Herbal Green Peel – Not Worth It

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green peelAt the Medical Spa I worked at, the Herbal Green Peel was one of the most popular treatments we offered. We touted it as an all natural skin peel, and we mostly marketed it to clients with darker skin types that had hyperpigmentation problems, but who were not a candidate for Photo Facials due to their skin type. We also sold it for people with pitted acne scars, and for people with acne. We even sold it to help with raised or dark colored stretch marks. Basically the Green Peel is supposed to make your skin look smoother, more even, and younger and fresher.

All of the Estheticians I worked with had official Green Peel training and were certified by the Christine Schrammek company that invented the Green Peel, and they only used the official products. A series of 3 Green Peels a month apart is recommended to clients to see the best results. The actual treatment lasts about an hour, and it consists of herbs being massaged into your skin to physically exfoliate the top several layers of skin. Then you are left to “mask” for a while, and finally a tinted moisturizer is applied to your face. The actual Green Peel herbs are a dark gritty green (not really like this picture). I didn’t want to use an official Green Peel image since this is not going to be a good review! Once your treatment is over, your face will look like it has a sunburn, but it will be covered with the tinted cream. You will come back 5 days later to have a facial, where your skin will be cleansed and any dead skin will be removed.

Here’s why I think the Green Peel is a waste of time and money:
After your treatment you are not supposed to wash your face (or body if you had a Green Peel for stretch marks) for 5 days! You are sold 3 products that you use to maintain the peel, and you can use the tinted moisturizer to cover up your skin. While your face doesn’t look terrible during the 5 days, people that have jobs where they deal with the public might feel embarrassed. You are allowed to wear eye makeup and lipstick. And remember you need to repeat this process another 2 times.
On the third day or so, your face starts peeling. These are the top layers of skin shedding, and soon your fresher skin underneath will be revealed. Again, I saw a lot of people with Green Peels, and from a few feet away they looked fine, but up close the peeling can be somewhat noticeable, although it’s not that bad.
A series of 3 Green Peels, with the products, runs about $1500.
The products are nothing special, but you are required to use them after your treatment. Some of the products contain ingredients that can cause or make acne worse! Remember a lot of people get the Green Peel to help their acne!
The Green Peel is extremely painful! Some people described the peel as “tolerable” but most people described the massaging as “excruciating” and it feels like fiberglass rubbing into your skin. After the treatment, it feels like you have a sunburn for the next day or so.
Finally, I have not met a single person that had a series of Green Peels that saw good results!!!! Some people said their skin was softer and felt nice, but I honestly didn’t find one person that actually saw much improvement in their dark spots (hyperpigmentation). I also didn’t notice improvement in people’s acne scars, or acne either.

As I wrote in my Laser Hair Removal post, I was not happy about selling clients large Laser Hair Removal packages because I was not real convinced it was a viable option for a lot of people. Well, I was especially not happy about selling people $1500 Green Peel packages, knowing that the peels are “supposed” to do wonders, yet I had not witnessed a single person get a good result. The Green Peel was another big reason why I quit the Medical Spa because I felt like the treatment was a rip off, and the company I worked for didn’t offer refunds.

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53 Responses to “Herbal Green Peel – Not Worth It”

  1. muna Says:

    Hi, I was going to get cosmelan but I opted for green peel because I have a lot of pitting beside the dark marks, I am African American, what you think I should do , should I go for the green peel without buying the products or go with cosmelan . With cosmelan will I need to buy products like with green peel? thanks

  2. Jeni - Savvy Skin Says:

    I am not familiar with Cosmelan, but just looked it up online. It says it is used to lighten hyperpigmentation (dark spots), and that it is safe to use on all skin types. I am not sure how well it works, or if you need to buy products with it. It doesn’t sound like it will address your pitting issue, though.

    There are more reviews of Green Peels here: http://www.realself.com/ – just type in Green Peel in the search, and you can read additional reviews about it. If you get a series of Green Peels, they will probably make you buy the products. The products aren’t bad to use if you aren’t breaking out anymore, and you will probably need to use them if you get the peels. They do have some pore-clogging ingredients, which is why I don’t think they are good if you are currently prone to breakouts.

    I personally haven’t seen any real good results with the Green Peel, but some people online have. The other risk with a Green Peel is that it can possibly cause hyperpigmentation/dark spots, even though that is probably what you are trying to solve. You might want to go to another Medical Spa or two just to get free consultations and see if there are any other options. Also, try to find an esthetician that is familiar with working on your skin type. Or if you have medical insurance, you could go to a Dermatologist if you haven’t done so yet.

