Rock Of Love – Heather Looks 10 Years Younger

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rock of loveI just finished watching the “Rock Of Love” reunion show on VH1 and noticed some of the girls looked much better than on the show – specifically Heather. Here she is in a “before” picture on the left and an “after” picture on the right. Remember my rant about Anchorwoman getting cancelled because the star was too tan and looked too old? I thought a lot of the girls on Rock Of Love were too tan, thus looking years older than their true age.

Personally I think a light tan achieved from self-tanners can make someone appear “fresh” and “glowy” (how Heather now looks) but when you take the tanning too far, you just look haggard and old. This is especially true when you are over 30, since you probably have years of sun damage behind you and all that tanning has already started to turn your skin to leather! And I know you are saying that Heather looks younger because her hair and makeup is better, but the first thing I always look at is a person’s skin.

If you were a sun worshiper in the past, it’s never too late to turn your skin around and work on achieving a healthy complexion!

Visit your Dermatologist and have a full-body check for possibly cancerous lesions. Early detection is important!
Start wearing good sunscreen every day and don’t spend more than 20 minutes a day in the sun.
Once your tan fades, get a series of light chemical peels and Photo Facials to lessen the appearance of your current sun damage.
Achieve a healthy glow with self-tanners.
After a few months, marvel at how much younger you appear!

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7 Responses to “Rock Of Love – Heather Looks 10 Years Younger”

  1. Carrie Anne King Says:

    I thought Heather looked sooo Great on the Reunion show!

  2. Kim Says:

    Wow I haven’t watched all the episodes, I got grossed out by the vomiting! But Holy moly she looks different~! I am an 80’s rocker at heart and so I tend to miss the hair of hair bands and the babes lol. (Have you seen Kip Winger’s hair anywhere? He needs it back! Sorry Kip but ya just don’t do it for me any more!)

  3. Jeni - Savvy Skin Says:

    Ha, I just saw Winger in concert this past weekend. I guess I hadn’t seen Kip in like 20 years cause I did not recognize him at all! He still has longish hair, but he looks totally different. I think it’s cause his beard is gone. I always preferred Bret Michaels and Jon Bon Jovi, and Sebastian Bach.

  4. Kim Says:

    Yea Sebastian was fine in concert, oh my flipping his hair around.

    Did you watch his reality show? The one with Ted Nugent? Wasn’t that filmed in Vegas? That was pretty good lol. He sure has attitute and regrets though and it was kind of sad…

  5. Jeni - Savvy Skin Says:

    Yeah I watched Supergroup, that reality show. And I was there at the concert they filmed in Vegas. I’m currently watching that Rap Superstar show cause Sebastian is on it. I don’t feel bad for Sebastian cause he is still around (unlike most of his hair metal peers) and he’s always doing something music-wise, or on TV. I saw him in “Jesus Christ Super Star” also.

  6. Kim Says:

    Oh I bet JCS would have been awesome!

    We so rarely get anything besides Grateful Dead kind of bands near us. But we are going to see The Tragicallly Hip on Monday in Aspen! I have been here 2 years and this is the first show near us that I have wanted to see

  7. amanda harding Says:

    i love brett micheals.i watched all of his shows.i dont care what any one says he is my number one fan.he is hot.what ever he dicides about his love life.will that is between him and the one he is with. i belive if it is meant to be .its meant to be. time will tell. love you brett michaels.dont worry be happy .i am i have a 6 years old daughter.and a boyfriend.and dont worry about what other people thinks.just be your self.and enjoy life. be happy .and loved.love always amanda

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