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Jojoba Oil!
natural moisturizerIf you’re looking for a natural moisturizer, one that is organic, and free of chemicals and parabens, try jojoba oil! It’s also inexpensive compared to most facial moisturizers. I can’t believe I had never tried jojoba oil until now! I recently bought a small bottle of jojoba oil at my local vitamin store because I had been reading about its many great skin care uses and benefits.

Jason Jojoba Pure Beauty Oil
I picked Jason’s jojoba oil because it was the cheapest one I could find – $6 for a 1 ounce bottle. Desert Essence Jojoba Oil seems to be the most popular jojoba oil brand, though, and it comes in larger sizes, so it’s actually even more economical. I had been hearing about people using oils on their faces for years, but since I am so acne prone, it never dawned on me that I could use oils too. Nonetheless, I took the plunge and slathered my face with the jojoba oil, and it has not caused a single breakout since I’ve been using it for the past two weeks.

Jojoba Oil – natural moisturizer
My experience with jojoba oil so far has been great. As a moisturizer it works really well, and it doesn’t wear off as fast as a lot of moisturizers, so it still leaves your skin feeling hydrated several hours later. I have dry skin and most moisturizers don’t hydrate my skin well enough, but this does. Mostly I’ve been applying it at night, and I wake up with smooth, soft, hydrated skin. I’ve also worn it in the daytime and it works fine under sunscreen and makeup. I am probably over-applying it because it does leave my face a bit shiny, but if you just use less (like a pea-sized amount), it soaks in without looking greasy. Jojoba oil can be used on all skin types, but you might not need a moisturizer if you have oily skin. I will soon write a separate post about using jojoba oil for acne. You can use it on your face, as well as your body.

What is Jojoba Oil?
Technically jojoba not an oil, but a wax ester (a liquid wax) rich in the anxtioxidant Vitamin E, and it comes from the jojoba plant. Jojoba is a natural ingredient that is extremely similar to your face sebum. It is non-comedogenic so it shouldn’t clog pores. Jojoba oil is also 100% organic, and it only contains one ingredient (I’m not sure if all jojoba products are organic, but most of them are)! This is great new for people that are extremely concerned about putting chemicals on their faces. Jojoba is supposed to be very stable, despite being preservative-free, so it shouldn’t go rancid.

Jojoba Oil uses
Besides being a great natural moisturizer, you can also use it as a makeup remover and lip balm. I haven’t used it for either of these things yet, so I don’t know how well it works for that. I am scared to use it as an eye makeup remover, but I hear it does work well. Just read the individual label for the product you buy to see if it’s safe for use on your eyes. Jojoba oil can also be used for shaving, as massage oil, and as a hair conditioner or for a scalp massage (I have read mixed reviews about its use hair).

The only negative I have about Jason jojoba oil specifically is that it’s hard to dispense so I end up pouring out too much, and it drips down the side of the bottle. I wish it would come with a dropper application. As a face moisturizer it’s pretty cheap, but if you end up using it on your whole body, then it could become more pricey. I can’t think of any other negatives!

If you are looking for a cheap face moisturizer, I definitely recommend jojoba oil! If you are hesitant, just start out with a really small amount to see what you think. Your local vitamin store or Whole Foods should carry it. Do you use jojoba oil?

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14 Responses to “Natural Moisturizer – Jojoba Oil”

  1. Maria Says:

    Hello! I was wondering if you could tell me anything about the prevalance of Propylene Glycol in ingredient lists?? I bought a very expensive Kinerase Moisturizer which I do like but the eighth ingredient (just before ‘kinetin’) is Propylene Glycol. Why do companies need to include so much of this stuff? And how can they charge so much when a large percentage of their cream contains the same ingredient that’s contained in Antifreeze?? Thank you for any information you can provide.

  2. yvette Says:

    OOOH I love jojoba oil!

  3. Jeni - Savvy Skin Says:

    I’ve seen Propylene Glycol in a lot of skin care products so I would say it’s pretty common. Here is one article about its safety: and according to the Environmental Working Group website, it’s a “moderate hazard.” There are so many ingredients in skin care products that are questionable to a lot of people – parabens, mineral oil, estrogens, etc. but they are all allowed in skin care products. If you are really concerned, I would suggest going to the EWG website and looking for products that have a low hazard score. The Jason Natural jojoba oil, for example, is extremely safe.

  4. AJ Says:

    First of all , my skin is so comlicated!!
    I have oily skin on my forehead and nose, dry on my cheek, and I have acne problem on my chin. but since using the jojoba oil, my skin condition has been very much improved.
    Usually, I open my pores with steamed towel, and massage smoothly with jojoba oil (adding little bit of skin serum is optional) then, I apply clarifying masque on my face, and rinse with warm water after 10-15 minutes.
    For dry skin, I recommend using hydrating masque after that.

