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June 15th 2008 · Summer Beauty Must-Haves(1)

What are your summer beauty must-haves? Now that it’s 105 degrees, or super hot and sticky in most parts of the country, what can’t you live without? My friend was just in town visiting, and we were out all day yesterday gallivanting in the sweltering heat. Now she’s off to San Francisco, where it’s a […]

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June 8th 2008 · Airplane Approved Beauty(6)

If you’ve flown anywhere in the last few years, then you know that being able to bring all of your favorite beauty products is a big challenge, especially if you don’t check bags! And squeezing all of your necessities into a quart-sized ziplock bag is nearly impossible, plus most products exceed the 3 ounce limit anyway! […]

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May 29th 2008 · Philosophy Coconut Collection(3)

In the summer, nothing smells better to me than coconut suntan lotion mixed with the smell of the ocean or pool (yeah I’m weird and like the smell of chlorine). Now that I know more about sunscreen, I’ve learned to read ingredients and pick the products that are most effective in preventing sun damage. Unfortunately those sensible products […]

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May 16th 2008 · Is Lip Gloss Bad For You?(3)

Lose the Lipgloss? It seems like every last thing I enjoy ends up being bad for me in some way (ice cream, shopping for stuff I don’t need, spending all day at the beach, frappuccinos, etc.) I just got an email press release stating that some Dermatologists warn lip gloss can be bad for you!?@!  This goes with my theory […]

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May 4th 2008 · Get Ready For Summer!(2)

Thank you to Jamie from The Beauty of Life for providing the first guest post for Savvy Skin. Since hot, sticky weather is coming soon, Jamie gives you beauty tips to survive humidity and heat. Ugh, summer. To this beauty chick, that means one thing – humidity. Living in New York is great until the […]

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March 18th 2008 · Old-School Beauty(3)

Every day a new breakthrough wrinkle cream, or state-of-the art moisturizer is released, and it’s amazing how far the beauty and skin care industry has come to bring us cutting edge anti-agers. This is what we are led to believe, but I realized most of my skin care staples are pretty old-school! Retin-A Back in the […]

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March 13th 2008 · Fake Makeup And Skin Care Products On Ebay(2)

I always turn to for any and every item I am desiring, because a lot of times you can get great deals there. And as the Ebay “shop victoriously” commercials say – it’s more fun when you win something! Fake Skin Care Products A few years ago I thought I’d look to see if […]

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March 6th 2008 · The Gamble For Beauty(1)

I live in Las Vegas, where you can’t even go to the grocery store or gas station store without having to walk past a slot machine. Millions of people come to Vegas each year, hoping that they will strike it big and win the Megabucks slots, or at least walk away with fistfuls of cash […]

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February 12th 2008 · MAC Strobe Cream(4)

Sometimes I’m not real quick when it comes to trying new products. MAC Strobe Cream has been out a long time now, and I just tried it! After writing about unsuccessfully trying to find a face highlighter, I found a bunch of good reviews about MAC Strobe Cream. It turns out Strobe Cream is not […]

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February 7th 2008 · Nostalgic Beauty(27)

Do you have any favorite beauty products from your teens or pre-teens? Current teenagers are so spoiled because they have Sephora and MAC stores, and then of course the internet with an endless supply of fabulous beauty products! Actually, it’s a good thing I’m not a teenager now, because I wouldn’t have nearly enough money […]

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