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September 24th 2007 · How To Prevent Melasma(47)

Melasma, also known as pregnancy mask, or hyperpigmentation, is an extremely common issue for women. An increased level of the hormone estrogen, either caused by pregnancy, a change in hormone levels, or birth control pills, can cause dark patches on the face. Melasma and sun spots are sometimes hard to tell apart, but Melasma generally […]

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July 29th 2007 · The Pill To Treat Hormonal Acne?(12)

I am not a doctor, so obviously everything I say is only my opinion, based on my research, and not on a medical background. Please check with your doctor for his or her own medical opinions about various treatments for acne. I have personally had tremendous success with use of  The Pill for my hormonal acne. I […]

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July 27th 2007 · How I Cured My Adult Hormonal Acne(61)

As you read in my previous post – Acne Treatments That Didn’t Work – I had bad acne, and it wasn’t going away, no matter what I tried. After two years of the acne, I was 30 and I’d had enough! The last Dermatologist I visited in LA gave me a prescription for Differin cream, which again, […]

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