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October 3rd 2007 · Allure – Best Of Beauty(3)

As you may know, my favorite magazine is Allure, and the October issue is good because it features the Best Of Beauty, which is a huge list of the 200+ favorite products of Allure employees. 2,000 products were tested, and they narrowed it down to their favorites. Given the fact that there are way more […]

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September 1st 2007 · Beauty Magazine Junkie!(4)

I’m a magazine junkie! I read so many magazines a month, and even though I try to cut back, I end up subscribing to even more. Which magazines do you read? Here are the ones I currently get in the mail each month: Beauty Magazines Allure This is currently my favorite because it always has […]

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August 8th 2007 · New Beauty Magazine(8)

I subscribe to probably 15 magazines, but just picked up New Beauty magazine for the first time. Well I’ve browsed it before, but this is the first time I actually bought it! It’s a really big magazine, and it comes out only 4 times a year. It has a really good overview of all sorts of different […]

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