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cosmetic surgeryWhat’s your view on cosmetic surgery? After reading the Beauty Junkies book, and catching a marathon of that reality show “The Real Housewives of Orange County”, I’ve been unintentionally thinking a lot about cosmetic surgery. I personally don’t want to get it, but I think about it a lot, since it’s omnipresent nowadays. Plus I live in Vegas where lots of women are cosmetically enhanced, and sometimes I actually feel like I’m in the minority – on the rare occasion I find myself at a trendy bar or club.

I have nothing against cosmetic surgery, and if I was born with some sort of deformity, or a feature that I felt was horrible, I am sure I would have had it taken care of by now. I am extremely afraid of surgery, so to me the risks don’t outweigh the benefits to just “enhance” something that is already fine. At this point, even if I was offered a free surgery of some sort, I would decline, but I’m sure I might be singing a different tune in ten years! I guess my philosophy is “if it’s not broke, don’t fix it.”

Of course I’ve gone on and on about my love for Botox, but to me that’s way less severe than surgery. Some people think of it as the precursor to cosmetic surgery, but to me it’s just a step up from getting a facial….which I guess is a step away from…cosmetic surgery. Maybe I am on a slippery slope (sorry for the endless cliches)!

Have you see Awful Plastic Surgery? As a self-admitted lover of celebrity gossip, that site is great since it features before and after pics of cosmetic surgery-loving celebrities. Of course half the pictures are just speculations, but it’s fun, trashy entertainment. And then Good Plastic Surgery is equally enthralling. If you read some of the horror stories on Awful Plastic Surgery, or watch the “plastic surgery ruined my life” episodes on Dr. Phil, it’s hard not to be scared to death of liposuction, breast implants, and face lifts. I like Dr. 90210 because I am addicted to before and after reveals, but I have to turn away when it comes to the nasty surgery scenes. Bleck.

What are your areas of concern?
This was the question I was to ask clients when they walked into the Medical Spa I worked at. It’s astonishing how subjective beauty is, and how we see ourselves versus how the world sees us. Women would come in with huge wrinkles, saggy skin, and pock marks, and I would ask them about their concerns. It wouldn’t be surprising to hear “I don’t like this age spot on my cheek” as the response. The “age spot” would be a tiny freckle. What about all their wrinkles? I wouldn’t be rude and mention anything the client didn’t address as a problem, but I had one crazy boss who would jump at people and say “holy cow, those are some giant wrinkles you have across your forehead! But don’t worry, we can fix those with some Botox.” This abrasive, truthful approach actually worked to gain some new clients, so apparently some women like to be humiliated into action.

If I do ever think it’s “time” to get surgery, I will probably research doctors and treatments for months and months. So much can go wrong that it’s imperative to be as prepared and knowledgeable as possible. For now I’ll be attempting to age gracefully by following my anti-aging checklist (a less drastic approach to looking good), and I’m hoping that by the time I “need” cosmetic surgery, I won’t want it! I want to be okay with getting old, without caring about the inevitable wrinkles, sagging, and overall body deterioration:(

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3 Responses to “Cosmetic Surgery Confidential”

  1. Amanda Says:

    Great, great, great post! Number one, anyone offered “free cosmetic surgery” should decline (you get what you pay for, and all of that). Number two, I don’t think Botox is the first step towards plastic surgery, as some nowadays think receiving Botox not only reduces expression lines, but actually delays the onset of the visible signs of aging (obviously, it won’t prevent them from forming forever… just delay their formation). I work with a ps performing Torrance plastic surgery, so what I liked most about your post what your relating how at the med spa you would ask a patient “what are your areas of concern,” and they would respond with something you considered insignificant to more obvious problems. That’s what’s great about plastic surgery! The only reason one should have it is because they personally have a problem they think needs fixing. Lastly, great advice to research both the surgery and the surgeon. So often prospective patients spend so much time debating whether or not to have a procedure that once they decide, they research the surgery, but spend no time researching the doctor. Make sure s/he is board certified (in plastic surgery… by the ABPS), and take a moment to review their site. Does it contain typos, inconsistencies? The site should be perfect right? It’s her/his image after all, and if s/he doesn’t care about their own image, will they really care about yours?

  2. Christopher Michael Says:

    I like the Ginger lime sugar scrub by spa blends. It’s a great exfoliator for the body. I use the Ojon hair care products and HydroPeptide Face cream for my moisturizer because of the 10 antioxidants. My wife is using TriVexil Dr for stretch mark repair.

  3. Old Bill Says:

    I don’t think 95% of people who get plastic surgery really need it. It’s a very useful thing for people who get burned or have a bad car accident. But most people are already beautiful just the way they are. Don’t let TV advertising tell you how you need to look. True beauty comes from the inside not the outside. I think it’s more important to feel young inside and maintain your health. Just enjoy what you already have.

    You don’t need to look like the 1% of women on the glossy magazine pages to be happy! Most of them are air brushed anyway. I’m sure they don’t look like that when they wake up in the morning with no makeup and their hair all messed up.

    My wife of 16 years want’s to get a breast lift and tummy tuck. (that’s how I found this website) I told her, if she really needs that to feel better about herself, then she should get it. Then I told here not to do it for me. I love her just exactly the way she is right now. Maybe your husband or boyfriend feels the same way. Why not ask him?

    Old Bill

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