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dr oz on oprahDr. Oz!
I originally wrote this post about Dr. Oz’s anti-aging advice a few ago, when Dr. Oz was still on Oprah (and when Oprah was still on!) Darnit, I was out of town for the past few weeks and haven’t been getting my daily Oprah fix. Guess it’s time for me to get Tivo or a DVR! I caught the end of Oprah today, and it appears Dr. Oz is now on every Monday! Woohoo! Here’s a funny picture of him talking about my nemesis – cellulite.

My advice is to watch Dr. Oz when he’s on Oprah because he gives great health advice about anti-aging as a whole, and he discusses all sorts of skin care topics – Botox, cellulite, sun exposure, wrinkles, sweating, waxing, and lots more! I know he’s the doctor (a heart surgeon), and I’m just a girl obsessed with skin care, but so far I’ve agreed with everything he’s said about skin care. You can also check out lots of info on the Dr. Oz section on Oprah.com. He also talks a lot about what to eat, weight, health and all sorts of important medical issues.

Have you read any of his books? I need to go put those on my Amazon wishlist (which has like 100 books on it now).

UPDATE: Dr. Oz now has his own TV show! He now also has his skin care info on his own website – DoctorOz.com (you can do searches on his site to find his views on skin care, hair loss, laser treatments, dieting, etc.)

Here’s a brief Dr. Oz anti-aging advice checklist (Dr. Oz is all about anti-aging from the inside out):

1) Eat five servings a day of foods rich in antioxidants like blueberries, sweet potatoes, broccoli, tomatoes, and acai berry.

2) Drink about four cups of green tea each day. White tea is also a great option.

3) If you are a drinker, a glass of red wine each day is a great way to get the powerful antioxidant resveratrol.

4) Your spice rack holds anti-aging secrets! Cinnamon can decrease blood sugar and cholesterol levels. Tumeric can help with arthritis, and cayenne pepper (my favorite) helps increase circulation, and it can lower blood pressure. Ginger is also another super spice that also helps lower blood pressure and alleviate arthritis pain.

5) Eat more fiber – you need about 25 grams a day! Eat more fruits, veggies, and whole grains to increase fiber intake.

6) Ramp up your omega-3 fatty acid intake. Walnuts, ground-up flax seed, and salmon are great sources of omega 3s.

7) A few tablespoons of olive oil each day is recommended (but don’t fry with it!) An easy way to get olive oil is with an olive oil-based salad dressing.

8) Exercise – (of course). Dr. Oz recommends cardio, plus weight training to build muscle mass.

9) Increasing flexibility is key to staying young, and yoga is a great way to do it.

10) Meditation, even just five minutes a day, can have a profoundly positive impact on your life.

11) Sleep more (which is easier said than done), and wind down gently at night (no TV or computers before bed).

12) Sex – Dr. Oz loves talking about the benefits of sex, and he says having more of it can decrease your real age by about three years.

13) Taking certain vitamins, like Vitamin D, are crucial to good health. Dr. Oz recommends 1000 units of Vitamin D daily, and a brief 10 minutes a day in the sun can increase your Vitamin D levels as well. He also recommends calcium, magnesium, and DHA Omega 3. If you’re over 40, you can add on two baby aspirins each day. Finally Dr. Oz recommends a daily multivitamin.

Even though Dr. Oz is everyone’s favorite TV doctor, make sure to speak with your own real-life doctor before starting on any new vitamin, medication, or exercise routine. What’s the best anti-aging advice you’ve gotten from Dr. Oz?

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14 Responses to “Dr. Oz On Oprah – Great Anti-aging Advice”

  1. Luke Armour Says:

    I thought you might like to know – and share with your readers – that Dr. Oz will be a guest on BlogTalkRadio’s LIVE web broadcast Tuesday, October 30, at 2:30pm ET / 11:30am PT with host Connie Bennett C.H.H.C. on the Stop SUGAR SHOCK Radio Show. He’ll be giving tips and advice from “You: Staying Young.” Link: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/StopSugarShock/
    Hope to hear you there! Thanks for letting me share.

  2. joanne adams Says:

    I haven’t been able to look in a full mirror for years. blotchy skin, needs firmness, slight wrinkles around top lips. i’ve been thinking of doing a chemical peel but so many sites i’m scared just to buy and not know. I’m looking to target my blotchy skin, firmness, fine lines, and my eyes. If you can help give me advise on chemical peels or a product, I would be more honored.
    joanne v adams

  3. Jeni - Savvy Skin Says:

    When you say your skin is blotchy, is it dark spots (from the sun, or maybe Melasma), or is it red blotchy? What is your skin type? Do you have light skin, or what is your ethnic background? Have you been to a Dermatologist at all?

    If you aren’t using a sunscreen, I would suggest using one every single day – Shiseido Ultimate Sun Protection Cream is a good one. After a few months, this can possibly help with the blotchiness since sun exposure always makes skin worse.

