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microneedle skin rollerMicroneedle rollers, also called derma rollers, are unique beauty products that claim to help diminish wrinkles, soften acne scars and pitted skin, smooth out cellulite and stretch marks, minimize pores, stimulate new collagen, and even help thinning hair! Why have I not heard more about this before, and does it actually work??

Microneedle Roller Skin Therapy
I first read about a microneedle roller a few years ago in Elle Magazine, but it cost over $100 and I was skeptical. Since then I’ve also seen the tool featured on The Doctors and The Rachael Ray Show. After doing more research, I am now convinced that there might be something to a microneedle roller and I will soon be buying one. Please note I haven’t actually tested one yet, but when I do I will let you know about my experience.

A microneedle roller is a bit scary – it’s a roller that has lots of tiny little needles that you roll over your skin! I hate needles, so you know I am devoted to beautifying myself at all costs when I actually want to poke my skin with over 100 needles! The concept is that the device helps to increase the absorption of topical products, and it also makes micro-channels (tiny little injuries) in the skin to promote new collagen and elastin growth. There are several different manufacturers of microneedle/derma rollers, and the tools come in a variety of needle lengths.

Safety precautions
Even though this is a product you can buy yourself, you should speak to your doctor before using it, especially if you have any medical conditions. You should also use extreme caution and start out very gentle with it, and do a test area on your body before you use it on your face. Do not use a microneedle roller if your skin is irritated, infected, or if you have rosacea, active acne, eczema, psoriasis, raised moles, warts, or open sores. I would also be concerned about causing hypo or hyper pigmentation, so be gentle! Finally, I would worry about using this with prescription topicals (Retin-A, or Rogaine, for example) because they are designed to be used as they are indicated, not with a tool that increases product absorption.

Sterilization is also key to using a microneedle roller safely. Some of the products come with a sterilization kit, and you should sterilize the tool after each use. Wearing sunscreen every day while doing microneedling is also necessary because it can make your skin even more sun-sensitive.

Needle length
0.2mm – this needle length is the most superficial and it helps increase the penetration of your topical skin care products (peptides, antioxidants, moisturizers, retinol, etc.), thus promoting a smoother skin tone and texture.

0.5mm – this helps with light acne scars, wrinkles, and thinning hair (I have my doubts about this but I will definitely be trying it on a test area on my head).

1.0 & 1.5mm – these longer needles are for stretch marks, cellulite, and deeper scars. You don’t want to use longer than 1.5mm on your face, and you shouldn’t buy anything longer than 1.5mm for home use. Medical professionals may use a longer needle. I know some Dermatologists do microneedling, but I haven’t heard of any in my area that do it, so it may not be a widespread treatment yet.

Does it hurt?
The shorter needles (o.2 and 0.5mm) have been described as feeling scratchy, tickling, or like a cat’s tongue, while the longer ones can cause real pain – yikes! Again, be careful and gentle. I’m planning on buying the 0.5mm one, and will be very cautious about it.

Does it work?
I do believe it could help to even-out skin tone, and maybe slightly reduce fine lines and wrinkles, plump of the skin, and reduce pitted acne scars. I have my doubts about it working on stretch marks and cellulite, but anything is possible. Also, as a treatment for hair loss – I understand it could help topical hair loss products absorb better, but again I wouldn’t want to use this with Rogaine, because Rogaine is not meant to be penetrate further. I would worry it could even make hair loss worse, but either way I will give it a shot.

There are several different microneedle rollers on the market, sold in a variety of lengths. Please note that they don’t last long – you will need to replace them frequently because the needles can become dull or bent – instructions should come with the product about when to replace it, and how often to use it (2-4 times a week is the average).

* New Spa Microneedle Skin Care System 0.5 mm * 
This is a budget derma roller, costing only $29, and it’s the roller you see here in the picture. It’s FDA listed, but not FDA approved.

* Dr. Skincare Roller 0.5mm *
This is a popular FDA approved derma roller. The 0.5mm roller is about $59.

* Genosys 540 Microneedle Roller Vibrating Function *
This $120 derma roller has a vibrating feature which is supposed to minimize any discomfort. It comes in a 0.3mm length, with a detachable head, and reusable handle.

Have you tried a microneedle roller? Is it the wondrous beauty tool of the century, or just another over-hyped beauty product? Personally I can’t wait to try one! Actually I am so excited now that I am ordering one right now!

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12 Responses to “Microneedle Rollers”

  1. Karen Says:

    I can’t wait to hear if this microneedle roller actually works on you. It does sound crazy, but if it works I would try it too. No pain no gain!

  2. Patricia Says:

    That is very brave of you to try the Microneedle rollers.

  3. Sonja Says:

    Wow, that sounds extreme. Interested in seeing how it works for you.

  4. Lo Says:

    I have done the microneedle about 6 times now, over the course of 6 months, and have to say I love the results. I have a bad scar on my face from a car accident from when I was a little girl. The scar after 27 years is still very visible but now after 6 treatments it’s barely visible. It feels like a prickly thing being rolled over your face, slighly uncomfortable but bearable, but I am only using the 0.2mm. I’m not brave enough yet to try the 0.5mm but will because of the results. My face is red for maybe half an hour or so. I don’t wash my face till the next morning because water will sting (I learned that the hard way). But by about 10-14 days after one treatment my face literally glows, no makeup required. It’s the glowing, dewy complexion we all want but don’t have any more due to age, stress, and environmental factors. I do recommend putting on a collagen mask after washing your face the the first couple of days because your face is still sore with all the “holes” and need some soothing treatment. Use a very light cream for your face because I find using a “heavy” cream irritates it, yes I learned that the hard way too. Overall, I would totally continue using this. I have already gotten my mom to start this, My next target will be my stretchmarks from my pregnancy.

