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latisse eyelash growth treatmentLatisse is the new FDA-approved eyelash growth treatment that has been shown to grow thicker, darker, and longer eyelashes. Latisse is made by Allergan, the company best known in the beauty industry for Botox and Juvederm. The main ingredient in this prescription-only product is bimatoprost, which is thought to work by keeping your eyelashes in the growth phase longer than normal.

Does Latisse work?
Allergan did clinical trials and found that 78% of patients saw a significant increase in eyelash length, thickness and fullness after 16 weeks. The treatment is meant for people with eyelash hypotrichosis (inadequate eyelashes), so it’s ironic to me that Brooke Shields is their spokesperson, since her eyelashes were plenty thick to start with, although not quite as impressive as her thick eyebrows. The Latisse website also has before and after pictures of other patients, and the results are quite pronounced. What I found odd, though, was that not one person on the Latisse website had “inadequate” lashes before they used Latisse.

The downside of Latisse
Patients are supposed to apply the Latisse solution to the base of the upper eyelash margin only (not the bottom), and results can be expected starting at 8 weeks, and full results will be seen after 16 weeks. I have no problem waiting patiently to see results, however Latisse costs $120 a month! So you will need to spend $240 to even begin seeing results, and you won’t see the final results of your eyelash growth until you’ve spent $480. You also must keep using Latisse forever to keep up with the results. Like Rogaine for scalp hair, Latisse stops working when you stop using it and your eyelashes will go back to their pre-treatment state.

Given that some women spend a small fortune on eyelash extensions, which don’t last that long, and seems like a really uncomfortable process, I guess Latisse could be a good alternative for people that already get eyelash extensions.

Latisse side effects
While Latisse has been shown to be safe for most people, it can have some serious side effects. 4% of patients reported itchy eyes and eye redness. Less common side effects include darkening of the skin where the solution is applied, dry eyes, and red eyelids. Finally, there’s a small possibility that Latisse can permanently increase the brown pigmentation in your eyes, so brown eyes would get darker, or blue, green eyes or hazel eyes could develop brown pigmentation. The main ingredient in Latisse has been used to help glaucoma patients prior to its new cosmetic use, so it’s not a new treatment, but I do still wonder about the long-term safety of the product.

My take on Latisse
I never gave much thought to my eyelashes before I started seeing the Latisse commercials, but now that I’ve studied my eyelashes in the mirror, I am slightly horrified that they are pretty skimpy and inadequate. Thanks for giving me another thing to worry about:( Nonetheless, I personally have no interest in using Latisse because I have found a cheaper solution to small eyelashes – mascara! There are so many great mascaras on the market, and in one minute I can achieve the longer, darker, thicker eyelashes that Latisse promises, but for a fraction of the cost. And if you use mascara and aren’t happy with the results, switch to something else! I have no idea why Maybelline Great Lash mascara is always willing awards and is such a best seller, because it does almost nothing for me, so if you are using that, move on!

Aside from the prohibitive cost, and potential side effects, if you really do have inadequate eyelashes, maybe Latisse would be something to consider – ask your eye doctor, or Dermatologist about it.

Have you tried Latisse? Tell me what you think about it.

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22 Responses to “Latisse – Eyelash Growth Treatment”

  1. Mari Ohira Says:

    I haven’t tried Latisse, but I do use Mavala’s Double Lash, a Swiss lash-growth treatment that is applied just like a mascara. It is much cheaper and the results are incredible: it lengthened my lashes and although it didn’t make them thicker, it did bring forth a new row of lashes. Since I have sparse and thin – almost invisible – lashes (as most Asian people), Double Lash has become HG to me. However, it does have its downsides: if you apply a little too much, small bumps appear in the inner lashline. Fortunately, it disappears if you stop using the product for 2-3 days.

  2. Orange County Plastic Surgeon Says:

    We’re actually quite excited about the Latisse product here at our office. And we’re seeing great results with the patients that have started using it.

    Check out the feedback from this realself.com survey. Based on 119 reviews, 81% thought Latisse was worth it: http://www.realself.com/Latisse/reviews

    Give us a call if we can answer any other questions for you!

