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l'oreal skin genesisI recently received some L’Oreal Skin Genesis products to test – the Oil-Free Lotion and the Serum Concentrate. I love testing new products, however, if you read my avoid alcohol in cosmetics post, you’ll see that I had previously blasted the Serum Concentrate, although to be fair, I hadn’t tried it til now.

L’Oreal Skin Genesis Serum
This product contains alcohol denat as its third ingredient, so normally I’d stay away from this product, since alcohol is an unnecessary aggravating and drying ingredient to use on your skin. Begrudgingly, I used this product for a week. The product is a lightweight serum, and even though it contains alcohol, it didn’t dry out my skin, luckily. However, the product really didn’t do anything for my skin during the week I used it. It’s supposed to “layer by layer, recreate stronger, tighter, brighter skin.” It contains Pro-Xylane, which is something that L’Oreal has patented to “reignite skin’s natural cell activity layer by layer.”

Since Pro-Xylane is a relatively new skin care ingredient, I wouldn’t want to spend money on a product that doesn’t have a lot of proven claims to back it up yet. Pro-Xylane could be the greatest thing ever, but I would like to wait to see more evidence. The Serum Concentrate does contain Hyaluronic Acid (sodium hyaluronate) which is an excellent moisturizing ingredient.

Since this product contains alcohol and is a bit pricey for a drugstore product (around $19), I would not recommend using it.

L’Oreal Skin Genesis Oil-Free Lotion
After applying the Serum Concentrate, you are supposed to use the Oil-Free Lotion. The lotion has an extremely unpleasant medicinal/floral scent that lingers way too long. The lotion feels really nice going on, it doesn’t contain alcohol, and it feels really hydrating at first. However I have dry skin, and this lotion wasn’t enough to hydrate my skin, so I ended up needing an additional moisturizer, which didn’t go on well over this product. If you have normal skin, this could be a good lightweight moisturizer. While this product also boasts containing Hyaluronic Acid like the Serum Concentrate, the ingredient is way down the list, and therefore its benefits are negligible.

If you have normal skin and need a lightweight moisturizer, this could be fine to use. I personally would stick with something that contains proven anti-aging ingredients – like peptides, retinol, or antioxidants. Pro-Xylane may end up being a great anti-aging skin care ingredient, but personally I’m not ready to go out of my way to use it.

Final thoughts
Both of these products come in great packaging – an opaque pump, which keeps the contents air-tight and fresh. Neither of these products contain pore-cloggers in the first ten ingredients, which is good. However they do contain pore-clogging ingredients after the tenth ingredient, which may or may not be a problem for acne-prone skin.

Read more about L’Oreal Skin Genesis at TotalBeauty.com

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9 Responses to “L’Oreal Skin Genesis”

  1. Crystal - Beauty or Bust Says:

    Great post. I’m really wary of products with alcohol in them too. The containers look really chic and futuristic though (which I’m sure won’t hurt their sales).

  2. Crystal Says:

    I tried it too for two months and nothing spectacular happened I am very disappointed I bought the whole line.
    Can you recommend something for firming and lifting skin? I am currently using Aveeno and it is not good at all

  3. Crystal Says:

    I too have recently purchased the whole Skin Genesis line,($80 for 4 items) and after nearly 2 months, no significant change. After reading your post, the pore-clogging ingredients concern me, considering I have acne-prone skin. What to do??

  4. Carmen Says:

    Hi, I have been using Loreal night lotion, Collagen Remodeler, I was wondering if you would recommend it.. Please advise, thanks

  5. Tami Says:

    I started using skin genesis ( in the grey bottle) a month ago with the pore cleansing wash they have and i noticed this week that my skin is ALOT brighter and tighter especially around my eyes. I dont need to wear as much foundation anymore. A bottle of this stuff really lasts a long time too… I just reached half a bottle on both and its over a month.

  6. Tami Says:

    … Also, dark spots and discolorations are almost invisible.

  7. ClearSkin Says:

    Creams and lotions are fine for masking acne after a flare up but the long term solution is to prevent acne from forming in the first place.

  8. Laura Says:

    The Skin Genesis line is great for oily skin! I have craaaazy oily skin and when I use the Day Lotion spf15 it quickly absorbs and leaves no oily trace. I even put foundation over it. Same with the concentrate, it absorbs quickly and doesn’t feel greasy.

  9. Barbara Smith Says:

    I just bought the skin genesis and I have been using the genesis serum for several months. I don’t know if it helps or not because I have fairly good skin to begin with.
    I am 55 and 90% of people think I am about 40. some people have even said 30-35.
    I don’t think any of these products can create miracles if you already have severely damaged skin and maybe that is why they don’t work on some people so much.
    HOwever, their are alot of components to keeping one’s skin beautiful. Avoid sun, dont drink ETOH. I drink 8 glasses of water a day and take vitamin supplements and have a healthy diet. I also exercise and walk and lift free weights. I think all these things are important to maintain one’s skin. I have moisturized since I was 18.
    So, having pretty skin is a lifetime maintenance and you just cant start using these serums and lotions if you have been abusing your skin for years and just start using them. I feel they enhance your skin’s natural beauty and possibly create a more radiant look. I don’t think any of them can produce miracles especially if your skin is already damaged.

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