    For wrinkles, and to even-out skin tone, a Retinol or Retinoid product should help. Txsystems Afirm 3x (if you have tolerant skin, or 1x or 2x for sensitive, or normal skin) can be bought from online stores. Or you can go to a Dermatologist to get a prescription for Retin-A, Differin, Tazorac, or Renova. Over time, Retinoids have been shown to promote collagen growth, which can help with firmness.

    For morning use, you can also use a Glycolic Acid or Salicylic Acid product. Paula’s Choice makes good products – cosmeticcop.com and these are pretty gentle.

    If you are interested in Chemical Peels, you can check with a Dermatologist or Med Spa. Dermatologists have stronger ones, but Med Spas have some light-medium peels. Unless you have sensitive skin (and Rosacea), a series of peels can give some improvement to blotchiness and fine lines. You can start out light and then work your way up. I would not buy any do-it-yourself chemical peels that you find on the internet. These aren’t safe to use, and people have been severely burned.

    Another product I like, that gives you an instant glow, and smoother-feeling skin is Philosophy Microdelivery Peel. This is a gentle treatment that really exfoliates your skin.

    If you use several of these treatments/products, you should see real results within a month or two. For firmness, there are some skin tightening treatments available from Med Spas and doctors, but I haven’t seen enough results from these yet to recommend them quite yet.

  4. Leah Says:

    Love Dr. Oz Where do I purchase the filter for chlorine for shower head. Thanks

  5. sharan Says:

    hi there- the greatest thing you can use as an exfoliant is dr. sebagh’s deep exfoliating mask- its just brilliant, one of the major ingredients is azelaic acid which helps lighten dark spots tremendously- im sure adding this and a vitamin c cream to your skin care routine will work wonders, other than that moisturising with cetaphil is the best for me- and ive tried every moisturiser out there, but the mask, twice a week, and you’re good to go.

  6. Mary Klein Says:

    I am looking for a product that Dr. Oz said is the ideal for anti-aging for the face. He did not mention any brands and I can not find one with all the ingredients he wants in this treatment. Vitamin A in the form of Retinol, Vitamin E in the form of L-tocopheryl, Vitamin C in the form of L-ascorbic acid, and Niacin. Can you help me?

  7. Catherine Says:

    You can make this cream yourself. Go to http://www.skinactives.com or http://www.bulkactives.com for the supplies. However….

    There is a complication with the Vit C. L-Asbsorbic Acid. It loses it’s potiency almost as soon water touches it and will not be any good in a cream. There are a few expensive ways to put additives in a waterfree gel, ive done this and it is expensive. What I do now is put the Vit C powder on my face and use it as a scrub, leave it on a few moments ,and then rinse. Some people disolve it in water then apply with cotton ball when they get out of the shower. But this must be done almost as soon as it is disolved.

  8. Marwa Says:

    Hi Mary,

    I have been using the NutriMinC Anti-Aging line by Arbonne for over two years now. I have Mediterranean skin so as you can imagine, I was very leary to try anything with Vitamin C for fear of creating additional sun spots on my face. This product line, because it is all natural and botanical and plant based, was the only product that eliminated the sun spots on my face. You can see a visible difference. My mother uses it and she is extremely fair skinned, It is a self-adjusting line that to be honest, I am not trying to “sell” you on, I am just pointing out that I truly stand by it. I am actually an HR Director and signed on with Arbonne as well because I love their products and love the discounts! :) The products are Swiss formulated, never tested on animals or ever used animal by products- in 30 years.

    Anyway, I would just be cautious with the make-your-own route. That could be very dangerous if you don’t know what you are doing. The wrong formula of too much of one additive or not enough of another could result in an adverse affect in your skin. I am very good friends with a Toxicologist who does cosmetic formulations and I know he would advise the same. :)
    Arbonne lists all of their ingredients for all of their products. If you have trouble finding any information or would like me to email it to you, just let me know. My email address is: marwa.zakharia@yahoo.com

    Good luck! Us women have soooo much to worry about! :)

  9. Millie Says:

    I watched Dr. Oz’s show and he gave a recipe to put on skin for wrinkles. I prepared it and started using the preparation; however, I have misplaced it and need it again. It contained three ingredients (one of which was Yogurt). Anyone help me?

  10. Shannon Says:

    Does anyone remember the Dr. Oz episode where he recommened a mircoderm kit to use at home instead of getting a professional one done? I have searched and have had no luck. I accidentally deleted my recording of the show…but was interested in buy that product…just can’t remember the name.

  11. Maria Says:

    Anywhere to buy Dr. Sebagh Deep Exfoliating mask for less than $115 – wow — I can’t spend that on one product but it sounds great!

  12. Waimeagirl Says:

    I am curious to know if anyone has tried the ready made formulations offered by Skinactives.com as referred to above…

  13. Vancouver Girl Says:

    Does Dr Oz ever name some specific face skin care/anti aging brands? He always says what should be in the products we use on our face but never gives brand names. I looked all over the drug store today for products with all the ingredients he suggests and got really overwhelmed with all the ingredients, ended up leaving with nothing….

  14. Joyce Says:

    I saw a Dr. Oz episode where he said an at home hair removal device really worked. It emitted heat and after using for about six months, you hair would be permanently removed. Does anyone recall this product and its name?

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