Prevent Wrinkles By Tinting Your Car Windows

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uv tintingI’ve never had a car with tinted windows, and have never even thought about tinting my own car. However, I live in Las Vegas, where just about everyone has their windows tinted, and I realized that not only does it cut down on the heat in the car, tinting blocks UV rays!!!

Even though your car windows will protect you from UVB rays – the ones that cause you to tan and burn, the windows don’t block out UVA rays. That’s what causes you to get wrinkles, plus it damages your collagen and elastin, and prematurely ages your skin.

I just got my car tinted this weekend, and my only regret is not doing this 10 years ago!!! The tint is supposed to block out 99% of UV rays. Even though I wear sunscreen every day, sunscreen doesn’t offer 100% protection from the harm of the sun, so I want all the protection I can get. I don’t even drive that much, but even a half hour, or an hour a day in the car is a lot of incidental sun damage. I rarely drive with my windows down, but I still have way more sun spots on the left side of my face, than the right, so that’s proof that even the best sunscreen is not perfect.

Should you tint your windows?
Here in Vegas, the UV index goes off the charts for several months of the year, so I would recommend everyone in places like Las Vegas, Hawaii, Florida, and Southern California to get their windows tinted, if you care about preventing wrinkles. The UV tint also protects your car’s interior from fading. If you live in a colder climate where the UV index is usually low, then it’s probably not necessary if you wear sunscreen daily, unless you are in your car several hours a day.

The tinting I got cost $175, and it comes with a lifetime guarantee. Even though I got the lightest tint, the only thing I don’t like is that there’s more glare inside my car in the daytime, and it makes it slightly harder to see out the windows. I haven’t found out yet how well the tint blocks the heat. Make sure to confirm the tinting comes with 99% UV protection.

On a side note – remember how I was questioning if airplane windows have UV protection? They don’t!! Wear your sunscreen when you fly, because the UV rays coming though the windows are intense! Next up for me is looking into UV tinting for my condo windows! Yes, I’m obsessed! And because I do believe some sun exposure is good for you, here’s my post about the importance of Vitamin D.

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7 Responses to “Prevent Wrinkles By Tinting Your Car Windows”

  1. sesame Says:

    Hey, I agree that getting the car tinted helps to cut the UV ray and keeps the car so much cooler in tropical climates. We had ours fixed with this sheet that does the same, but the problem is when we sent the car for a mandatory inspection, we were told to remove those on the front windows. What a bummer!

  2. Jeni - Savvy Skin Says:

    Some of the tinting is illegal, so you have to make sure it’s light enough to be legal. I got the lightest tinting, but the darker ones available were only allowed on the back windows.

  3. Miss Gisele B. Says:

    I didn’t realize it was it was legal to tinted windows for security reasons.

    I guess if it is legal than it would make sense to proper your skin against the direct hit from the sun while you drive.


  4. GIna Says:

    Just wanted to let you know that I’ve tried a gazillion different moisturizers as I have extremely sensitive acne-prone skin and I’ve found this one moisturizer which is a god-send! You should definitely try it… its by evian, the oxygenating gel… try it! :) Amazing stuff!

  5. Amy Says:

    I’ve had my car windows tinted a few months ago and I LOVE it! This is from someone who abhors the sun! I only did the side and back windows. Ooh…I didn’t know that it would be illegal though! I got the darkest tint possible…which I must admit make it hard to drive at night since the windows are so dark, but then I just pull down the window.

    My car inspection is this year….now I getting nervous!

  6. beautytalk Says:

    Nothing beats nivea.

  7. Sook yee Says:

    Tinting the window is a great idea to keep the UV rays away. Skin aging is 90% of the time due to sun damage and 10% due to genetic factors. So it is important to keep the UV rays away.Thanks.

    Co-author of “”

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