  3. Heather Says:

    Hi, I am black and I received a green peel by recommendation from the medical spa I attended. Yes, the process was painful and not to mention expensive. I am UPSET however, because about ten days after the green peel I received an allergic reaction. MY ACNE and Hyperpigmentation has worsened. I have pimples on my skin that I have never had before and my pimples are bleeding. I have spoken with the medical spa and they have said that the green peel is natural so that couldn’t have been the case, but you can look at my skin and see that it reacted to the procedure. Can you tell me what I can do as the spa seems clueless and won’t take responsiblity. My skin looks awful–the worse it’s even been. I came to the spa for my acne and hyperpigmentation and I am embarrassed that I even went. In addition, the medical spa I went to has no refunds–I signed up for three green peels and had one.

  4. Jeni - Savvy Skin Says:

    I am sorry about your experiences with the Green Peel. When I worked at a Medical Spa, I saw first-hand a lot of women that experienced hyperpigmentation or a bad reaction from the Green Peel. The peel is made of herbs, but just because it’s “natural” doesn’t mean it can’t have adverse reactions.

    Did the spa take any pictures of your skin before the peel? Sometimes your skin might breakout after a peel (or any new skin regimen) because your pimples are coming to the surface. However, hyperpigmentation and bleeding pimples doesn’t sound like a good reaction. Did you go back 5 days after the peel for the post-care facial?

    I wrote this article about Medical Spas: http://www.savvyskin.com/an-insiders-guide-to-medical-spas . If you paid with a credit card, I would call your credit card and explain the situation, and ask for the charge to be refunded. If you didn’t pay with a credit card, I would ask to speak to the manager of the spa and ask for a refund. In my opinion, it’s unfair for someone to pay for a service that doesn’t offer what it promises, and it could actually be illegal. If you can’t get a refund from the manager, and the spa is a chain, ask for the number of the corporate office, and tell them you want to report the problem to the corporate office.

    If the spa is locally owned and the manager won’t work with you, tell them you will be contacting the Better Business Bureau (www.bbb.org) to report the issue. I would also think about calling the local news, if they offer one of those hotlines where you can complain about local businesses.

    In a few more weeks, there’s a good chance that your skin will clear up on its own. While it may last a long time, hyperpigmentation is not usually permanent. If you are really feeling like your skin is having a bad reaction, you might need to go to a Dermatologist.

  5. ANNA Says:

    Do NOT get Cosmelan. I wasted 850 on that at a spa in NYC. I go it for hyperpigmentation and there was NO difference!!!! The spa had the nerve to tell me (After they gave me the 1st treatment and took my money) that perhaps it didn’t work because I was too dark. I am bi-racial, same complexion as Alicia Keys. before they took my money, they said it would work. There are no refunds, of course. I have been using Obagi (alternating between the Clear and Vit C formulas, both of which have 4% hyrdroquinone), and mix both with Meladerm. I also do weekly at home peels (lactic and glycolic acid). In addition, I use Retin-A and use a malic acid lotion (10% formula, from skincarerx.com). My skin has improved significantly over the course of the past 6 weeks. My advice would be to start with the less expensive products first, instead of a peel that costs almost a grand or more. Sometimes pricey items just don’t live up to the hype.

  6. yummii Says:

    what a fantastic blog!!! i’ve been searching for hints and tips about adult acne for soo long and this is the best by far!

    i had the green peel in late december 2007 and after the peel, my skin felt nicer and smoother BUT not for long…

    After a week or two, my cheeks (which NEVER had acne before) started forming cystic acne and it was soooo terrible! it’s now early March and the acne has subsided but i’m left with all these purple and brown scars everywhere and it looks soooo terrible! :(

    I went to the doctors to see if i can get anything prescribed. She looked at my acne and asked whether i recently got a face peel.. I said yes. She said that you’re allergic to them and that’s an allergic reaction. The acne will subside in 3 months but she isn’t sure about the scarring :(

    i’m getting married in august and am sooo worried! a friend had warned me about facial peels before saying that they could cause the acne to get worse but i didn’t realise the side affects were that bad…

    I’m now getting microdermabrasion treatments, hoping that it would help…

    was wondering what your thoughts are on microdermabrasions? also, I bought the Neutrogena Advanced Treatment Skin Peel – My therapist said NOT to use anything with salicylic acid..i was thinking of taking the risk but not sure… what are your thoughts?

    it’s soo embarrassing to get adult acne in your late 20s! :(

  7. Jeni - Savvy Skin Says:

    I’m sorry to hear about your bad reaction to the Green Peel. I think your spots will go away eventually. I used to have red spots all over my face from post-breakouts, but they eventually went away.

    I personally am not a huge fan of microdermabrasions, but some people like them. I have dry skin, and when I had one done, it really dried my skin out and made it look worse than before. Instead, I’ve had better luck with an at-home exfoliator – Philosophy Microdelivery Peel. It’s more gentle, and it’s cheaper!

