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castor oil for eyebrowsDoes castor oil make eyebrows grow? Many people tout castor oil’s ability to grow thicker, longer eyebrows, and to fill in sparse eyebrows, but does it really work?

After running out of RevitaBrow, I bought a bottle of castor oil at my local vitamin store because of its supposed ability to regrow eyebrows. Since I’ve had thinning eyebrows for years, trying new eyebrow growth treatments (including using Rogaine to grow eyebrows) is one of my favorite hobbies. Castor oil is super cheap (about $5 for 8 oz) so I was hoping it would work!

What is castor oil?
It’s a vegetable oil and triglyceride made from the seed of the castor plant. Castor oil is also called Ricinus Communis and its main “ingredient” is the fatty acid Ricinoleic acid.

Why would it regrow eyebrows?
That’s a good question, because I haven’t actually been able to find that answer anywhere – all I’ve found are people saying it works. Castor oil has the ability to penetrate deep into the skin, it has anti-inflammatory properties, and it’s high in fatty acids. None of those reasons explain why it would help with growing hair, though.  

Castor Oil application
Nonetheless, it’s cheap, so I wanted to try it! I’ve been applying it once a day to my eyebrows with a q-tip. After I do my makeup, I just paint it on my eyebrows and rub it into the skin a little bit. What’s great is that it removes some of the extra sunscreen that globs up under the hair of my brows, so it makes them look cleaner. But it can also remove your makeup, so be careful with application! Or just apply it at night.

Does it work?
After a few weeks of not using the RevitaBrow, and using the castor oil instead, I’ve noticed my really dark eyebrows have gone back to their original color, and the hairs aren’t quite as thick as they were with the RevitaBrow. I’ve been using castor oil for two months on my eyebrows, and I can’t say I’ve seen any results. When you first apply it, it coats your eyebrows, in the same way vaseline does, so the hairs initially look a little plumper or darker, but that’s just because they’re covered in oil. As far as hair growth goes – I haven’t seen any. I still have little sparse areas, and haven’t seen any new hairs growing in. I haven’t seen any thickening or darkening of the hairs, or anything at all. A lot of people swear by castor oil for eyebrows, but I can’t say I’m one of those people. I will probably keep using it for a few more weeks, and then toss it, unless something miraculous happens.

Castor oil for eyelashes?
Caution: A lot of people use castor oil to grow eyelashes, but this is not recommended! The bottle says right on it – Warning: Avoid contact with eyes. Lots of people report having eye problems after using this on their eyelashes, so don’t try it!

Have you used castor oil on your eyebrows? Did it work for you?

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15 Responses to “Castor Oil For Eyebrows”

  1. Beth Says:

    This is interesting. I’ve read about people using castor oil on their eyebrows, and I know it’s in some eyebrow products too. I wonder why it’s supposed to work?

  2. Rashmi Gupta Says:

    Castor oil is very effective in many cases.. I’ve read about it.
    One problem with it is when it gets in the eye by mistake, its soo irritating and you end up with rashes near the eyes..

  3. Janine JD Says:

    I´m planning on to use this on my lashes since by googling lots of people do this, however I do have sensitive eyes and my lashes are already long but I wouldn+t mind having them longer….and I don´t use mascara so I can hopefully use this as a conditioner for my lashes to protect them.

  4. Jeni - Savvy Skin Says:

    I wouldn’t use castor oil on eyelashes because there’s a really good chance it will cause an eye problem, and it’s unlikely the castor oil will even help with your eyelashes at all.

  5. willy abad Says:

    i read a lot of comments about castor oil , it didnt bother me at all cause i am really serious finding the solution of my thinning eyebrow, i said to myself theirs no harm
    in trying so i started using it every night , after 10 days i noticed that i am losing more hair in my eyebrow , i wont recommend this product to anyone its cheap in price and
    you get a cheap results. The following day i used olive oil (hollywood beauty) which contains coconut oil, soybean oil safraoil and macadamia nuts oil , i also mixed with
    tea tree oil which contain aloe vera oil with vit E cause it combats fungus in the skin.
    its a mixture ratio of 1:2 in my palms and used q tips to apply in my eyebrow , you know
    what ? it works . just for third day i noticed the hair in my eyebrow gets stronger , and healthier you can feel it , not like the castor oil , its sticky covering the outer skin allowing not to breath so eventually the hair fallout. i will give you some progress report after third week of using . ok dok and have a nice day people …willy

  6. Amanda Says:

    Firstly, this method has best results for people who have over teased their eyebrows, not people thinning naturally. Once a hair folicle is dead thats it its gone forever. Castor oil encourages the folicle to come back to life rather than completely die. Its much like saving a plant. The vitamins found in the plant properties of the castor oil is what encourages the re-growth.

  7. Amanda Says:

    oh myy I meant over plucked, not teased. :)

  8. Amanda Says:

    …..also your applying it wrong, use a q-tipto the sparse areas only, and dab it on, you do not rub it, it penetrates deep on it own. Go to the oprah website and type in the search “castor oil” you will find it.

  9. dowa Says:

    u will see effects after 2 weeks max!!! and i have been using it for years on my eyelashes as an eyeliner remover , it doesnt harm the eyes

  10. Liiloo Says:

    Well, castor oil usage to treat ailments and nurture hair, eyebrows and lashes dates back quite more time in history than most of you could think.

    I plan to start using it in my hair and also lashes to keep them strong and beautiful.
    To be precise i plan to use either organic oil or medicinal ( the kind what you can take internally ) other types i would not recommend. Why, well if you can´t eat it without harming yourself then why would you use it as a beauty treatment if it anyway will go inside your body :D

    Well in my country the oil was used already by my granny so i know if it has been working 100 years back then why not these days.

  11. rekha Says:


    i dont agree with you. castor oil in the purest form is safe to use on eyelashes too. its just a natural oil and have not harm on eyelashes.

    condition – castor oil shud be in purest form.

  12. Melisa Says:

    Castor oil is the best thing for thin eye brows. When my hair was red, I had very thin eyebrows and when I changed it to dark brown I used castor oil to make my eyebrows grow. It always worked. I still use it every evening. Some women use it for hair and nails as well.

  13. Kelley Says:

    I bought castor oil a week ago, and have been using it twice daily, I can DEFINITELY see a difference in my eyebrows. They were always thin, not from overplucking, just thin, and i can see new growth everywhere! I can’t wait to see how thick they will actually get! I got mine at kmart for like 2 bucks!

  14. billi Says:

    Castor oil is actually used to clear up redeye (personal experience) and therefore I’d say its safe for your eyelashes again personal experience) oddly i haven’t noticed a thickening in my brows as I had hoped but it’s only bee about a month so i will stick with it

  15. Stephanie Says:

    I tried castor oil because my eyebrows have become so thin after getting them waxed back in my high school days. And to my disappointment, I ended up shedding more hairs than ever before after using this. Maybe it works for some, but it made things worse for me. I used it for over a month.

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