    Newport Beach, CA

  3. SP Says:

    I really wanted to try Latisse, until I found out how much it costs. Maybe one day I will get it, if I start making more money. I wonder if it works on eyebrows too, and on hair???

  4. connie yi Says:

    Latisse is amazing, definetly works and makes ur eyelashes grow to the extremes. I had great results with a bottle which is pricey and now have to get more because my lashes have broken or fallen out. very upsetting.

  5. sandra Says:

    I never had long lashes. A friend of mine recommended me to try revitalash. She does have wonderful lashes. I was not sure if this product would really work for me, but I decided to try it. Last night I looked in the mirror really closely for the first time after using the product for three weeks. I could not believe what I was seeing my lash improve it looks long and thick,

  6. Shy Says:

    I’ve read a hell of a lot of strongly positive reviews on this product from a wide variety of woman, many who seem to swear by its effectiveness. Personally I can’t afford spending that much on eyelashes, but I also don’t feel I’m in need of it. But, I decided to buy Maximumlash Eyelash Conditioner because its affordable and I wont take long in putting eyelash. Im happy that I found a product that fits to me as a working mom. Hassle free!

  7. nona Says:

    Revitalash is one of the coolest thing has ever done in my beauty secret. It made my lash achieve its very own long, beautiful, healthy looking lashes

  8. SHARYN Says:

    I could not wait to get this product to try it out because most of my friends already tried and they have good result. The moment I bought revitalash I was excited and dreaming on my new lash to come. I’ll get back to comment for updates.

  9. cathy Says:

    gonna try revitalash coz based on my research it shows more positive reviews of satisfied user plus an eye doctor made it so i feel safe in using it soon! cant wait to have my revitalash!

  10. chantelle Says:

    read about latisse and Revitalash. Personally, I’m using Revitalash and it is a fantastic products. I have friends who tried both and all agree that Revitalash is a better product.
    It helps me achieve the beautiful look of Longer, Thicker, and Fuller eyelashes

  11. maggie Says:

    revitalash is one of the best…if you want proof then you can count me in!

  12. sharon Says:

    I’m using RevitaLash Eyelash Conditioner and I love my eyelashes now. I tried Latisse for a while but we can’t say which is best for us until we try them. So now I am using RevitaLash and so far I love it. How about you ladies, are you satisfied of what you are using now?

  13. Adonia Says:

    Me as well, but I am very satisfied with Maximumlash eyelash conditioner. I’m so happy with how my eyelashes are now. Haven’t tried any other brand but I will stick with Maximumlash. I love it!!!

  14. eunice Says:

    I suppose it all depends on individual. I’m a loyal Revitalash customers so as most of my friends and family. Results are fantastic. We have not had any of those scary side effects as reported and it can’t be all of us are just that lucky. I think credit is due to Revitalash. Great products.

  15. camella Says:

    I am a satisfied customer of revitalash. . Within 3-10 weeks my eyelash gets longer, thicker and fuller. It was absolutely gorgeous!

  16. Rada Says:

    I as well is using revitalash eyelash conditioner for my eyelashes. My sister recommended it to me before for my short, brittle and fragile lashes and because of revitalash it’s now naturally enhanced looking healthier and fuller. Great product. I extremely recommend it to you girls.

  17. OLJEE Says:

    When I used Revitalash It took me 8 weeks to see the difference on my lashes but its really worth the wait. I did not see any signs of itchiness and irritation that’s why i keep on using it this day

  18. Shy Says:

    Oh! Hi there Adonia. Nice… you’re also using the same product I’m using. Glad to hear that! Hope, you’ll experience the same like some of us here… So, how long have you been using Maximumlash?

  19. Matilda Says:

    Same here ladies! I’m satisfied with maximumlash! I love my eyelashes now!

  20. Josephine Says:

    Same here ladies! I’m a college student. Like you, I won’t switch to any other products anymore! I’m satisfied with maximumlash eyelash conditioner! Really awesome!

  21. Adonia Says:

    Hi Shy, I’m using it for 5 months now Megan and haven’t experienced any irritation or rashes. My eyelashes become fuller and thicker.

  22. Kay Akers Says:

    Hey ladies! I Been using Latisse for quite some time now and so far I’m happy with the results specially when looking at my before and after pic.

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