    Unless you are allergic to aspirin, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with Salicylic acid. It’s very gentle when it’s used in the 2% over-the-counter concentration, and it just helps to exfoliate your pores. The Salicylic peels you get at a spa are much stronger, so they could potentially cause side effects. This is my post about how I got rid of my acne – http://www.savvyskin.com/guide-to-cure-acne

  8. Marin Says:

    What do you recommend as for chemicial peels

  9. Jeni - Savvy Skin Says:

    There are several types of chemical peels, and most of them can have some positive effects on your skin. At the medical spa I worked at, I never saw anyone have an adverse reaction to a chemical peel, so as long as you have a skilled esthetician, I think light peels are safer than green peels. I had a really light peel with Salicylic Acid, and my face got super read afterwards, so it’s better to start with a lighter peel to see how your face can handle it.

    I personally don’t feel the need for lighter peels because I feel like I have my skin under control now, and can get just as good results with using sunscreen, retinoids, and scrubs like Philosophy Microdelivery Peel. So for me personally, I would rather spend my money on something else.

    I’ve seen good results on women that have had stronger peels – like TCA peels. These can be used on lighter skin types, and are good for wrinkles, tone, and sun damage. These are stronger, so there’s more of a chance that something can go wrong, but these show better results. I would get recommendations from people about a good Medical Spa or Dermatologist to see before getting a stronger peel.

  10. Dave Says:

    Hi Jeni, I just came back from seeing an Esthetician today, and she recommended a green peel for me. However, she was saying it was $375 just for one peel. Then another $75 to come back 5 days later and peel the skin, plus it would be $200 just for the 3 products…it’s insame.

    I have fair skin and very mild Rosacea. I’ve been using 2% salicylic acid, which is ok, but I really need something to help shrink the pores. Do you know what procedure who be best for large pores? Would microdermabrasion help large pores?

  11. naomi Says:

    Naomi says,
    Hi Jeni i just had a green herbal peel but my face has broken out with acne which i never had before what can i use to help it, and one more thing whats the best way to take care of your skin after a peel and what type of creams are best for it.

  12. yasmin Says:

    hi, i’m sorry to hear about all these bad experiences of the green peel. I am a skin acre therapist and have recently trained in the green peel. so far i have done around 8 peels and every single one of them have been excellent. ive never said to a client they need to have 3 peels, whats all that about? thats not tru you can have one! one particular client who had pitted acne scars has had 2 green peels and i would say more than 80% of the scarring is good, she is so happy with the results that she has recommended friends. i think if the procedure is done well and good homecare advice is given there is no reson why any reactions should occur, unless ofcourse if you are allergic to the ingredients. I think the only way you can get a worse breakout is if your homecare is not good, you have too remember that your skin is baby new sfter the treatment, if you are not going to protect it, it will get damaged and you will get hyperpigmentation and breakouts. i think personally where you had the treatment done cannot have been professional enough if they didnt event tell you that.
    please don’t let it put you off because it is a good treatment.

  13. Vivian Says:

    i just have it done.
    so, what do you sugguest for acne and acne spot??

  14. April Says:

    Well I had a peel done 1 week ago and it does work … my scars are not as noticeable. I will be going for another one in 6 more days. After 5 years of dealing with these scars, finally something that I can actually say works!

    I highly recommend a green peel … I was considering a strong chemical peel then heard about this peel with no acid .. so that’s why I tried this …. and the price to me does not matter as long as my face is smooth again and I gain my confidence back!

  15. Skintastic Says:

    Hi All, I am a licensed medical esthetician and registered nurse and I have had lots of experience with peels from the Green Peel, to the Blue Peel to TCA, down to the Sal and Gly. People, please keep in mind the variables when dealing with acne. Most patients who vail visible acne also have a bacteria or hormonal underlying issue. The immediate result after any good treatment needs to be purging. Meaning THE SKIN BREAKS OUT! There are steps to control this and end with fantastic results. African american skin poses a huge risk of hyperpigmentation when doing any peel, or other agressive treatment. Sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen!!! If you are going for a treatment be sure you ask questions. Most medspas will push packages but ask if you can do one to start with. Remember, it will look worse before it looks better.

  16. skin therapist Says:

    I’m sorry to read about your experience at the med spa. However, I am African American with acne and hyperpigmentation…so I had the green peel tx to get rid of my skin problems. I will truly say it worked and my wedding photos were beautiful. When the therapist applies the peel it just feels like she’s rubbing a gritty substance onto your skin (a thorough exfoliation). It is not painful nor does it feel like fiberglass. Trust me, I’ve been suffering with acne for 12 years. You have to keep in mind that a topical tx can do but so much. You have to take care of the inside…what you eat, how you diet. A person may even be hormonally imbalanced. Yes, the herbal peel may be expensive, but it is so worth it.

