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April 1st 2011 · An Insider’s Guide to Medical Spas(7)

I originally wrote this post a few years ago about the Las Vegas Medical Spa I worked at, and I’m putting it back on my blog’s front page since the information is still relevant today. Since I wrote this, the Medical Spa I worked at went out of business, and the entire company folded – I think […]

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August 10th 2007 · Rosacea Breakthrough?(10)

The true cause of Rosacea has always been a mystery, and there were all sorts of theories, but it appears that a possible breakthrough has been made! UCSD Researchers have found the cause of Rosacea!!! This news story just broke a few days ago, so I haven’t heard yet about what other scientists and researchers have to say. […]

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July 28th 2007 · Red Acne Spots(27)

After I was finally rid of my adult acne, I was left with a face full of red spots where the active acne used to be. I had red spots everywhere! They were pretty noticeable, and when I’d wash my face with warm water, or scrub it with a gentle exfoliant, the spots would come […]

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July 22nd 2007 · Photo Facial Facts(16)

Photo Facial Info When I got the job at the Medical Spa, I was extremely excited because that meant I could try all sorts of treatments for free!! As I mentioned, I’m a skeptic, so I don’t necessarily believe in something unless I see it for myself. After viewing my extreme sun damage via a […]

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