FDA Recalls Jan Marini Age Intervention Eyelash

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jan mariniI have recently learned that the Jan Marini Age Intervention Eyelash serum is unsafe to use and it has been recalled by the FDA. You can read the FDA alert here. The product, which is supposed to make your eyelashes grow longer, can cause vision problems. The serum was also not FDA-approved, and since it contains active ingredients, it has to be proven to be safe and effective before it can become approved by the FDA.

Jan Marini’s response
On the Jan Marini website, the company claims that it was the old version of this serum that was seized, and that version was discontinued in September 2006. Their newer version that is currently being sold has not been recalled.

Further, Jan Marini claims several other companies manufacturer products similar to her seized one, even though they contain bimatoprost, the “bad” ingredient that you need to avoid.

Don’t mess with your vision!
If you bought the serum before September 2006, or don’t know how to tell if you have the old (dangerous) version of Age Intervention Eyelash, you should discontinue use immediately. See an eye doctor if you have encountered any vision problems, and make sure to tell them about this product. Also stay away from other eyelash growing products that contain bimatoprost.

I personally have never used an eyelash growing product and doubt I ever will, especially now! I guess I am lucky that I have adequate eyelashes, and with the great mascaras sold today, eyelashes can look thick and luscious with just a few strokes of mascara.

Update: Since I wrote this post, Latisse has come out, an FDA approved eyelash growth treatment, which can be prescriped to you by your doctor.

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One Response to “FDA Recalls Jan Marini Age Intervention Eyelash”

  1. browneyedgirl81 Says:

    I have never used anything other than mascara, but I heard about the other product, Keracyte (, that is a lot safer and conditions the hair follicles for thicker and longer eyelashes. My friend taught English for a while in Asia and that is what a bunch of the women out there use.

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