  17. Sandee Hance Says:

    Hi. I’ve been an esthetician for 25 years and have worked with Green Peel since then. IT WORKS. So for the ones that can’t stand the pain don’t do the green peel, do the mini peel. It’s great and it works. I wouldn’t be in business this long if it didn’t. I do at least 5 mini peels a day out of 10 to 15 customers (including waxings) per day. Good luck and happy peeling!

  18. Charisse from Houston Says:

    I just got my third green peel which is extremely painful. I will never get a green peel again. I complained that the first two did not work and so this is what I get….I guess.

  19. Kathy from San Diego Says:

    I just had my first green peel 3 days ago. I am in the peeling stage now. The place I went to was very helpful. She gave me a 30% discount on the peel, so after all said and done, I was out the door spending $317.00, which was a lot less than the affirm laser treatment I was going to have done, which was over $1500.00 (which I wound up not being a candidate for anyway). I am very excited to see the results in just a couple of more days. I am very limited to what I can have done to my skin since I have Scleroderma (autoimmune disease) I was worried about what kind of pain I would experience, which wasn’t too bad. I have been hiding out at home since I started peeling. It is noticeable, but not too bad. I will check back in after Christmas to share my results! Merry Christmas.

  20. Kathy Says:

    I just got my first green peel on Thursday and had my follow-up facial today. I had a very good experience with this peel. I have Scleroderma, so I am limited to what I can have done to my face. I wanted to minimize the wrinkles around my mouth and at my brow. I can’t say it got rid of the wrinkles, but my face does look smoother. The pain was tolerable for me. I would recommend this peel to get rid of fine lines.

  21. Maria Says:

    It is sad, that the medical spas are saying you have to have a series with 3 treatments. Obviously money comes first. Not cust. service.
    The review is unprofessional. The reasons are given here why Green Peel is a waste of time and money are very unprofessional.
    1. you are not supposed to wash your face for 5 days. – Come on! This is not a reason. It comes with the treatment. Like a side effect. People can live with that. Nobody will die in not washing face for 5 days.
    2. On the third day or so, your face starts peeling – Hellllloooooo, it is called green peel. It is for peeling your upper layers of your skin. For that much money it better peels:)
    3. A series of 3 Green Peels, with the products, runs about $1500 – Bad business. Don’t sell me 3 treatments. Sell me as many as I need.
    4. The products are nothing special, but you are required to use them after your treatment – What kind of reason is this? They have ingredients that can cause acne worse? – Read the ingredient list, if you are allergic to something, don’t use it. Helloooo! Don’t drink milk is you are lactose intolerant…
    5. The Green Peel is extremely painful – Big deal. It is not extremly, but painful. People go to spa and think, ohh for 1500 bucks I’ll get 3x1hour massage with herbs and my skin will renew… No comment.
    6. Finally, I have not met a single person that had a series of Green Peels that saw good results!!!! – Well, then your medical spa is doing something wrong. They better look into their methods… how to do something professionally… other then take the most money possible.

    So I think your review is very unprofessional.
    My relation to this is that I had a Green Peel when I was 15 year old (14 yeras ago) for my acne and scars and it did help a lot. It cost my mother approx. 375 dollars then. In Hungary. It iwas/is expensive, But is works. I bet it does not work for everybody but yheere is no product that would work for everybody.

    Great blog though. But this review wasn’t helpful.

  22. yasmin Says:

    hey to those who are having green peels so close together, where you people going??? you CANNOT have a green peel for 3 weeks after your follow up! thats insane its gna cause more problems. please check where you go, i cnt believe this goes on!!!!your skin is only so deep, if you’ve just had a professional peel how can your skin be thick enough to be peeled agen within 6 days??? you should be going back for a follow up on the 5 day. dont do it, it will leave you with damaged skin!

  23. Liz Says:

    Hi to all of you,

    I am opening up a spa at a medical centre, and thinking of having the green peel as a service….

    Although after this reviews I am a little lost…

    Can you please let me know wether it is a good idea to have this service?

  24. chrgdup Says:

    OK THEN!!! Please someone give me some advice. I have adult acne which I am using prescribed products for but the bad part is that I got a case of chicken pox at almost 20 years old that left horrible scars on my face and back. the back ones iI can live with, but what options are available for deep scar issues. Ive done dermabrasion, a series of 3 herbal peels and many different types of facials over the years. but nothing works. Ive considered trying the Obagi peel next or some type of laser resurfacing. Is it worth the money? or are there any other options???? Advice PLEASE!!!