    -from Seoul , Korea

  5. ShanShan Says:

    I have used jojoba oil for various things…makeup/mascara removal (which it works wonderfully for and doesn’t irritate the eyes), face/body moisturizer, hair conditioner (alone or with conditioner then rinse hair in shower), hair serum and on nails after manicures. It is one of my favorite oils to use. It can be used on oily and dry skin although it does actually work better on oily skin because it can help regulate the amount of oil that is produced making the skin less oily. Plus it’s non-comedogenic which is always a plus. But if you use it hair, only use a small amount or your hair will be too oily.

  6. Nintas Says:

    I love jojoba oil, too! The oil/wax plus BPO is all I put on my also very acne prone skin regularly. No breakouts, no dry skin, it’s a miracle. Highly recommended!

  7. Sandra Says:

    Jojoba oil can be bought for far cheaper and in volume at This company sells everything at wholesale prices, their products are of very high quality and I believe they have refined and unrefined jojoba oil on offer. They also have hundreds of essential oils and other carrier oils, massage oils, skin care ingredients, bulk skin and hair care products which you can add your own essential oils to, etc. They also sell proper packaging and bottles for these oils. So no more dripping, leaking bottles.

    I highly recommend their unrefined jojoba oil. It’s golden in color and has a spectacular natural smell which is slightly sweet and a tad woody. Just slightly. That’s the best way I can describe it. I myself have used pure, unrefined jojoba oil on my skin as a moisturizer, sebum regulator and makeup remover. It works extremely well for all 3 applications. It doesn’t irritate acne or your eyes, it dissolves makeup very quickly and easily (slather it all over your face to instantly ‘melt’ your makeup/lift it out of your pores, then follow with your regular cleanser) and with regular use, it causes your skin to produce less oil which results in less blackheads and whiteheads. It really is amazing stuff.

    Good luck ladies :-)

  8. Shannon Says:

    I personally don’t use Jojoba oil. I prefer Josie Maran 100% Argan Oil. It is the best I have found because it has no fillers…just 100% Argan Oil. I use it on my face, elbows, knees, heels, cuticles etc. (anywhere my skin is dry). It even works wonders for the dry skin under my eyes. It soaks right into my skin leaving no greasy residue. It causes no breakouts either. I highly recommend Argan Oil to anyone who is interested in a natural and pure moisturizer.

  9. Janine JD Says:

    Can you use Jojoba oil to seal in moisture from a water based spray product? Like you spray it on afterwards or on the ends only.

  10. roxaane Says:

    You need to becareful using jojoba produces hair growth..that is why you use it on your scalp and hair..i have usedit around my eyes and upper lip and in a manner of weeks watched blonde facial hair turn terror..after prolonged use it makes hair grow where ever you put it will continue to grow thicker and blacker.

  11. Sandra Says:

    I have never had a problem with jojoba oil causing hair growth where it shouldn’t be, or making hair on my face blacker or thicker. It might be an odd reaction that a few people get to it, although I’ve never heard of this happening. It has never caused any problems for me, or anybody I have recommended it to, at all. It’s worth a shot for those who are having skin problems of almost any kind. Acne, eczema, rosacea, psoriasis, overly oily skin, dry skin, etc. It simply balances out the skin.

  12. stav Says:

    Companies charge outrageous prices for their creams for one reason only – there are people who are willin to pay.

  13. jennifer Says:

    I have started using jojo a couple weeks ago for my hair ( i heard lots about it too). I bought the pure stuff.
    There are different ways to use it for hair, One of them is : Add 1 TBSP of jojo with conditioner (i have hair that is 2 feet long) and leave it in arounf 20-30minutes (I cant remember exachly).
    The other ways is longer, much longer different directions and such.
    I also have sensitive skin that has acne (hardly) it does work though.
    I also heard of Parachute Coconut Oil for hair (East Indian women uses it to oil htere extreamly long hair)
    I have been watching youtube vids of it, very intresting. Anyways, Jojo (the pure stuff im using) does works wonders!
    At this moment, i have oiled my hair with it and leaving it in for 2 hrs (you can leave it in all night then wash it out) and im going to wash it out about this time ^_^
    And no, i have not grown dark hair’s on my face from it ^_^

  14. Heather Says:

    My hair tends to be dry because I color often. To help moisturize my hair and keep it soft and shiny, I add about 5-6 drops of jojoba oil to roughly a half-tablespoon of my hair conditioner (I have short hair), mix it all together, and leave in my hair while I do my normal shower routine (roughly 5-10 minutes). It works wonders! Be careful though – too much of one or the other can leave your hair greasy and heavy. It’s best to play around until you find what your hair likes.

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