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March 19th 2011 · Addicted To Lip Balm?(2)

I’ve been addicted to lip balm for years, so when I was offered the chance to review the new book Can You Get Hooked On Lip Balm? by the creators of The Beauty, I jumped at the chance. Obviously (in my case at least) the answer is yes you can get addicted to lip […]

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February 22nd 2008 · The Truth About Beauty(2)

A lot of people have asked me about organic or “natural” cosmetics and skin care products, and if they are better than regular products. Because my main skin care concerns are to prevent acne and wrinkles, I look for ingredients to successfully achieve those goals, and I haven’t happened to try any organic products yet. I […]

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January 16th 2008 · Don’t Go To The Cosmetics Counter Without Me 7th Edition(8)

Back in September, I mentioned the 7th Edition of “Don’t Go To The Cosmetics Counter Without Me” was coming out, and this is a revision of that original post, because the book is now out. I highly recommend getting the book if you are interested in finding good makeup and skin care products. I’ve had […]

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January 9th 2008 · Murad Acne Complex(9)

Despite thinking Infomercials sell crap, I was just roped into watching one for Murad Acne Complex, and was getting nervous that I would have to take back my harsh words about Infomercials. I have a few of Dermatologist Dr. Murad’s books, and I do believe a lot of what he says about skin care. He’s […]

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January 4th 2008 · The Cellulite Solution(5)

No More Cellulite? One of my favorite hobbies is reading skin care and self-help books, because I get so excited that a single book can possibly change my life and cure all of my problems! I just finished reading “The Cellulite Solution” by Howard Murad, M.D. which offers a plan that is supposed to drastically reduce your […]

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November 15th 2007 · Skin Care For Everyone(3)

I have a confession to make…Even though I started my blog a few months ago, I’ve been researching skin care for years. However, I’ve been self-centered in my research and in the past have only looked for information about what pertains to me. So I’ve focused on skin care for light skin, spending most of my […]

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October 29th 2007 · Beauty Junkies(7)

Beauty Obsessed? I just finished reading the book “Beauty Junkies: Inside Our $15 Billion Obsession With Cosmetic Surgery” by Alex Kuczynski, a New York Times reporter and freelance writer. If you’re fascinated by plastic surgery/cosmetic surgery, cosmetic medical procedures, and America’s obsession with achieving eternal youth, you will like this book. The book is not extremely entertaining, […]

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