  25. Amy Says:

    I had a green peel 2 years ago and loved it! I have searched on the internet trying to find a way to buy the Schrammek green peel so I can do it myself. Does anyone know ANY way I can buy it? Our local salon charges $780 for one treatment. Although worth it I would rather buy it bulk with a few friends and do it ourselves. From what I can see you just mix it .. apply it.. let it sit then wash it off with the herbal treatment.. should have instructions anyway!
    Can anyone help!?

  26. Paloma Says:

    I wanted to know if you can give me some advise,
    I have alot of strechmarks on my inner thighs,
    and i wanted to go thru laser to reduce them,
    I have tried Palmers lotion and it did not work.
    Is the laser worth it?

  27. Nita Says:


    I just had a green peel done (mixed race) and i went to see a change in the size of my pores. When I wmy ent to the spa, i told them my situation was that my pores seem to be getting bigger. My complexion was just fine. also, i had a few break-outs. So, the esthetician raved about the peel and suggested i do it. $425. I just had it 6 days ago. First, it was sooo painful. the peeling was disgusting. But, I wouldn’t even mind that if it did what was promised. However, my skin looked ok once the peeling was almost done- but i noticed a little dark mark near my lip; Now, there is a dark mark on both sides of my nose, and a dark line going down laugh lines, and a circular dark skin on both my cheeks (not as obvious- but there). The esthetician says she never seen this before and will be calling some lady in Germany. I am so scared, what do I expect tomorrow morning? Is this reversable? since it’s and herb can we still heal from the damage?

  28. P Nicholas Says:

    Hi there, After reading through this blog, I have to leave my two cents worth. Like many of the posts, i also worked in a med spa for over 25 yrs and I’ve done many peels-chemical, as well as the schrammek Green Peel (that I love). I have also received myself the same peels and laser aesthetics that I have performed on clients. I have also sold these treatments and services to customers. Because I have been in the skincare business for many years( it was my passion as well as my career) I was only interested in providing the best service/treatment possible for my clients skincare needs. Unfortunately, because the green peel is herbal/natural, it may be recommended and sold to customers with all skin types, and it may be pushed on those skin types who are not candidates for the spas other more profitable procedure modalities. It is also true in most spas that packages of tx’s be sold initially, because of course it will be more profitable for the spa and their no refund policies, and for the commissioned salesperson/tech as well. Fortunately for me and my clients, I always expresses my honest and educated opinion on the results they may expect from the txs they were sold. I changed many tx protocols and tx modalities for my clients because of misappropriate txs/services sold to them. I believe the client MUST ask the specialist doing their procedure to explain to them what their professional opinion is on the outcome/results of their skin type for the procedures they have chosen. The client will then be in a position to change txs plan or cancel there purchased pkg of inappropriate tx plan. The reason I love the Green Peel is because of the way it works holistically! A professional trained in doing this peel will most always have results that the client is happy with. I always had excellent results with the peel because I understand how the peel works and always use the time options which offer each client a peel that is ‘tailored’ for their skin issues. In my professional opinion, this one tx was a great choice for most anyone and most skin issues. The professional may apply this tx with various protocols and schrammek products to offer each client a personalized tx with excellent results. I also believe that the marketing of this peel by the spa, can often be misleading. It is very important for a prospective client of any advanced skin care service, to expect that the person who will administer their txs be interviewed before txs begin-especially if the txs were purchased from a non-professional sales rep.

  29. shana Says:

    DO NOT get the green peel ! I have have several different peels and this is the worst, its painfull, results not good, expensive, they wont tell you whats in the peel either, one clinic website says its herbs and salicylic acid (salicylic is from leaves so could be called natural ) ??? for Acne a proper Salicylic peel is better and cheaper.

  30. Jackie Says:

    I have done green peel few times and I loved it. I had no reaction and after a week, it left my skin clear and beautiful. I have done many other peels in my life time and I must say that the green peel is absolutely THE best.

