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September 12th 2010 · My New Hair Loss Blog!(5)

I wanted to let you know I just started a new blog that’s all about hair loss – especially female hair loss. It’s called Hair Loss Hell! My plan is to continue updating Savvy Skin with posts about all things skin care – acne, anti-aging prevention, makeup, hair care, etc. And Hair Loss Hell will […]

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August 27th 2010 · Emu Oil Benefits For Hair And Skin(12)

Emu oil has many purported benefits and uses for various skin and hair problems. Emu oil is touted to help with acne, hair loss, eczema, psoriasis, arthritis, sunburns, wrinkles, reducing scar formation, moisturizing hair and dry skin, bruises, muscle aches, and all sorts of other body ailments. It’s another one of those “miracle” topical products, but does it […]

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August 18th 2010 · Female Hair Loss – A Never-ending Nightmare(24)

I’ve been battling female hair loss for about 10 years now, and the nightmare is never-ending. The nightmare has become progressively worse the last few months, and what’s so frustrating is that no matter what I do, nothing has helped so far. I’ve been researching female hair loss for so many years now, because I […]

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July 19th 2010 · Castor Oil For Eyebrows(15)

Does castor oil make eyebrows grow? Many people tout castor oil’s ability to grow thicker, longer eyebrows, and to fill in sparse eyebrows, but does it really work? After running out of RevitaBrow, I bought a bottle of castor oil at my local vitamin store because of its supposed ability to regrow eyebrows. Since I’ve […]

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July 1st 2010 · Does Rogaine Cause Wrinkles?(23)

Does the hair loss treatment Rogaine (Minoxidil is the active ingredient and generic name) cause wrinkles and accelerated aging? Can you imagine anything worse than trying to prevent hair loss, only to find out you’re permanently causing the formation of new wrinkles and dark circles under your eyes? I can’t! What a nightmare!!! I’ve been […]

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January 27th 2010 · Will Rogaine Regrow Eyebrows?(23)

For several years, I’ve had skimpy, sparse, thinning eyebrows that never grow in thicker. The outer third of my eyebrows is what is the most effected, and the hair there is almost completely missing. As I’ve stated before, my thinning eyebrows are either from having them waxed, which has permanently damaged the hair follicles, or the thinning […]

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November 1st 2007 · Skimpy Thinning Eyebrows(11)

For the last year, I’ve been noticing my eyebrows seem different than before – they seem skimpier. The edges of my eyebrows are pretty much gone (the edges by my outer eye), and I have been noticing some areas of my eyebrows that seem really thin – like there’s just not enough hair growing there. […]

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October 15th 2007 · My Hair Loss Story(22)

*Click here to read my hair loss story was just posted at the Women’s Hair Loss Project blog*   As I’ve briefly mentioned before, I’ve had problems with hair loss for the last several years. I had spent months and months researching women’s hair loss, and literally spent hours a day reading up on the topic. […]

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