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Here are my favorite, and most informative Savvy Skin posts from September-November 2007. I’ll do a wrap-up each quarter to make it easier to view my older articles. Also read my Best Of Summer 2007.

Skin Care

Anti-Aging Skin Care Checklist
A comprehensive list of proactive steps you can take to age well.

How To Prevent Melasma
Tips to prevent dark patches (also known as pregnancy mask) on your face.

Neutrogena Hand Cream
A review of this cheap, yet extremely effective hand cream.

Bar Soap Can Clog Pores
If you are acne prone, you might want to stay away from bar soap.

Alcohol In Cosmetics
Lots of skin care products contain alcohol, but it’s not usually good for your skin.

Eyebrow Waxing
Read about my problems and solutions for eyebrow waxing.

Skimpy Thinning Eyebrows
Where did my eyebrows go, and why did they thin out?

Dangerous Skin Care
How to prevent burning and other side effects from dangerous skin care treatments.

Does Running Cause Saggy Skin?
Does running cause your skin to sag, or is it just an urban legend?

Satin Pillowcases – Wake Up With Smooth Skin
This simple beauty aid lets you start your day looking refreshed.

Protect Your Skin When You Fly
Don’t forget to apply sunscreen and moisturizer when you fly.

Skin Care For Everyone
Different types of skin need different types of care.

My Favorite Skin Care Mask And Facial Scrub
Reviews of two of my favorite skin care products.

Sun Protection

Vitamin D And Sun Exposure
How to get adequate Vitamin D for your health, while protecting your skin from sun damage and skin cancer.

Zinc Oxide vs Mexoryl Sunscreen Ingredients
I compare the two best sunscreen ingredients, and determine I need to do further testing.

Get Screened For Skin Cancer
How to check yourself for skin cancer, and why you should get professional screenings.

Medical Spa & Cosmetic Dermatology

Laser Hair Removal Info
A detailed report about my experience with Laser Hair Removal.

Laser Hair Removal – Worth Another Chance?
Despite my lackluster experience with Laser Hair Removal, I want to give it another shot.

101 Uses For Botox
Botox isn’t just for wrinkles – there are all sorts of medical problems that can be treated with it.

Botox For Excessive Sweating
Botox can effectively reduce sweating for people with overactive sweat glands.

Bye Bye Botox
As my Botox wears off, I ponder the pros and cons of getting it again. 

Herbal Green Peel – Not Worth It
Information about the herbal green peel and why I think it’s a treatment you should avoid.

Cosmetic Surgery Confidential
My views and thoughts on Cosmetic Surgery.


Guide To Cure Acne
A comprehensive step-by-step guide to treat all aspects of acne to achieve clear, healthy skin.

Can Mineral Makeup Be Bad For Your Skin?
Even though it’s touted as beneficial for acne, mineral makeup can possibly cause acne and skin irritation.


Top 10 Signs You’re A Beauty Junkie
A funny top 10 list about being addicted to lip gloss and MAC.

Beauty Junkie Signs – Viewer Submitted
Viewer submitted signs you’re a beauty junkie!

Beauty Junkies
My review of the Beauty Junkies book about Cosmetic Surgery.

What Are Your Favorite Beauty Products?
A chance for viewers to chime in with the products they can’t live without.

Infomericals – Fool Me No More!
Why do infomercials suck you in, but only deliver empty promises?

Best Of Sephora 2007
Find out what beauty and skin care products got voted as favorites by Sephora fans.


Secondhand Smoke Sucks
A rant about secondhand smoke, and how it’s bad for your skin and body.

A Simple Tip To Defy Your Age
Don’t forget to use sunscreen on your neck and hands.

My Body Wash Clogged My Pores
I developed Keratosis Pilaris on my arms when my soap clogged my pores.


My Hair Loss Story
A detailed story about my struggles with female hair loss.

Shampoo Ingredients To Avoid
Don’t damage your hair while you wash it – what ingredients you don’t want in your shampoo.

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