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It gets expensive when you want to look your best, and the cosmetics and skin care options are endless! Here are several tips to help you save money on skin care, without sacrificing looking beautiful.

1) Wear sunscreen every day, especially one that contains zinc oxide. The sun ages us more than just about anything else, and it’s easy and relatively cheap to wear sunscreen every day. In the long-term, this will possibly save you thousands of dollars on anti-aging skin care products that you won’t need as much. You may even prevent wanting to get plastic surgery later in life to fix your sun-ravaged face!

2) Stick with proven anti-aging ingredients. Retinol, and retinoids are currently still the best proven anti-aging skin care ingredients. Use a retinol or retinoid product every night, and you will be helping your skin stay young.

3) Stop tanning at tanning salons! Not only will you save money you wasted on tanning, but you will be preventing future damage to your skin, which you will later regret. This will save you money on products trying to fix your sun damage, and will possibly save you from wanting plastic surgery to tighten up your saggy, wrinkly skin.

4) Stop smoking. I know it’s incredibly hard to quit, and you know the obvious benefits you would gain from stopping – saving tons of money, and preventing your skin from aging extremely prematurely.

5) Research skin care products before you buy them. Head over to makeupalley.com and read Product Reviews to see what others think about the products that interest you. Read up on the featured ingredients in the products to see if the ingredients are really proven to be effective. Pick up Paula Begoun’s Don’t Go To The Cosmetics Counter Without Me and read her review of thousands of products. Come to my blog and see what I have to say :)

6) Return products you don’t like. Most department stores and drug stores allow you to return products you don’t like, even if you’ve opened them. Check with the store about their exact return policy, and always keep your receipt. Don’t feel bad about returning a product that really didn’t work for you.

7) For prescription medications, go with generics when possible. Some prescription acne and wrinkle creams come in generic versions, so ask your doctor to allow generic substitutions on your prescription. Most birth control pills also come in generic versions.

In some states, it’s also legal to purchase your prescriptions from Canadian pharmacies. CanadaDrugsOnline.com, for example, is a reputable Canadian pharmacy that will send your prescriptions to your house. This can save you 50% on prescriptions.

Also, if you have a Flexible Spending Account, use it to buy sunscreen, acne medications, and lots of other things with your pre-tax dollars.

8) Stock up on your favorite products when they’re on sale. I always buy two or three of my favorite drug store items when they’re on sale. I am too lazy to cut coupons, but that’s another great way to save money.

9) Get the Gift With Purchase. Some department store brands have “gift with purchase” bonuses a few times a year. I only purchase my pricy Clinique Moisture On-line when they are doing the free gift. I always end up with a great free mascara, and usually some other free products I like. Or you can sell your unused “gift with purchase” on eBay! Just don’t buy something only because of the free gift, but I’m sure we’ve all been guilty of that!

10) Look for coupon codes when buying online. Did you know most online websites are always running some sort of promotional discount? Before I hit “purchase” on any website, I always open up a new browser and type in “coupon code” and then whatever online store I’m on. So you could do “coupon code” Sephora or “coupon code” Victoria’s Secret. You can usually find codes for free shipping, 10% or 20% off, free bonus gifts, and lots more. You enter the code where it asks for it on the checkout page. Sometimes you may need to try a few different codes before one works, but it’s worth it!

Also check around to various beauty blogs (every weekend I post links to several of them) to find out about new beauty specials. A lot of my beauty blog friends post frequently about new promotions that are going on at different online stores. I sometimes post about this too.

11) Use cheaper, yet still effective products. There are lots of cheap, yet good products out there to use. I always try to buy drug store products as much as possible, and only buy more expensive products when there is not a drug store equivalent. For example, I really like Nivea Creme, which works like Creme de la Mer, but costs 100 times less! When I’m only outside for a few minutes a day, I may use a cheaper sunscreen than my favorite (sort of expensive) Shiseido sunscreen.

What are you favorite tips to save money, while still looking fabulous?

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4 Responses to “Save Money While Looking Fabulous”

  1. Curtus Says:

    – Hi Jeni,

    Just thought I’d throw out a couple of my favorites:

    Coconut Oil (Add the virgin oil to your food, and some of the processed LouAna oil to your bath water).

    Odorless Garlic capsules: Acts as a mild antibiotic, clears up my acne.

    Melatonin: Getting enough sleep is becoming the go-to cure for all kinds of ailments, and this helps. And, it’s one of the most potent anti-oxidants out there.

    Splenda: Get rid of the sugar! Sorry to ruin your Valentines Day!



  2. Erin Says:

    12) listen regularly to this radio program to get the best skin care steps.


  3. Henna Says:

    Good stuff! Your tips are sensible and they work!!!

  4. SageRave Says:

    Great tips!

    The only thing I would add is, while you are researching products, notice those active ingredients. Making your own versions of skin care products may save you money as well!

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