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lashdipHave you heard of LashDip? It’s a new semi-permanent mascara that is professionally-applied, and it’s supposed to last up to six weeks. Imagine not having to apply mascara for six weeks! Okay personally I have no problem applying mascara every morning, and I’m perfectly happy with my average eyelashes, but I know there are lots of women that would love to try this new eyelash enhancement treatment. I’ve recently read reviews about semi-permanent LashDip mascara in a few magazines, and the LashDip company touts their product as “the world’s most perfect coat of mascara.”

According to the website, by getting your lashes dipped you will “wake up beautiful,” you can “cut your makeup routine in half,” and you can “shower, swim, and sweat” without ruining your mascara. It only takes me about twenty seconds to apply regular mascara, and if I want thick, dark eyelashes at the pool or gym (not that I normally do), I just wear waterproof mascara. While I’m not a big fan of Latisse eyelash growth treatment either, LashDip is different in that you don’t need to apply any mascara – with Latisse you would still want to apply mascara, plus do your daily Latisse application. It turns out you can use Latisse while wearing LashDip (you would need to discontinue Latisse for the first 72 hours after having LashDip done).

• LashDip FAQ
You can only get LashDip done by a a certified salon professional, which you can locate on the website. The treatment “adds volume, increases length, provides lift, curve & separation” and of course it’s supposed to last up to six weeks. However, after two or three weeks you will need to go in for a follow-up appointment for a LashRefresh treatment. LashDip is free of formaldehyde and aniline, and the company claims it’s hypoallergenic and safe, but the actual ingredients of the product are not provided anywhere. Personally I would be wary of getting the procedure done because I don’t know what’s in it, and I would worry I would get a bad reaction, even though that’s not supposed to happen. You can get LashDip done if you wear contact lenses, but you should remove your contacts during the application.

How Much Does LashDip Cost?
The procedure costs $200-300, and that may or may not include the LashRefresh appointment! A lot of women get eyelash extensions, and this costs about the same as the extensions. Eyelash enhancement is big money! I think the price is outrageous, and I’d rather save my money for Botox. Of course a lot of women think Botox is scary and ridiculous – I’m just much more obsessed with wrinkles than skimpy eyelashes.

LashDip Don’ts
Don’t use any oil-based makeup remover with LashDip, use LashSeal once weekly (which is provided with your treatment), and do not get any water on your eyelashes for the first 24 hours. You also don’t want to rub or touch your eyelashes when washing your face (how do you get the rest of your eye makeup off?), don’t steam your face or use a sauna, and don’t use an eyelash curler while wearing LashDip.

Real-World LashDip Reviews
Most of the information I’ve written so far has been gleaned from LashDip’s website, but in the August 2011 issue of Allure there was a brief LashDip review. The writer said the LashDip application took 90 minutes(!) While she reported that her lashes were darker and thicker, they weren’t longer and she still used her regular mascara, which completely defeats the point. She noticed LashDip flaking off after a week and a half, but I wonder if that’s because the mascara interfered with it?

One of the bloggers at Truth In Aging got the procedure done (while another one watched carefully), and you can read the extensive LashDip review here. Definitely read this article if you are interested in getting LashDip. The blogger confirmed the procedure took 90 minutes, but it wasn’t painful or uncomfortable, and she opted for extra inserts, which I assume are little eyelash extensions? She was warned not to sleep on her face (which I always do), and not to rub her eyes to avoid messing up the dipped lashes. The LashRefresh appointment is necessary, which extends the LashDip wear time, and you should also schedule to have your LashDip removed a few weeks after that. That’s a lot of appointments!! Overall she was highly impressed with her LashDip initially and thought her lashes looked great. Like me, she was wary of the fact the ingredients of LashDip are not public information. Her initial love of LashDip wore off, though, because she woke up with crunchy lashes, and ironically she found applying makeup was harder because her eyelashes got in the way! She would recommend LashDip for a special occasion, but not as part of a regular beauty regimen.

Final Thoughts
LashDip is not the only new semi-permanent mascara to hit the salons. CryBaby Mascara is another similar professional eyelash enhancement treatment – one that seems to be faster and cheaper. I will have to look into it more. As I’ve said before, dipped lashes are not something that appeals to me personally because I’m totally happy with old-fashioned mascara. But if I had really sparse, short eyelashes I might be more inclined to spend the time and money on a “better” solution to mascara. I would also worry about side effects from LashDip or other semi-permanent mascaras – like allergic reactions, or losing more eyelashes than before, but I don’t know how common these problems are.

Have you had LashDip? Would you do it? What’s your take on semi-permanent mascaras?

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4 Responses to “LashDip Semi-Permanent Mascara”

  1. sandee Says:

    Haven’t heard of Lash Dip but I could see this appealing to a lot of women. I’m with you and would rather save my money for something else and just wear regular mascara.

  2. Carleen Says:

    Interesting! I think I would be a terrible candidate since I tend to use oil based eye makeup remover, rub my eyes, take super hot showers (lots of steam), and sleep on my face! I’m still sort of tempted to try it though.

  3. gio Says:

    I had never heard of Lash Dip either. I like the idea of not having to apply mascara for so long but like you, I’m wary of the fact that they don’t list the ingredients and I’m worried about their possible side effects. Plus, it sounds too high-maintenance for me. I’d rather keep using regular mascara.

  4. yolie Says:

    I just saw a demonstration of The (Cry Baby) semi permanent mascara application on “The Doctors” As an esthetician, I was immediately interested in getting more information about the procedure. I was extremely impressed with the immediate result! but I’m not at all impressed about “LashDip reviews.”
    Were you able to get further information or any reviews on Cry Baby?

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