Savvy Skin’s Best Of Summer 2007

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Here are my favorite, and most informative Savvy Skin posts from June-August 2007. I’ll do a wrap-up each quarter to make it easier to view my older articles.

Skin Care

Product Discontinuation Paranoia
Read about my all time favorite products.

What is expensive?
How much would you pay for a beauty product?

Prevage MD vs Generic Idebenone
My review of Prevage MD, plus the generic antioxidant Idebenone.

What’s Your Real Age?
Find out how healthy you really are, and how to age well.

Clinique Dramatically Different Lotion
My review of this classic moisturizer.

Frownies – The Poor Woman’s Botox
Is there a cheap alternative to Botox?

Rosacea Breakthrough
The cause of Rosacea is finally discovered!

How I Cured My Super Dry, Chapped Lips
A cheap and inexpensive product that works wonders!

Sun Protection

The Best Sunscreen And Sunblock
My extensive sunscreen testing reveals what works best to protect my skin.

Why Tan People Make Me Look Good
Tanning ages your skin prematurely. There’s also no safe tan.

UV Index
Find out how hot it is in your city and how to protect your skin.

Anchorwoman Too Tan For TV
Did the short-lived TV show get cancelled because the star was too tan?

Zinka Zinc Oxide Sunblock
The colored sunblock of the 80s is back!

Medical Spa & Cosmetic Dermatology

An Insider’s Guide To Medical Spas
I worked at a Medical Spa for a year and have insider info!

Photo Facial Facts
Laser Photo Facials get rid of sun spots and age spots.

Botox Tips
What you need to know before you get Botox.

My Botox Experience
My detailed report of my experiences with Botox for wrinkles.


How To Prevent Cosmetic Acne
Did you know your makeup and skin care products could be making you break out?

The Pill To Treat Hormonal Acne?
Sometimes the pill is a very successful way to banish acne.

Red Acne Spots
What do you do when your acne goes away, but the red spots remain?

How I Cured My Adult Hormonal Acne
It took several years of trial and error, doctor visits, and product research, but I am finally acne-free.

Acne Treatments That Didn’t Work
Books, products, and doctors that didn’t help get rid of my acne.

I don’t have great news when it comes to blackheads – I still can’t get rid of mine.


Skinny Fat
I’m not technically overweight, but I need to work on toning up to reduce my cellulite and to be healthier.

California Spray Tan At Sunset Tan
I visit Sunset Tan in Los Angeles and get a spray tan!

Would You Like To Get Rid Of Cellulite?
My trials and tribulations with trying to get rid of cellulite.

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5 Responses to “Savvy Skin’s Best Of Summer 2007”

  1. Shanda Trias Says:

    Wow, just stumbled upon your site. Thanks for the quarterly list. Makes it easier to find your earlier posts.

    I love the blog design! It’s pretty chic.

  2. Stacy K Says:

    have a happy birthday tomorroow!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. SageSeer Says:

    What a great list! When I have a few moments I am going to check out some of the entries to see what I might have missed.


  4. talia Says:

    This is a brilliant idea, I will have to figure something like this out for my lipstick blog. I love your posts btw!

  5. Karen Says:

    …Savvy Skin’s Best of Summer 2007…

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