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April 1st 2008 · My Dermatologist Visit(12)

I went to the Dermatologist yesterday for the first time in three years. I picked yet another doctor at the same Dermatology clinic, because I like to see a different doctor every time, so that I can learn as much as possible about skin care. First I had him check my suspicious moles on my […]

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March 24th 2008 · Dermatologist Visit(4)

I’ve decided I need to go back to the Dermatologist soon. I know this is sort of a dull topic to write about, but not to me! I haven’t been to the Dermatologist in about 2 or 3 years. The last time I went, I still had a face-full of acne, and I had been to […]

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September 7th 2007 · Botox For Excessive Sweating(19)

Botox is not just for getting rid of wrinkles! It has tons of other uses, including helping to reduce sweating! Excessive sweating, also know as Hyperhidrosis, is relatively common and it affects about 10% of the population. Some people just naturally sweat more than others, while certain endocrine disorders, neurological problems, dermatologic syndromes, and social […]

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September 3rd 2007 · Dangerous Skin Care(7)

If you play with fire you may get your face burned! From the September 2007 issue of Glamour, I learned that you can buy Accutane, also known as isotretinoin, online without a prescription! Yikes! Accutane is a very powerful drug that works wonders on clearing up cystic acne, and other forms of severe acne. It […]

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August 18th 2007 · Botox Tips(26)

Botox Tips! Currently I’m a big proponent of Botox and have Botox injections, but it’s a serious beauty treatment, and there are several things you should know before you get it. More than 30 years ago, Botox was originally used to treat crossed eyes and twitching eyes, and it’s even been used in children with […]

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August 16th 2007 · My Botox Experience(9)

I currently have Botox, and I think it makes me look several years younger. Usually when I try to judge someone’s age, I look for wrinkles around their eyes, but the Botox has gotten rid of those lines, as well as the lines in my forehead and between my eyes. I thought it would be years […]

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July 27th 2007 · How I Cured My Adult Hormonal Acne(61)

As you read in my previous post – Acne Treatments That Didn’t Work – I had bad acne, and it wasn’t going away, no matter what I tried. After two years of the acne, I was 30 and I’d had enough! The last Dermatologist I visited in LA gave me a prescription for Differin cream, which again, […]

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July 25th 2007 · Acne Treatments That Didn’t Work(7)

A big reason I started this site is because I wanted to let people know how I cured my adult acne. It wasn’t easy and it took two years of research and trial and error before I was clear of acne! Around 27 or 28, I had moved from San Francisco and was living in […]

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