Herbal Green Peel – Not Worth It

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green peelAt the Medical Spa I worked at, the Herbal Green Peel was one of the most popular treatments we offered. We touted it as an all natural skin peel, and we mostly marketed it to clients with darker skin types that had hyperpigmentation problems, but who were not a candidate for Photo Facials due to their skin type. We also sold it for people with pitted acne scars, and for people with acne. We even sold it to help with raised or dark colored stretch marks. Basically the Green Peel is supposed to make your skin look smoother, more even, and younger and fresher.

All of the Estheticians I worked with had official Green Peel training and were certified by the Christine Schrammek company that invented the Green Peel, and they only used the official products. A series of 3 Green Peels a month apart is recommended to clients to see the best results. The actual treatment lasts about an hour, and it consists of herbs being massaged into your skin to physically exfoliate the top several layers of skin. Then you are left to “mask” for a while, and finally a tinted moisturizer is applied to your face. The actual Green Peel herbs are a dark gritty green (not really like this picture). I didn’t want to use an official Green Peel image since this is not going to be a good review! Once your treatment is over, your face will look like it has a sunburn, but it will be covered with the tinted cream. You will come back 5 days later to have a facial, where your skin will be cleansed and any dead skin will be removed.

Here’s why I think the Green Peel is a waste of time and money:
After your treatment you are not supposed to wash your face (or body if you had a Green Peel for stretch marks) for 5 days! You are sold 3 products that you use to maintain the peel, and you can use the tinted moisturizer to cover up your skin. While your face doesn’t look terrible during the 5 days, people that have jobs where they deal with the public might feel embarrassed. You are allowed to wear eye makeup and lipstick. And remember you need to repeat this process another 2 times.
On the third day or so, your face starts peeling. These are the top layers of skin shedding, and soon your fresher skin underneath will be revealed. Again, I saw a lot of people with Green Peels, and from a few feet away they looked fine, but up close the peeling can be somewhat noticeable, although it’s not that bad.
A series of 3 Green Peels, with the products, runs about $1500.
The products are nothing special, but you are required to use them after your treatment. Some of the products contain ingredients that can cause or make acne worse! Remember a lot of people get the Green Peel to help their acne!
The Green Peel is extremely painful! Some people described the peel as “tolerable” but most people described the massaging as “excruciating” and it feels like fiberglass rubbing into your skin. After the treatment, it feels like you have a sunburn for the next day or so.
Finally, I have not met a single person that had a series of Green Peels that saw good results!!!! Some people said their skin was softer and felt nice, but I honestly didn’t find one person that actually saw much improvement in their dark spots (hyperpigmentation). I also didn’t notice improvement in people’s acne scars, or acne either.

As I wrote in my Laser Hair Removal post, I was not happy about selling clients large Laser Hair Removal packages because I was not real convinced it was a viable option for a lot of people. Well, I was especially not happy about selling people $1500 Green Peel packages, knowing that the peels are “supposed” to do wonders, yet I had not witnessed a single person get a good result. The Green Peel was another big reason why I quit the Medical Spa because I felt like the treatment was a rip off, and the company I worked for didn’t offer refunds.

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53 Responses to “Herbal Green Peel – Not Worth It”

  1. Jonesy Says:

    Just finished my second green peel!, currently on the fourth day. I had the “classic” green peel for intense rejuvenation. Black female suffering from hyperpigmentation for almost 20 years on my chin and neck. For the first time I can look forward to leaving the house without makeup, which before the green peel, you couldn’t pay me to do. I did experienced slight pigmentation on my cheeks after the first peel, but that occured because my skin always heals darker but it cleared very soon after. I use a daily skin product with hydroquinine 4% which will eventually eliminate any minimal sign of darkening skin. The peel is uncomfortable, but at my Med Spa they told me to follow a strcit diet 5 days before the peel to detox my body and to take a pain pill before. TRUST! it makes all the difference in the world! I do believe this peel is great if your skin needs serious rejuvenation. A professional consultation and medical reviews should be your guide towards the right decision, I’m a professional nurse and because it worked on me it does not meal it will on you as well but at least consider it, research it and consult on it. The products that are used during the peeling process are not a waste of time and they were included in the price of the peel, not extra cost. For total results I might need 4 treatments, although I might just need another “classic” and a “freshen up” one if the results after my second one are as amazing as it already looks, while peaking through the dead sking that is currently hanging from my face, Wierd!!! but not painful.
    I waited 5 weeks in between each, in case you were wondering.

  2. katja Says:

    I am the owner of a small beauty salon and I worked in the last 15 years of skkin car with all kind of peelings form chemical to microdermoabrasion to diamonds peel.

    THE GREEN PEEL IS FANTASTIC, and what makes it special is that it works in a different way for every skin type.
    The problem is who does it and the type of consultation that is given with it.
    Is important to give a PROPER CONSULTATION to meet and understand client’s expectations.
    Green peel, PROPERLY done is the most effective save treatment for every skin poroblem.(BUT NOT FOR PIGMENTATION, DOESN T WORK ON PIGMENTATIONS) So I always leave this clear with my clients.
    Some times a skin needs more then one some time it doesn t .
    Any way is reductive to think that if something didn t work for you in one session then it doesn t work in general for every one .

  3. Donna Says:

    If anyone says the Green Peel doesn’t work it is only because they are NOT EXPERIENCED…I have struggled with a dermatologist for years and if it wasn’t for the use of green peels, my skin would still look miserable…PLEASE GET YOURSELF PROPER TRAINING!

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