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bye bye botoxOh no, my Botox is wearing off! Remember how I told the story of my Botox injections? For the past month or two I’ve been trying to decide if I should go back in and get more Botox, or if I should completely let it wear off and then decide if I “need” it. Okay no one needs Botox, but the problem with it is that it works so well that once you’ve had it, you don’t want to stop.

Since I was getting the injections free when I worked at the Medical Spa, I would make myself available whenever the opportunity presented itself – like when the Injector had some left in the bottle and needed to use it up before it lost effectiveness (a mixed bottle lasts maybe a week). I last had Botox on 6/27 (around my eyes/crow’s feet). On 5/19 I had 20 units injected between my eyes, and in my forehead. The Botox in my forehead wears off faster than around my eyes, but if I was paying for the treatments, I’d probably go every 3-4 months and get everything done at once.

You need less Botox and can space out treatments further after a few treatments
Since I’ve only had Botox a few times, I don’t know if this is totally true, but this is what the Allergan reps and the Injector told me. Initially you need to go in every 3 months, but then you can go 4, then 5, then 6 months between treatments. And you will need less units to maintain the results as the months go by. The good news is that Botox actually gets cheaper, as long as you stick with this schedule. But you are supposed to get your treatments done before the Botox has totally worn off, or else you will sort of be starting over.

Can you become immune to Botox?
At my Medical Spa, I had never heard of anyone becoming immune to Botox. On the internet, I’ve read about more than one person that claims Botox doesn’t work on them anymore, after it being successful for several years. This makes me nervous, because I’d hate to do Botox now when I don’t have that many wrinkles, and then find out it doesn’t work anymore when I really need it. I think this is pretty rare, though.

The Injector I worked with told me that if you use too few units of Botox, this can sort of cause immunity. I don’t know if she meant permanently, or just for a few months, but that also makes me nervous. That’s why it’s critical to find a skilled injector to do your treatments to achieve the best results. In my Botox Tips I talk about how to find a skilled injector, and other reasons why Botox may not work for you (mostly due shady or unskilled injectors).

For now I’m going to wait on getting more Botox
My main reason is because I have no money! Even though I may possibly be able to get it at near cost (assuming my old employer is feeling generous), that would still be a few hundred dollars. So far the wrinkles in my forehead and between my eyes aren’t as bad as they were before I ever had treatments. Maybe the Botox hasn’t totally worn off, or maybe it’s caused me to get used to not frowning and furrowing all the time. The wrinkles around my eyes bother me the most, since they are what age me more than anything on my face. So I may go in and just get those done. At full price that would be $100-150 for 4 months of results.

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3 Responses to “Bye Bye Botox”

  1. geoff Says:

    I am a doctor who has been using botox for a number of years both for cosmetic treatments as well as patients who have had major head and neck reconstructive surgery and have published academically on the subject.
    There are two different “serotypes” of botox commonley used A and B. Products such as botox and dysport are serotype a, myobloc is type b. Patients do and can become resistant to botox although this is very rare (0.6% from my own personal series). When this occurs it is possible to then use serotype b. However there are problems with this, it is more painful to inject and doesn’t last as long.
    I find that after my patients have had 3-4 treatments with botox they only need a treatment every six months, not because the botox is lasting longer, but because they have altered the severe movements and frowns that caused the skin to crease in the first place, in a manner of speaking the muscles have re-trained.

  2. Donna Says:

    In my opinion, before using botox, try using Safetox, a real botox alternative that also, acts on the face muscles.

    If you are under 45 you won’t need any botox injections.
    If you are over 45 then, the safetox will reduce the number of injections by 3.

    Check this: http://www.safetoxbeauty.com and tell me what you think.

    I’m using it for 3 month now, and I have to admit (like my husband) that I really look younger.


  3. Lola Says:

    Hi! I read your post re your Botox experience and wanted to ask how long it took before the Botox in your lip area (1) started fading and (2) when did it go away completely? Thanks!

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