Frownies – The Poor Woman’s Botox

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frownies - botox alternativeFrownies!
I heard about these “silly” skin care wrinkle preventors  several years ago called Frownies. They are essentially thick pieces of paper with an old-school stamp-like adhesive. You wet them, and then stick them on your face in areas you get muscle-causing wrinkles. In the picture, you can see the woman has them in between her eyebrows, and on her forehead, but you can also use them around your mouth, around your eyes, and under your chin – typical places you get wrinkles due to making normal facial expressions. Frownies are not moisturizers and they don’t help to fill in wrinkles, nor do they stimulate collagen. They simply prevent you from making the expressions that cause certain wrinkles – exactly like Botox. The first time I tried them, I thought they were stupid and pointless, but when I gave them a second chance, I liked them. My problem is that I wake up with about 3 lines across my forehead, and two big 11 lines between my brows. Apparently I frown all night long. Guess what – When I apply Frownies in the pattern of the middle picture, I wake up without those lines! So at least for 8 hours, I’m saving myself from deepening those wrinkles.

Frownies are also supposed to “train” your muscles to not make the unwanted facial expressions if you wear them in the daytime. I haven’t really worn them much when I’m not sleeping, since I don’t want my roommate laughing at me, and I’m not about to wear them in public! I highly doubt they really train your muscles. I think they only work while you wear them. Lucky for me, I mostly only make the unwanted expressions when I sleep! So for me, I think they are worth it. The only problem is that they are a pain to get off! You are supposed to just wet your face, and peel them off. Well they stick like superglue! So a lot of times I have an inflamed forehead for a few minutes! At least they don’t give me acne at all!

Currently, I have Botox in my forehead, so I don’t need Frownies. Botox disables you from making the unwanted wrinkles 24/7, so that’s the best part of it. Of course Botox costs 20 times more than Frownies! I also have Botox around my eyes, and while you can put Frownies around your eyes, I’d hate to try to pull them off around the delicate eye area! Ouch. When my Botox (free from the Medical Spa I worked at) wears off, I will go back to Frownies. But in the end, I know I will probably become a Botox junkie. I just need to make more money to afford this expensive habit! Funny thing about Frownies – they were invented in 1889!

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9 Responses to “Frownies – The Poor Woman’s Botox”

  1. Laura Says:

    hey Jeni, I’d love to learn more about Botox, how often the procedure should be done, costs, safety, etc

  2. Laura Says:

    omg how funny – you just made a botox post!

  3. Jeni Says:

    Hi Laura!
    My next post (in a day or two) will be about Botox, and the cost and safety, and how often to get it done, etc. Guess you read my mind!

  4. Heather Gallegos Says:

    I LOVE my frownies. I have been wearing them every night for two months now and really to see a smoother forehead. Granted, Botox would be faster and would ensure a VERY smooth forehead. But at 35 I have a hard time convincing myself I “need” it yet.

  5. Kim Says:

    I decided to get the Frownies as I cannot afford botox as often as I would like- it’s over $300, so that means about $1200 a year for the one place I had it…And after just ONE night with Frownies, I see a huge difference. (I use for the between the brow scowl line!) I would rather use the Frownies now!

  6. Jeni - Savvy Skin Says:

    After a few weeks, let me know how the Frownies are going! Mine work great to prevent lines while I’m sleeping, but I don’t think they “retrain” my muscles, so I still make the facial expressions during the day that cause lines. But the Frownies website said that after a few weeks, your muscles are supposed to relax on their own so that you don’t make as many wrinkles during the day. My biggest problem are the little wrinkles around my eyes, and I’d be afraid to put Frownies there.

  7. Cat Says:

    The frownies actually worked for me. I have used them on and off for four years. I am 42. You have to use them every night for 30 days and then only a few times a week thereafter.

    Recently, I really noticed that they worked when my health food store ran out of them and I have not used them now for a while. The naso-labial folds are much more prominent along with the crow’s feet.

    Other places on the web will tell you to just use surgical tape in those areas, but that did not work for me. I think the paper material that Frownies uses is strong and is why it works to hold those muscles in place.

    Now I am trying to figure out how to make some on my own.

    I am also now doing facercises using a Carol Maggio tape.

  8. Jo Says:

    I also wake up with those two vertical lines between my eyes as I frown all night long it appears!! I have been using frownies for several months and whilst when I wake up my face is line free in between my eyes, after a few minutes the lines are back. I have now got botox but it is not working very well and I can still frown despite a top up of the botox.

    Frownies do look my forehead look really good and line free immeditately after removing them but it does not last for me unfortunately so that has been disappointing!
    BTW I dont find it a problem removing them but I do wish they were made of thin see through film stuff so that they didn’t look so silly when worn!!

    Has anyone used botox in conjuction with frownies?

  9. Ellen Says:

    Frownies well work for me–one triangle between the eyes and a strip I cut to extend down to my nose (since I get a hoizontal line at the bridge of my noes). I’m 46–and no wrinkle there. It’s funny, but I have an ethical problem with botox–not only with injecting a neurotoxin into my head (it was originally the substance used in poison darts, which should make us all pause a moment), but with spending what would feed an orphan in most underdeveloped countries for a year. Plus the changing standard of “normal”–sorry, but we’re supposed to age! and hopefully gracefully! Still, Frownies just seem like a cheap and natural way of taking care of one’s body the same way one exercises. But the wrinkles around the eyes? Oh, let ’em be! Years and years of laughter and joy made them–I wear them proudly.

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