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July 14th 2011 · Yikes! The UV Index Is 11+(20)

I wrote this post about the UV Index scale a few summers ago, and now that summer is in full-force I feel like nothing has changed – I’m still paranoid about leaving the house in the day time! While half the world is out tanning and enjoying the hot weather, I’m more vampire-ish than ever. I have […]

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April 24th 2011 · DHC Deep Cleansing Oil Review(12)

I think I have found my new favorite cleanser, one that removes makeup and sunscreen well, while leaving my face baby soft and breakout-free – DHC Deep Cleansing Oil! Woohoo! I’ve been wanting to try this cleanser for years but am so cheap that I kept putting it off because I was happy enough using Philosophy Purity Made […]

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March 4th 2011 · Lip Smackers Go Natural(1)

Remember Bonne Bell Lip Smackers and their awesome flavors like watermelon, bubble gum, Dr. Pepper, pink lemonade, and cookie dough? One of my favorite Christmas presents was a holiday tin of 12 Lip Smackers in peppermint, candy cane, and other magical wintry flavors. Now that “natural” skin care products are so popular, even Bonne Bell has started selling 100% natural lip […]

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February 26th 2011 · Aspirin Mask(3)

The aspirin mask is an ultra popular do-it-yourself home beauty treatment used to help acne and improve the overall look of your skin. Have you done an aspirin mask? If you haven’t heard of it before, it’s exactly what it sounds like – a facial mask made of crushed up aspirin! The best part about it is that […]

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December 19th 2010 · How To Pick A Retinol Product(52)

Retinoids and Retinol are two of the few skin care ingredients that are proven to visibly reduce the appearance of wrinkles, even-out skin tone, stimulate collagen growth, and they even help with acne. Retinoids are only found in prescription products, while you can find Retinol in all sorts of over-the-counter products. Retinoids are more powerful, however you […]

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October 6th 2010 · Cosmetics Database(3)

If you want to be super vigilant about skin care and makeup safety, the EWG Skin Deep Cosmetics Database is a website you should check out. EWG, or The Environmental Working Group, is a non-profit company that aims to “expose threats to your health and the environment, and to find solutions.” Aside from skin care […]

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August 27th 2010 · Emu Oil Benefits For Hair And Skin(12)

Emu oil has many purported benefits and uses for various skin and hair problems. Emu oil is touted to help with acne, hair loss, eczema, psoriasis, arthritis, sunburns, wrinkles, reducing scar formation, moisturizing hair and dry skin, bruises, muscle aches, and all sorts of other body ailments. It’s another one of those “miracle” topical products, but does it […]

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July 26th 2010 · Ambi Skin Care Fade Cream(5)

Ambi Fade Cream is a skin care product that “fades dark spots and skin discolorations for an even, natural skin tone.” It can be used on all skin tones, and it’s marketed to lighten dark brownish spots from sun damage, hormonal hyperpigmentation (like Melasma), and dark spots from acne. In the past, I was using an […]

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July 12th 2010 · Top 10 Beauty Essentials(12)

If you want to look beautiful and stay beautiful, there are certain beauty essentials that will help you achieve that goal. Although so many over-hyped miracle beauty products exist, here’s a list that will actually give you results! This is my Top 10 list of beauty essentials – it’s what I find to be most beneficial to […]

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May 6th 2010 · Natural Moisturizer – Jojoba Oil(14)

Jojoba Oil! If you’re looking for a natural moisturizer, one that is organic, and free of chemicals and parabens, try jojoba oil! It’s also inexpensive compared to most facial moisturizers. I can’t believe I had never tried jojoba oil until now! I recently bought a small bottle of jojoba oil at my local vitamin store because […]

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