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May 10th 2011 · BurnOut Sunscreen – 18% Zinc Oxide!(13)

BurnOut sunscreen is the latest zinc oxide sunscreen I’ve tested – now that summer is fast approaching, I’m once again excited about sunscreen, my favorite skin care must-have. If you’re looking for a safe, gentle, lightweight, mineral / physical-blocking sunscreen, one that is nearly sheer, and more than likely safe for acne – BurnOut is a sunscreen […]

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April 10th 2011 · Australian Gold Tanning Lotion – Friend or Foe?(4)

Did you see Australian Gold featured on The Celebrity Apprentice? At first I was so excited that a sunscreen brand was being featured for two hours on national TV, but then I realized Australian Gold doesn’t sell many sunscreen products – they mostly sell tanning lotion, which is the opposite of sunscreen because it increases your sun […]

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June 28th 2010 · La Roche-Posay Anthelios Sunscreen(7)

La Roche-Posay is a popular European skin care brand and its Anthelios Sunscreens with Mexoryl are cult favorites. The brand has just recently come to the US! The European versions of Anthelios all contain Mexoryl (also called Ecamsule), which is an excellent photostable UVA ingredient – it blocks the sun’s rays that cause aging, and it doesn’t degrade in sunlight.  […]

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May 30th 2010 · Coppertone Sensitive Skin SPF 50 Sunscreen(7)

Coppertone has a new zinc oxide sunscreen called Coppertone Sensitive Skin Sunscreen Lotion SPF 50, which is fragrance free and waterproof, and it contains an impressive 14.5% zinc oxide. Even though I really like the cheap zinc oxide sunscreens Blue Lizard and Vanicream, I’m always on the lookout for a super affordable zinc oxide drugstore sunscreen […]

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May 13th 2010 · Tanning Oil Is Not Sunscreen!(4)

Tanning oil is not sunscreen (even if it contains SPF), and it does not offer sun protection! Tanning lotion is just as bad! I know most of you are sarcastically thinking “you’re kidding” but I am convinced a lot of people think an SPF 4 tanning oil is actually good for their skin. Last week I spent a few hours at a […]

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May 10th 2010 · Sephora Sun Safety Kit 2010(2)

The Sephora Sun Safety Kit is back for 2010! Sephora is selling 12 travel-size sunscreens from brands like Bliss, Shiseido and Kate Somerville, and the kit comes in a pink makeup bag, along with two UV monitoring bracelets. The sun safety kit is valued at $95 but it costs $25, and 100% of the net profits go to The […]

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March 19th 2010 · Vanicream Sunscreen(4)

Vanicream makes several high-quality, inexpensive sunscreen products that contain zinc oxide, and that are paraben-free and non-comedogenic. They also have a sensitive skin version that is free of chemical sunscreen ingredients. I’ve been using Vanicream sunscreens all winter long due to their great value and quality. For people concerned with ratings on the Environmental Working Group website, Vanicream gets excellent […]

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August 5th 2008 · Do You Need A High SPF Sunscreen?(23)

Since sunscreens come in so many different SPFs (ranging from around 2 to 100), is the higher number always better? Is an SPF that is too high actually bad for you, and what SPF do you really need? Why I regularly use sunscreens that are at least SPF 30 For every day use, I always […]

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July 5th 2008 · Burning Skin Care Ingredients(23)

Do you ever use skin care products that feel like they are burning your skin? It may be ironic, but certain sunscreens cause my skin to feel like it’s burning, and when I wear the offending sunscreen in the sun, the burning gets even worse! The use of retinol products can definitely make your skin […]

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June 28th 2008 · Solar Sense Clear Zinc(13)

There are so few drugstore sunscreens that have Zinc Oxide in them, my preferred sunscreen ingredient, but I noticed a few stores carry Solar Sense Clear Zinc products. Even though Blue Lizard is my favorite drugstore sunscreen, I wanted to try something new. Solar Sense Clear Zinc Sport Stick For Face I picked up the […]

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