  31. SUNNY Says:

    HI ALL,

  32. Barbara Says:


    I have been doing the green peel at my salon for around 9 years. I have to say that the most green peels I do now are for repeat clients who want it done again because they are so happy with it. I even have some clients who seem to be addicted to it and have it as often as they can! It all comes down to client expectations. I am very careful not to promise the peel does anything that I haven’t seen it do. The Green Peel is not a miracle – it won’t replace a facelift – but it does help.
    Unfortunately results for any treatment cannot be guaranteed – even the results from one side of the face to the other can differ. People react in different ways to any treatment, and some people will react badly to a treatment whilst most people are fine. There is no way to predict the reaction or the actual results for any client, you can only speak from experience. In my experience this peel has the most successful results for pigmentation than any other treatment I have seen.
    Yes it is uncomfortable to have done – I had one myself this week and wasn’t looking forward to it but honestly, it’s not that bad! My skin is perfect now, smooth and clear and totally freshened up.
    You must follow the instructions i.e. not wetting your face and using the products during the treatment – these are there for a reason, not just to inconvenience you.
    I sell my green peels one at at time – it is then up to the client if they want to have another one – but it is usually better to have more than one. Nearly everyone comes back after the first one – if people were unhappy with the results this would not occur.
    I would say that out of all the green peels I have done over the years – which number in the hundreds – there would be less than 10 people who weren’t totally happy with the treatment.
    I would not perform a treatment in my salon that people were generally unhappy with – why would you do it – it would be so bad for business! Plus it would make my life a misery dealing with unhappy people.
    All in all the green peel is a great treatment for most people – but you need to find someone who is not just after the money and cares about you. I will not do a green peel on someone if I don’t think they will benefit, or if I think another treatment will be better for their concerns.

  33. Erica Says:

    I’ve had three Green Peels and my skin is AMAZING!!! The first peel was the hardest, by the third, I was mentally prepared and although not a walk in the park, it is totally worth the agony (wine helps!:).

  34. arika Says:

    hi, i’m asian and i’m 22 years old. i received a green herbal peel about a year ago, and i only did one treatment. it was painful but i saw really good results. i didn’t do it on my face because i only had acne scars on my back, i didn’t shower for 2 days and it was okay because it was during the winter so my clothes wouldn’t reveal my back anyways. most of my acne scars did go away after a month! it was really worth it =D

  35. Green Peel Lover Says:

    I do not believe these bad reviews. Yes, the process sucks and if you’re self conscious you will not want to go on a hot date, for sure. But five days inside is nothing compared to the difference in your skin. i’ve had acne problems all my life and had tiny scars all over my face. After a series of three peels, I looked markedly improved. After the first one, I literally had people at work ask me if I had a facial. That I was glowing and looked great! Seriously I look better at 39 than I did at 29. I’ve had about six over 4 years and I look younger than when I started. I’m terribly sad, too. My salon has discontinued doing them :( I actually use the products now every day. I love them. Do not believe these bad reviews. i will search Chicago until I find another salon that does the Green Peel. They are amazing!!!

  36. laura Says:

    I’ve been so interested in this green peel ever since i saw a review about it on a local news channel. However, in looking up online, I cam across this website, of a women who is selling her version. She is from Australia, but you can buy her products online and they also ship internationally.

    Do you think this is real? If it is just a natural product, why does it cost so much at salons. If it was 200 hundred dollars for everything, then okay, but some salons are charging 1,000! Its insane.

    Here is this link, with the website of the product you can buy online. Any thoughts?


  37. jessica Says:

    I have worked with a lot of different skin peels and the Green Peel is by far my favourite. If the treatment is carried out correctly the risks are minimal but the problem is that some salons are not following the correct advice. For example if you have bad acne the salon should be giving you decongesting facials first at least a week before the first peel to reduce the risk of spots after the treatment. When your skin peels you do not get the sore new skin feeling that you can experience with TCA peels because the top layer only comes away when the new skin underneath is strong enough to be on the surface. I would recommend the Green Peel as an addition to any beauty salon.

  38. michelle Says:


    I was thinking of having a green peel but now I am feeling quite uncertain. I have ipl every six months now and ultrasonic facials every four weeks as I suffer from rosacea and large pores. I do not have acne anymore and have never had hyperpigmentation but I do have large pores and acne scarring left over from my teenage years and early twenties (I am now 44). I made enquiries at my beauty clinic regarding the green peel and my beautician recommended I have the procedure in the winter rather than the summer. At no time did they say it was a painful procedure and there were risks! I don’t know what to do after reading all these comments (some very bad some very good!!!). I had a chemical peel about seven years ago and don’t remember it being too painful. Is a green peel more or less painful than a chemical peel? Any advice please.

  39. Colly Says:

    eww..no bathe for 5 days :<
    so what else would you recommend for stretch marks?
    have you heard Bio-Oil? Do you think that works?

  40. leanne Says:

    oh my i have just had this green peel on my thighs and bum to get rid of stretch marks. it feels like i have just had a tattoo and then got sunburnt over it! it pin and stinging is so unbarable, i was not told it would be like this, as this is my first day i am praying to god the pain goes! it is 3.00am and i cannot go to bed, sit down sleep or wear clothes, it feels like little needles jagging my every second. i was told not to wash or put anything over the skin, but i canot stick this, im only 23years old, i wish i didnt get it done! any advise on how to reduce the pain please!??

