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maybelline volume xl lipglossI’ve tried a bunch of new skin care products and makeup recently, and here’s a quick review of a few of them.

Maybelline Volume XL Seduction Lip Plumper
I honestly don’t think lip plumpers work to plump up your lips, even in the short-term, but I love lipgloss and this was cheap ($7), compared to most plumping glosses. From Target, I picked Fully Blushed, a bright, flattering pink color. It’s supposed to “plump up your lips… up to 30% more.” In the print ad, this lipgloss looks so glassy and shiny, but when I wear it, it just looks like normal pink lipgloss! When I put a ton of it on, my lips go almost numb for about a half hour, but I don’t think they look any fuller than normal. I’ve found that all lipglosses make your lips look noticeably fuller, which is what’s great about lipgloss, but they are no fuller looking with this Maybelline Volume XL. The color is really nice, and it looks nice on, but it sort of dries out my lips after a while.

If you’ve never tried a lip plumper, this might be a good place to start, since it’s relatively cheap. Maybe plumping is in the eye of the beholder! And I sort of like the numb/tingly feeling lip plumpers give you.

Too Faced Shadow Insurance
This is an eyeshadow primer which is supposed to be a “full-coverage insurance policy against all fading, creasing, melting, blurring, oil slicked, and hard-to-blend eyeshadow accidents.” It definitely does not crease at all, and it held my Hard Candy eyeshadow in place all day, without fading. A new Urban Decay eyeshadow I bought faded quite a bit after an hour or so, so I think what eyeshadow you use has a lot to do with how well the color stays. I thought the eyeshadow would be a “color-drenched, intensified version of itself” but that was not the case. It looked exactly the same, with, or without the primer.

The packaging on the product is good, because it comes in a soft tube, so you won’t waste a lot of product. I have been hearing great things about Urban Decay’s version of this product – Eyeshadow Primer Potion, so I will probably try that instead the next time around. The ingredients are almost the same, coincidentally. But the Urban Decay primer has bad packaging, so you end up losing half the product, since it gets stuck in the genie bottle-shaped container.

Kinerase Ultimate Day Moisturizer
I got a ton of different one-time use samples from Sephora this week, when I ordered something online, so I’m busy trying them all now! This moisturizer goes on really thick, but when it dried, my face didn’t feel or look moisturized at all. I still needed to apply another moisturizer over it (even though this is for dry skin). Kinerase contains kinetin, which Kinerase claims to be some sort of anti-wrinkle superstar, however I haven’t really read any conclusive evidence that kinetin really does anything for wrinkles. Since this moisturizer didn’t hydrate my skin, it doesn’t contain sunscreen, and there’s not enough proof yet that kinetin works on wrinkles, for now I’m going to pass on using this product again. Oh, and it also costs $125. Yikes!

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2 Responses to “New Beauty Products”

  1. Jeni - Savvy Skin Says:

    http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/60912.php This is a new article that is about a recent study done on Kinetin, combined with Niacinamide. Even though I didn’t like the Kinerase product, maybe there is possibly some merit to Kinetin.

  2. dcrmom Says:

    I tried the Urban Decay primer this week, and I thought the same about the packaging. Also, I put it on only one eye, and it didn’t make a bit of difference. My eye shadow stayed in place on both eyes. It’s just Mary Kay eye shadow, nothing exceptionally expensive or unique. But I’m thinking the eye shadow primer is all hype.

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