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burnout sunscreenBurnOut sunscreen is the latest zinc oxide sunscreen I’ve tested – now that summer is fast approaching, I’m once again excited about sunscreen, my favorite skin care must-have. If you’re looking for a safe, gentle, lightweight, mineral / physical-blocking sunscreen, one that is nearly sheer, and more than likely safe for acne – BurnOut is a sunscreen I highly recommend. It contains 18.6% zinc oxide, which is a very high zinc oxide percentage for a sunscreen!

BurnOut Eco-Sensitive Zinc Oxide Sunscreen SPF 32 Review
You can find BurnOut at Whole Foods but I picked mine up on Amazon because it was a little cheaper. At $17 for a 3.4oz tube, it’s pricier than drugstore sunblocks, but not as costly as ones sold at department store and specialty skin care stores. I bought the regular BurnOut sunscreen – in the blue and white packaging, but they also make one called: Kids Physical Sunscreen and Ocean Tested Physical Sunscreen. All three of them are safe for kids. If you’re concerned about the potential safety hazards of your skin care products, you’ll be happy to know the Cosmetics Database rated this sunscreen a low hazard.

BurnOut only uses zinc oxide as its sun protection ingredient, so this is great news for people with sensitive skin, or for those that prefer to use sunscreens with physical blocking agents, instead of chemical blockers. I always use sunscreens with high levels of zinc oxide in them, but also frequently use ones that have both zinc oxide and chemical sunscreen ingredients. I’m always experimenting. I like zinc oxide because it’s stable in sunlight (unlike most chemical sunscreen ingredients), it’s not as likely to cause acne as the other physical blocker titanium dioxide, and it protects more of the UV spectrum than titanium dioxide.

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• BurnOut Safety & Application
The BurnOut label says it’s petroleum-free, paraben-free, water-resistant, eco-sensitive (biodegradable, ocean safe), non-greasy, non-comedogenic, and fragrance-free. The packaging is made with recycled plastic and BurnOut says they don’t test on animals. On my face, the product goes on really light and it is almost completely sheer (which is quite a feat for a sunscreen with such a high percentage of zinc oxide). Plus it’s not shiny at all. Some people report a slight white cast, but on me it’s clear, and of all the physical sunscreens I’ve tried, this is the sheerest and lightest. BurnOut sunscreen is extremely similar in all ways to Dermaquest ZinClear SPF 30, except it’s about 1/3 the price per ounce, so I would definitely pick BurnOut over Dermaquest, but Dermaquest is very good also.

Normal to Matte Finish
I’ve been wearing BurnOut over moisturizer, and under makeup. Once I have my makeup on, it leaves me with a matte finish, more so than most sunscreens I’ve tried. It looks about the same under makeup as my other favorite: Shiseido Ultimate Sun Protection Cream. I don’t have any pilling issues when applying makeup over it. I have dry to very dry skin, and this makes my skin feel slightly tight and dry after a few hours. So this sunscreen would actually be great for someone with normal skin, and I could even see it working for people with oily skin, which is good because it’s somewhat hard to find good sunscreens that look okay on oily skin – especially physical sunscreens. For very dry skin BurnOut might be too drying, but for everyone else, it should work with your skin type.

Safe for Acne-Prone Skin
BurnOut doesn’t appear to have any ingredients in it that would cause acne. So far I haven’t had any breakouts from it. Even though it should be safe for acne, as with any product, the only way to know for sure if it will work for you is to test it yourself.

BurnOut vs Vanicream Sunscreen SPF 60
BurnOut is more matte while Vanicream is more dewy. BurnOut is water-resistant, unlike Vanicream. They are both almost sheer, but Vanicream feels thicker. Vanicream has a higher SPF, and contains both zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. In theory Vanicream shouldn’t cause breakouts either, but the high percentage of titanium dioxide could cause a problem for some people. Both products are fragrance-free and good for sensitive skin. Vanicream is cheaper. You really can’t go wrong with either product if you are looking for a physical sunscreen – it just comes down to personal preference.

BurnOut vs Blue Lizard Sensitive SPF 30+
Blue Lizard is not recommended for use on your face if you are prone to acne, so I only use it on my body. It goes on thicker than BurnOut, but once you rub it in, it dries pretty clear – not as clear as BurnOut though. Like Vanicream, Blue Lizard contains high levels of both zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. Price-wise Blue Lizard is cheaper than BurnOut. They are both fragrance-free and good for sensitive skin. Blue Lizard is another great sunscreen, but BurnOut is better for acne-prone skin.

