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hard candy makeup Hard Candy makeup, the fun, colorful makeup that was super popular in the 90s (especially their nail polish and eyeshadow) is now being sold for affordable prices at Walmart. I used to only buy drugstore makeup, but Hard Candy was the first cosmetics line that made me really excited about makeup, and it’s what brought me into Sephora to spend the big bucks (well $35 for an eyeshadow palette).

When Hard Candy first hit Walmart last year, I was ready to prove that you don’t need expensive makeup from department stores and Sephora to get super high quality makeup, but the Walmart version of Hard Candy has turned out to not be as good as the original higher end version to me:( All of the products are formulations are different, so this is like an entirely new cosmetics line.

Hard Candy Glitter Pencil
I was most excited to try the glitter pencil (which comes in a package called Eye Candy that includes a glitter eyeshadow). The original Hard Candy glitter pencils were great – they were easy to use, they went on nice and dark, and the glitter looked sparkly but not too over the top. The Walmart version is horrible:( I bought the purple color, and could barely even see the color after several waxy application attempts. I threw it out after the first day. The Eye Candy glitter eyeshadow is a clear cream with flakes of glitter. It would be cool for a night on the town, or Halloween. The whole set is $5. I am currently on a search for a new glitter eyeliner pencil. Any suggestions? Even though I’m in my mid-30s, I’m not ready to completely give up glitter yet.

Hard Candy Kaleyedescope Baked Eyeshadow
I love the old-school Hard Candy eyeshadow quads so I was also dying to try their new duo eyeshadows. I bought them in four colors at Walmart, for $6 each. They aren’t as pigmented as the original eyeshadows, but for the price they are pretty good, and the array of colors is nice. When used over an eyeshadow primer they look better, and last most of the day.  They come in 14 different duo colors. I am a little out of touch because I had not bought a single drugstore eyeshadow since before the original Hard Candy eyeshadows came out about 15 years ago! I never had good luck with drugstore eyeshadows before, but I am curious to try other newer pigmented drugstore eyeshadows like L’Oreal HiP.

Hard Candy Nail Polish
The original Hard Candy line started with their crazy colored nail polishes, and somehow I found myself spending $12 for a bottle of nail polish back in the 90s. The Walmart nail polishes are $5 and come in 16 shades. Some of the colors are unique for drugstore polishes, and are worth checking out. They also come with the novelty rings, but the new rings are harder plastic and kind of bulky, but they are still sort of cute.

Hard Candy Blush Crush Baked Blush
Finally I bought the Hard Candy blush in the Living Doll color (a pale pearly pink) for $7. It broke into pieces before I got home, and I was too lazy to go back and get a new one. It’s a nice subtle pink color, but given how easily it broke for me, I would worry it would happen easily, and once it’s broken, it’s hard to contain the pieces in its case. Otherwise I would consider buying this blush again.

These are the only Hard Candy products at Walmart I tried, but there are tons of other ones too – primers, highlighters, bronzers, mascara, liquid liners, lipsticks, lip glosses, body glitter, and more! All of the packaging is really cute and eye-catching. Which products have you tried, and what do you think? I’m not totally giving up higher-end makeup just yet!

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6 Responses to “Hard Candy Makeup at Walmart”

  1. JENNN Says:

    I like the pink and silver eyeshadow combo from Hard Candy. I forget what it’s called. I haven’t used the old Hard Candy, but I think the Walmart stuff is pretty good for the price. I just hate going to Walmart!

  2. johnae Says:

    i <3 hardcandyy!

  3. Sarah Says:

    I never used Hard Candy before because it was so expensive. So when I saw it at Walmart I was so excited! I bought their colored mascaras. I got blue,purple,and pink. I love the colors but they are really really wet so I have to be really careful not to blink or touch before it dries. And they flake half way thru the day! If you just wipe them off you get the color smeared across your cheeks. Also they don’t do any thing for my lashes no length or thickness. I tried to use it over one of my other mascaras but it didn’t work. But I will still use Hard Candy’s color mascaras because I can’t find any others that have bold beautiful colors, and if there is it’s so expensive.

  4. briana gates Says:

    i luv your baked eyeshadows and other makeups after i started buying hard candy my friends did also and now every saturday when we go out we have to have our HARDCANDY makeup…!!! we luv the makers of hardcady makeup sooooooo much!!!


    i only i have one eyeshadow from hard candy. Its called “high maintenance” its a dup of the most beautiful shimmery colors I’ve ever used. Its a champigne and bronze brown. It came with a little bottle of primer that I’m in love with I plan to get a large bottle and more products. I have my eye on more eye shadow and glittery mascara I also want the tinted moisturiser and maybe some nail polish. They have great colors for teens. And I love the colors and sparkle stuff there great for a night out. I know ill be spending my whole allowence on my new favorite makeup.

  6. Dawn Says:

    I just LOVE the nobody’s perfect concealer palette. It is AWESOME !!! Very soft to smooth on especially for the ever so delicate eye areas—blends PERFECTLY and makes a huge difference for the dark circles that I have. I have used the physicans formula and while I love it, it is soooo hard and hurts to rub in. I also love the Kaleyedescope Baked Eyeshadow and LOVE that also. Excellent for the price !!!!!

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