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September 28th 2007 · Neutrogena Hand Cream – Fabulous For Dry Skin(12)

If you have dry, chapped hands, have you tried Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Hand Cream? Since I’ve been living in a dry climate, I have had terribly dry hands, and I’ve tried probably 10 different hand creams, none of which worked well, or lasted more than 10 minutes. A few years ago I bought a little travel size […]

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September 18th 2007 · Beauty Junkie Signs – Viewer Submitted(4)

Beauty Junkies! When I wrote Top 10 Signs You’re A Beauty Junkie, viewers submitted their own take on the whole beauty junkie theme. Here are the viewer submitted Signs You’re A Beauty Junkie: • If you collect anymore lip balm, you will have to register with the government as a petroleum storage facility. (Carleen @ […]

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September 17th 2007 · Alcohol In Cosmetics(11)

There are several types of alcohol that appear in cosmetics and skin care products, and most of them are extremely irritating and drying to the skin. If you have any problems with acne, wrinkles, dry skin, or oily skin, it’s best to avoid skin care products that contain SD Alcohol, Alcohol, Ethanol, Ethyl Alcohol, Methanol, […]

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September 14th 2007 · What Self Tanners Smell The Best?(2)

What are you favorite self tanners, and which ones smell the best? In the summer, I use self tanners every day, but have a hard time finding ones that smell good. It seems like it’s super hard for beauty companies to come up with fragrances that successfully cover up the unpleasant scent of DHA (the […]

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September 13th 2007 · Top 10 Signs You’re A Beauty Junkie(19)

Here is my attempt at some humor… If you have any “signs that you’re a beauty junkie” you’d like to add, leave me a comment with your idea/joke. If I get enough responses, I will make a separate post with people’s responses, with a corresponding link to their site. Top 10 Signs You’re A Beauty […]

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September 8th 2007 · Celebs Get Free Laser Tattoo Removal at Vegas MTV VMAs(1)

Since I live in Las Vegas, I’m taking a vested interest in MTV’s Video Music Awards (VMA) this year because they will take place live from Vegas on Sunday, September 9th. I used to be obsessed with MTV when I was a kid, and even though I’m “too old” for it now, I still watch it […]

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August 31st 2007 · What Is Expensive?(6)

I’m so used to seeing beauty/skin care products with super expensive price tags, that I sometimes forget that few people would actually pay $100 for a jar of moisturizer. The most I ever paid for a skin care item was about $100 for something by Dr. Perricone. It was a total waste of money, because […]

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August 30th 2007 · Prevage MD vs Generic Idebenone(13)

Prevage MD When I worked at the Medical Spa, we sold Prevage MD, the 1% Idebenone cream that is made by Allergan, the makers of Botox. This normally retails for about $150 (although we were selling it for $100 for some reason), so I was excited that we had a tester to use since I […]

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August 28th 2007 · Free Beauty Bulletin(1)

I’m a big fan of Paula Begoun because she cuts through the hype about different beauty products, and gives her opinion based on product ingredients and her own research. After reading her book Don’t Go To The Cosmetics Counter Without Me, I signed up for her free Beauty Bulletin. It’s pretty much a free extension […]

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August 27th 2007 · Beauty Product Ingredients MIAComments Off on Beauty Product Ingredients MIA

Even though I just wrote that I’m happy with my beauty products, I am always tempted by new products that come out. Prescriptives Super Line Preventor Xtreme caught my eye last month when I read about it in Allure. I looked for reviews about in on, but couldn’t find much about the new Xtreme […]

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