  5. Dee Says:

    Hello, I do use a micro needle roller. I use a 1.0mm, it works very well on my face when I do it regularly. Lately I haven’t been using it and I can notice my wrinkles and acne more than when I was using it.

    I am 26, still have some light/moderate acne days, generally oily/combination skin, some scars from chicken pox I got as a teenager on my face, thin hair, and I have a daughter so I have some stretch marks. As far as I can tell, the micro needle roller does do everything it is supposed to. It does hurt more on my stretch marks than it does on my face, also around my mouth is very sensitive while rolling over my smile wrinkles. When I was using it regularly (2-3 times per week) many people at work were complimenting my skin and asking what product I was using.

    One thing I would definitely like to let you know is, just like the woman above, I tried using a heavier wrinkle cream afterwards to hopefully promote the absorption of the cream and instead it did give my face about a hundred tiny red dots (not exactly pimples but almost) by the next morning and for about 48 hours after. I have done just a simple face washing and some light acne lotion directly after my rolling and have been fine. Unless you love pain, stay away from any astringents for 24 hours after rolling. Other than that it has been a great experience and definitely works.

    I got mine really inexpensive on ebay. They have some of the higher priced brands reduced. Good luck!

  6. D Says:

    I have been using the 1.0mm on my face about three times a week.
    It has been evening out my skin tone and reducing acne scars, and I was surprised that it worked so fast.

    You do have to be VERY careful around the nose area, as it easily bleeds.

    I can’t stress that enough.
    The skin around the eyes is much thinner than the rest of your skin, and any length of needle is a NO.

    But other than that, it really does work for me, and you should try it.

  7. Mandy Says:

    I just go one today, My face is very blotchy with large pores. You all seem to have had good results with it. I cant wait to see some improvement.

  8. Lisa Hernandez Says:

    I am 44 and despite the fact I look much younger, I had severe acne as a teen which resulted in large pores and deep acne scarring. It’s not a good feeling and I am forced to wear makeup at all times. I’ve even considered dermabrasion or laser but never did. I have done peels and microdermabrasion with some minor improvement.

    Just the other day I heard about microneedling and bought one immediately. I’ve used it 3x and cannot believe the results in one week. I’m very tolerant to pain so I don’t find it painful (using the 1.0) but just an unpleasant feeling. However, it is well worth it. My skin has NEVER looked this smooth and I will continue to use 3x a week.

    I do recommend the following though:

    Use at night before bed so you don’t have to be seen with the redness. I am red for about an hour like a mild sunburn. Also, at night our body rejuvenates so I believe this doubles the effects of the cream you may use afterwards.

    Clean face thoroughly and sterilize the roller before and after use. Let it dry before returning it in the case.

    I only use organic and natural skincare/makeup and I actually read on a site that sells dermarollers to use natural or organic products after rolling to avoid irritation from products that may contain chemicals (which is why I use only natural/organic products anyway!)…. this may be why some experience irritation afterwards. I’ve used serums, oils and creams afterwards and experienced absolutely no burning whatsoever. I firmly believe it’s because what I use has no chemicals.

    Do not use over 1.5 on the face and keep your face super hydrated as you will experience dryness much like you would if you’re recovering from a mild sunburn.

    Considering the price and effectiveness of microneedling, I cannot think of a better investment. I am beyond impressed.

  9. L Says:

    Ordered my .5mm roller on ebay about a month ago. I have been using it faithfully every night on my cheeks prior to applying my RetinA. I have a surgical scar which I was hoping to smooth out, it is over a year old and was very thick and hard under the skin. I must say after using this roller it has smoothed out almost completely. Had a spa facial today and my Esthetician commented that my skin was much calmer looking and very smooth. She also couldn’t believe how much the scar had diminished.

    It is a picky feeling at first (which I am now looking forward to every night!) but despite that, it is really not painful at all.

    Best $6 I ever spent. :)

  10. Haley Says:

    Hey everyone, I just received my derma roller yesterday!
    It happens to be the 1.5mm due to the fact that i have deep stretch marks on my legs.
    From all the reviews I have heard it can be a bit painful, luckily I didn’t feel the slightest bit of pain. It almost feels like you are rubbing sandpaper on the skin lightly.
    After rolling it on the skin you will see red bumps on your skin almost like a rash, but fear not it should go away shortly.
    Im hoping this works for my stretch marks!(:

  11. Mandy Says:

    I’ve being using it for a month now, (3-4 days a week) I haven’t noticed any change, so I have ordered a 2mm, I must have a tough skin .

  12. Nata Says:

    i am in my late 30s. i am not worrying about wrinkles, as i do about my pigmentation, (i use to lo love tanning: salons and beaches). i am brunette and have get very nice tan, never burned… but few years ago as result of tanning salon (after few sessions, and i usually did start my tanning season on april) – permanent dark spots on my face..ok, make long story short….. i tried chemical peeling – it made worse.. . just wondering if anyone tried for pigmentation and if did work? Please let me know ……..

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