Bottom Line
I haven’t worn BurnOut sunscreen out in the hot sun for hours yet. I will update this post when I do. But from my experience so far, if you are looking for a good sunscreen without chemical UV absorbers, BurnOut is a great option for almost everyone. It’s slightly drying on very dry skin, though, but since it’s so light and sheer it should work better for people with oily skin than most physical blocking sunscreens. Have you tried BurnOut? What’s your favorite sunscreen that contains only zinc oxide or titanium dioxide? ps. Sorry this post is boring, but it’s hard to make sunscreen sound exciting!

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Ingredients: Zinc Oxide 18.6%, Aqua (Deionized Water), Capric/Capryllic Triglycerides, Vegetable Glycerin, sorbitol, imperata Cylindrical (Root) Extract, Caprylyl glycol, soybean Lecithin, Arabidopsis Extract, Plankton Extract, Aloe Vera, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Citric Acid

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13 Responses to “BurnOut Sunscreen – 18% Zinc Oxide!”

  1. Sasha Says:

    This sounds like a sunblock I want to try. Do they have testers of it at Whole Foods? I like to try before I buy…

  2. Jeni - Savvy Skin Says:

    Yes at my Whole Foods they did have a tester of BurnOut. Some of the sunscreens have testers but some don’t. For example I wanted to try California Baby but they didn’t have any testers of that:( Hopefully your Whole Foods will let you try BurnOut.

  3. Barbie Says:

    I have been looking for a mineral sunblock that goes on clear so this sounds like exactly what I’m looking for. And the fact that it’s lightweight is great because normally they are a bit too thick for me.

  4. Ersa Says:

    Most sunblocks can additives, fragrance, and preservative chemicals that are irritating to the skin. This sunblock sounds ideal for me but I would not to check out the ingredients.

  5. Michelle Says:

    Great information! Thanks for this article. I read great advice on protecting my skin during the hot summer months at but am always looking for advice on which sunblocks/screens are the best. It’s great to know how others feel about the effective coverage, oiliness/greasiness, and weight of the product. Thanks again!

  6. euni Says:

    i still burn and tan a little with this sunscreen. Or, i might just be paranoid.

  7. mandy Says:

    do you prefer burn out over sheisdo sunblock im just inquiring which product to buy and will benefit for me the most i do tend to get acne when trying to use different products.

  8. Kate Says:

    Doesn’t Vitamin C cause some people to break out? Vitamin C is listed as one of BurnOut’s ingredients. . . .

  9. lily Says:

    Hmm I’m not sure about using this sunblock, cos I’ve never heard of it till now so I get the feeling it’s not as “established” a brand as many other sunblocks. :( I might be wrong though, maybe I’ll do a bit more research.

    I used to only apply my anthelios sunblock when I was 18-23 years, but now that I’m 24 I wanna take more care, so I started applying a layer of anthlios sunblock, wait a minute or so, then apply a layer of zinc oxide sunblock (i’ve tried various ones). Does anyone else do this too? Then if I wanna re-apply, I put another layer of zinc oxide on top.

    Anyway, can anyone let me know if BurnOut is an established brand?? Thanks so much ^^

  10. Erica Says:

    This is a great review. Can you update this with your latest thoughts on BurnOut? I have acne-rosacea skin that is super sensitive so I’m excited about the potential for this brand, based on the ingredients.

    Has anyone tried PCF Weightless Daily Protection SPF 45 ? It was recommended to me by my esthetician.The two ingredients on the bottle are Zinc Oxide (9%) and Octinoxate (7.5%). My skin is really happy with it so far so I hate to push my luck, but if I could find a cheaper version that would be great!

    I noticed that Cetaphil and CeraVe both have daily lotions with SPF (zinc mostly) and my derm always recommends those brands. Any thoughts on those?

  11. Joey Says:

    Burnout is the best sunscreen ever. I am also prone to acne and it works!

  12. Eugenia J. Says:

    The more zinc oxide in a sunscreen, the more protection you get from UVA rays? Do you know how much of UVA rays is blocked by 20% zinc oxide? Isn’t it possible that if there is just enough of zinc oxide, it can block all UVA rays?

  13. Jennifer Says:

    Sounds like its right down my ally in sunscreens with more natural ingredients! Even though my skin is naturally tan, we need some sun protection too, and the fact that this is low hazard makes me happy. I must try this soon!

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