  41. Gail Says:

    I have quite a few different peels in my salon and I have to say I have seen fabulous results. It is true that not every skin type can be peeled and the results vary depending on your skin condition and the problem you are trying to repair, however, pay in mind that some of you have abused your skin for years and no matter what treatment you have it is an on-going process that includes different in salon treatments and home care. 70% of your lasting results are due to correct skincare at home so if you are not prepared to follow the advice of therapists – don’t bother having the treatments done! If you are looking for fantastic results then you will need combination therapy of peels, hydrating facials and acne treatments and you will always benefit more from ongoing in salon treatments. When you go to a salon for a treatment you should always have a list of questions to ask, especially about what the treatment entails, how it works, what results you could expect, what the risks and benefits are and you should always ask what the on going treatments and care will cost. If you aren’t informed then don’t do there! A good therapist will always be able to give you correct information.

  42. GreenEyedFoxx Says:

    Wow. Perhaps your estheticians (and you) were not doing it correctly or most likely not using enough of the product during the peel. I work in a day spa where we do it and our clients absolutely love it! As well as our estheticians, as they test out all products on themselves before selling it to clients. All of our clients have spectacular results, and all of our Green Peels have through recommendations. People see our clients who have had the peel and ask them what they have done, then get our number. We actually don’t “sell” it to anyone and it isn’t even in our brochure (yet). It’s all by word-of-mouth and seeing is believing!

  43. GreenEyedFoxx Says:

    Oh and by the way, we’re in Beverly Hills and only charge $1,020 for 3 treatments ($480 for the first one and $270 for subsequent ones).

  44. Julie Says:

    I had two major Green Peels which were great – they did not substantially reduce the scarring but did reduce flatten them out a little – and then opted to have the mini Green Peel twice a year. It has reduced my acne scarring in conjunction with microdermabrasion. I also use the sauna and scrub wall at my local gym 3x week and that has rejuvenated my skin very well, and look healty. My scars are not as bad as other people’s but for more serious scar reduction however, I would probably use Fraxel laser or similar. Green Peel is more of a light refresher in my opinion, in conjunction with other treatments.

  45. Tatiyana Says:

    I just had a green peel last week and I”m THRILLED with the results. It did exactly what was promised, removed the dead awful skin from the top layer or two and is making my skin GLOW. Yes, there was (and still is) peeling and it isn’t attractive, but it’s looking like it did 5 years ago.
    You can wash your face (or body) with water 3 days after the treatment. I was given a sample of all the products I was to be using after the treatment, along with a moisturing face cream designed for the peel that you can use immediately after.
    Yes, there was pain during the treatment, but no more than a laser treatment. My esthetician gave me a great topical anasethic that helped big time.
    I’ve received more compliements in the last 2 days for my skin than I ever have before!

    I’m going back this coming Friday for round two of treatment, but that doesn’t include another peel, it’s actually an oxygen facial to get my skin looking even more healthy.

  46. Tayla Says:

    I have stretch marks pretty much all over my legs and im 17 :O i wanna be able to wear a bikini again. Does this actually work?? will my stretch marks go away??

  47. Jan Says:

    I’ve read all these posts and am wondering if those who had poor results had pre-peel skin care for at least 3-4 weeks and facials if their skin was in rotten shape. I love peels and have had many conversations with many peo about them, and have found several things in the conversations. Those who are unhappy either have a lousy esthetician or, if they have a good one, they have not followed advice.
    Lousy estheticians do not prepare the skin of their clients, sell-sell-sell peels to peo that should not have them, and then do it wrong. Lousy clients don’t do what they are told, or are not told what to expect. Or, they just don’t listen. Good estheticians prepare the skin, perform the peel correctly, and will not do one on a client who will not do their part, or should not have one. Education is their mantra, also. I love those as they are my skin’s friend. But of course, I listen, also. As for pain, we are all different, no one can say what another person will feel. I must have a high pain threshold because I always expect the worst, but never get it. I always use the products recommended. It seems to work out better that way. But of course, I do not have acne and am allergic to nothing!
    One more thing: I wouldn’t use internet peels. Who knows what is in them? And, where will they be when my face falls off?! Nope. I want to be able to yell at the person who did it if that happens. LOUD. But I have had great estheticians and peels thus far. Lucky me.

