Rosacea Breakthrough?

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rosacea breakthroughThe true cause of Rosacea has always been a mystery, and there were all sorts of theories, but it appears that a possible breakthrough has been made! UCSD Researchers have found the cause of Rosacea!!! This news story just broke a few days ago, so I haven’t heard yet about what other scientists and researchers have to say. Here is a quick quote from the above-mentioned UCSD site:

““It’s like having lots of gasoline…and a match,” said Gallo, principal investigator of the study which will be published in the August 5 online edition of Nature Medicine.  In essence, the researchers found that over-production of two interactive inflammatory proteins results in excessive levels of a third protein that causes rosacea symptoms, “a trifecta of unfortunate factors in people with rosacea,” according to Gallo.”

While I don’t personally have Rosacea, several people I know do, and they have not been very successful at controlling it. They have been to several Dermatologists and have tried the various creams, and have watched what they ate, etc., but they still have visible signs of the affliction. Many people would come into the Medical Spa where I worked, and it was frustrating because we had few treatments we could offer them. Photo Facials were the main treatments we would recommend, and they work well to maintain the symptoms, but they don’t cure Rosacea. My ex also has Rosacea (well I think he does, but he never went to the Dermatologist, and I’m not an expert), so I subscribed to the National Rosacea Society newsletter for him so that I could keep updated on the research. I don’t see mention of the “news” on their site, so I’m curious to see their take on this discovery.

With this new knowledge, now we will just have to wait for better treatments to be developed to more successfully combat Rosacea! I truly am excited about this discovery, since I’ve been obsessing about Rosacea for several years now.

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10 Responses to “Rosacea Breakthrough?”

  1. lovy Says:

    personally, i think if your skin dont agree with retin a, retin a could be the cause of rosacea as well. but i’m no expert,

  2. Jeni - Savvy Skin Says:

    Rosacea is not caused by skin care products, but the wrong products can make Rosacea appear worse, if it gets aggravated. It’s mostly a hereditery problem, but it can be made worse by eating certain foods, using the wrong products on the face, drinking, etc.

  3. HT Says:

    I heard that if you take omega three fatty acids internally helps with rosacea. Because rosacea is typically a problem with inflammation, and O3FA reduce inflammation.

  4. JL Says:

    Check out Laboratoire Dr.Renaud professional treatment for Rosacea, after 3 treatments and homecare I have seen tremndous results!!!
    My skin no longer burns, as is a lot less red, to the point wear I am not embarrased to go out with no make-up and my nose doesn’t look like I just went on a drinking binge. Check it out!!

  5. Arlene R. Says:

    Hi. Has anyone ever heard of Dermazone or Celazome? I’m looking for product reviews on their rosacea product besides my friend’s recommendation – she didn’t seem to have a. I’m hoping others out there have tried this before I buy. It seems pretty pricey for 3 products – $107, but I really want some help with my skin. My dermatologist’s recommendation for Eucerin didn’t help me. Thanks everyone!

  6. Marcia C Says:

    My skin went crazy…it felt like it was on fire. Raw and red and such pain!
    I went to the dermatologist and he prescribed “MetroLotion” and all it did was burn my skin even more.( This started when I was about 48 years old—other strange health problems were happening at the same time).
    I started using the Made from Earth Rosehip & Hibiscus Face Serum also – and my skin is under control. The hideous raw red skin flares occaisionally…I use it daily…

  7. mm Says:

    Marcia C is a representative from Made from Earth and posts the exact same comment all over the internet about their product Made from Earth Rosehip & Hibiscus Face Serum. I *almost* fell for it myself. Check it out: copy/paste the above comment by Marcia C into google and do a search. See for yourself the numerous repeats of the same text on various skincare forums. Thanks a lot Marcia C you loser.

  8. fulloflove Says:

    I too keep seeing the same post that Marcia C on all sites for rosacea. It really makes me ill. Makeupartistchoice has the same cream but called rosehip scar cream. They both have the exact same ingredients. I do use this cream and it has not cured me at all. I am so tired of reading this same post from this person every way I turn.

  9. DonnaMarie Says:

    I have been suffering with the occasional redness on my face for a couple of years. My face would look like it was sunburned. I had to cover up with lots of heavy makeup and it felt awful. Finally made the appointment to see my doctor when I couldn’t stand it anymore.

    The doctor gave me 2 different perscriptions for gels and ointments. They seemed to work but it took weeks to see any results and my face still had to be covered with makeup to hide the redness. I bought Shielo’s Complexion Moisturizer after reading some of the reviews and decided this would be cheaper than another doctor visit plus the cost of more of the same expensive creams. I gave it a shot.

    Boy, was I surprised. The burning stopped with the very first application and the redness was greatly reduced overnight. I no longer have the dryness that the other ointments caused.

    After just 2 or 3 days, my face was back to normal and even my husband was amazed at the quick improvement. Keeping it on hand for flare ups.

  10. rosacea behandelen Says:

    I have had rosacea for three years now. I started with eating natural healthy foods, less sugar, no alcohol, no hot spices etc.

    I also take supplemental lysine, omega3, zinc and vitamine C. My redness is gone ,almost all of it.

    I reccomend taking lysine and omega 3 to everyone, it does help!

    Thank you for taking the time to read my comment.

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