else had this experience?

  13. shelly Says:

    i am about to receive my first botox treatment. does drinking alcohol before or after the treatment make bruising or other side effects worse? how long should you not be drinking before and after an injections? please answer asap. Thank you.

  14. shelly Says:

    how long should you not drink before or after botox injections?

  15. Andy Says:

    Very good blog !-just had my latest top -up and have to say that it pays to shop around for an experienced Doctor. My first Doctor was injecting at the top of my forhead and needless to say results were poor (we dont have muscle up there!) .After a couple of treatments I decided to find another Doctor and found one who seems to know exactly where to inject – results are mush better.I’ve been having treatments for a couple of years without problems although the first time I felt a little frozen for a few days but I think this was probably my imagination playing up !

  16. Beverly Says:

    I had my first Botox injections yesterday performed by my plastic surgeon! Absolutely fantastic results already and I can’t wait to see what the next few days have in store. No bruising, no pain and quick! My friend has hers done by her dermatologist and she never knows when she’s going to be bruised or if she’s going to have Donald Duck lips as she likes to say. Why would anyone continue to put themselves in this kind of danger is beyond me. ALWAYS choose your injector CAREFULLY, this is your face afterall. There are RISKS, read about them! I am a Nurse and can tell you, you get what you pay for in every area of life. Don’t learn a hard lesson the hard way. BE CAREFUL, Botox works in the right hands. Enjoy the results, I am hooked that’s for sure!!!

  17. Hanid Says:

    I love your blog and I thought very interesting what you wrote about Botox.
    Thanks God I never had problem with Botox . My first Botox had in 1997 and the last in 2007 in Brazil. I am looking for good doctor in Atlanta. I love Botox. Its the best way you keep young without plastic surgery.

  18. Marilyn Says:

    To Diane (09-2008). I have had the same exact results as you regarding botox, but only after having an injection in my forehead. It’s been 6 months and again tonight, I am greeted with forehead pain (different than a headache). I probably won’t get another injection in my forehead (besides the intermittent pain, it seems to still be effective), but may continue on the crow’s feet. Everyone should also listen to the adage, “you get what you pay for”.

  19. Alley Says:

    Love, love your blog–thanks for sharing! My family has horrible skin and horrible “aging” genes. I’m so lucky to be blessed with both… So, at 24 years of age, and after 2 rounds of accutane, when I asked my dermatologist about botox, he didn’t gasp or lecture. He actually told me I was a perfect candidate. I’d be using botox to treat the existing wrinkles I already did have, but more as a preventative for future wrinkles. I’m now turning 30 next month and have moved cross country from MI to the gorgeous state of CA for my husband’s career. My family is very conservative and I’ve never let them in on my little friend, botox. They actually think I’m aging well from sun exposure… Did I mention my family was conservative? Well, I’m very fair skinned, stay out of the sun, have had no other procedures, and never miss my 6 month date with my ole friend. Forget diamonds, botox is a girls’ new best friend!

  20. tina Says:

    love your info, so informative, thank you!

  21. londiwe Says:

    why do you have to work face muscles for 4 hrs after a Botox treatment?
    why do you have to stay upright all the time and not bend for 4 after Botox treatment?
    why you must not take Vitamin E, Aspirin or concume alcohol for 4 hrs after Botox treatment?
    why you must not rub or massage the treated area for 24 hrs?
    why you cant have a facial 24 hrs after Botox treatment ?
    why you should not have a scalp massage or shampoo your hair for 24 hrs after the Botox treatment?
    why you should not travel by airplane for 48hrs after Botox treatment?
    why you should not have Micro-dermabration and Electrolysis for a week after a Botox treatment?
    why you should not have a Laser treatment or any electrical beauty treatment for a week after a Botox treatment?

  22. darla Says:

    Great blog! ihave had botox as well, once. And will be donig so again, I went to my dermatologist, since she is knowledgeable, is Asian and does have the same treatments herself with good results she is really the only one I will go to. I am not Asian, I am Norwegian, I go to her with any questions or skin problems, some of mine have been serious, she removed skin cancer I thought was a stubborn zit-I was worried about a different spot that turned out to be nothing, because of her knowledge and helpfulness she is my choice for skin care. I would never recommend going to someone who does not specialize in a medical way to get this done-my gynecologist now does only botox-I won’t go to him because he spent 20 plus years delivering babies and suddenly went to the botox on cash basis only as his only service-I want a skin specialist to help me care for my skin,not osmeone who sees this as good cash flow.

  23. jane beverly Says:

    I will be doing Botox for the first time and I am wondering if my husband will notice? what should I say?

  24. darla Says:

    jane as far as what will you say about botox~there really is nothing to say. At most you will probably get a tiny bruise you can cover easily till it fades. It is when you get fillers that it takes a bit m,ore time for your face to ‘settle’ depending on what you get and where. When I had my ‘jowls’ lower jawline and chin injected with radiesse, I had bruising and a small amt of swelling. When I had my marionette lines filled with juvederm, the bruises were deeper and lasted an entire week, but I also take tylenol #3 daily so this may have contributed, it was not the product not the injector, she is tops and a seasoned dermatologist. Botox with a reputable professional, I always recommend dermatologists and prefer offices where the workers have also tried and use things on a regular basis, you should see just results over time-but seriuosly, do not go home and use a face scrub or mess with the site, leave it alone and follow all instructions to the letter. Good luck! The results will be softer lines or disappearance of lines, which will help you look rested.

  25. Mario Says:

    I was wondering if anyone has taken Botox to treat depression, if so is it efficient ?

  26. Joie de Vivre Med Spa Says:

    Botox, if done correctly, can provide remarkable results! The more experience a doctor has in Botox injections, the better!

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