  48. naomi Says:

    im based in england. i had a green peel about 4 months ago (my 2nd in the last 12 monts) – and its left me with with a horrid red patch of what looks like whip marks on the patch of skin between the chin and cheek – its quite depressing – it cos me £120 and i got a refund of 80 – though i really should have got a full refund – its disgusting and its horrid to be left with such an awful red patch – the red patch is also very dry – looks a bit like stretch marks – im rather gutted to be honest….! i would suggest dont get one done

  49. Tania Says:

    These posts look old..but I just found them as going to get another green peel…
    Personally I had good results with mine. I had a series of 3 but could’ve stopped at 2.
    I have hyperpigmentation and some acne, but not enough to say I do. I have dark skin…
    The peels were painful, and you do peel within a few days. But if you work and plan it right, you could have your treatment done on a Thursday, so that by Friday night when it starts to peel you will be at home on the weekend. By Sunday you will have completely peeled and you will notice results. My skin felt softer, I noticed the pigmentation was not as dark and even smooths out the wrinkles. HOWEVER, you do need to stay out of the sun and always were sunscreen because if you don’t do it, it’s more than likely going to return as it has for me…about a year or so later. Make sure the gal who does your treatment has done a few before and knows what she’s doing. Ask for 1 treatment to start. Don’t buy a whole package. Test it and see how it goes. Also, cleanse your body. Drink lots of water and eat healthy foods. Try to cleanse prior to the peel. This way if you usually have breakouts they won’t happen during your peel.
    I think they are worth it. I had great results.

  50. Bebe Says:

    Hi All,
    I just had A Green Peel done last Thursday at “the Metamorphosis Spa” in NYC for $500 & I probably must be one of the few people with super tough skin unless they used water on my skin for peel because I have had NO PAIN, ITCHING AND “NO PEELING SKIN AT ALL” & today is day 4. I am going back tomorrow for my final cleansing massage. I did call the spa to speak with the manager to tell her that the peel has probably not worked since my skin was not peeling & she told me it was alright & that not everyone’s skin peels & that she herself has had 3 & her skin never peeled even once…SOME ONE TELL ME THAT IT’S TRUE !!!
    I have a medium skin tone & wanted to get this for Hyper pigmentation I developed (after taking the Yasmin pill) & for occassional scars & blemishes. Right now I have 2 big ugly breakouts, red & flaring the kind I never get & so I’m not using that blemish balm today … despite all that above I can’t lie that the rest of my skin looks more even toned or my mirrors are lying :P
    FOR ALL THOSE WITH ADULT ACNE please try AZELAIC ACID CREAM; I love it over any other acne product. I have been using it off & on for years to keep my breakouts under control that I get before my periods. Nothing else has ever come close & yes you do need a prescription for it & only use it at night. And please please use a good sunscreen during the day.
    If my skin gets better & better… I will post again so you all know a little bit more than I did :)

  51. Jonesy Says:

    Just finished my second green peel!, currently on the fourth day. I had the “classic” green peel for intense rejuvenation. Black female suffering from hyperpigmentation for almost 20 years on my chin and neck. For the first time I can look forward to leaving the house without makeup, which before the green peel, you couldn’t pay me to do. I did experienced slight pigmentation on my cheeks after the first peel, but that occured because my skin always heals darker but it cleared very soon after. I use a daily skin product with hydroquinine 4% which will eventually eliminate any minimal sign of darkening skin. The peel is uncomfortable, but at my Med Spa they told me to follow a strcit diet 5 days before the peel to detox my body and to take a pain pill before. TRUST! it makes all the difference in the world! I do believe this peel is great if your skin needs serious rejuvenation. A professional consultation and medical reviews should be your guide towards the right decision, I’m a professional nurse and because it worked on me it does not meal it will on you as well but at least consider it, research it and consult on it. The products that are used during the peeling process are not a waste of time and they were included in the price of the peel, not extra cost. For total results I might need 4 treatments, although I might just need another “classic” and a “freshen up” one if the results after my second one are as amazing as it already looks, while peaking through the dead sking that is currently hanging from my face, Wierd!!! but not painful.
    I waited 5 weeks in between each, in case you were wondering.

  52. katja Says:

    I am the owner of a small beauty salon and I worked in the last 15 years of skkin car with all kind of peelings form chemical to microdermoabrasion to diamonds peel.

    THE GREEN PEEL IS FANTASTIC, and what makes it special is that it works in a different way for every skin type.
    The problem is who does it and the type of consultation that is given with it.
    Is important to give a PROPER CONSULTATION to meet and understand client’s expectations.
    Green peel, PROPERLY done is the most effective save treatment for every skin poroblem.(BUT NOT FOR PIGMENTATION, DOESN T WORK ON PIGMENTATIONS) So I always leave this clear with my clients.
    Some times a skin needs more then one some time it doesn t .
    Any way is reductive to think that if something didn t work for you in one session then it doesn t work in general for every one .

  53. Donna Says:

    If anyone says the Green Peel doesn’t work it is only because they are NOT EXPERIENCED…I have struggled with a dermatologist for years and if it wasn’t for the use of green peels, my skin would still look miserable…PLEASE GET YOURSELF PROPER TRAINING!

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