Savvy Skin’s Best Of Winter 2007

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Here are my favorite, and most informative Savvy Skin posts from December 2007-February 2008. I’ll do a wrap-up each quarter to make it easier to view my older articles. Also read my Best Of Summer 2007 and Best Of Fall 2007.

Skin Care

Save Money While Looking Fabulous
Lots of tips to save money, without sacrificing your beauty needs.

MAC Strobe Cream
A luminizing moisturizer that’s great, but only for some skin types.

Get A $125 Wrinkle Cream For 99 Cents!
I found a nearly identical moisturizer to Creme De La Mer, but it’s 100 times cheaper!

Sunscreen Is A Tax Deduction!
Reduce your taxes by buying beauty products!

How To Pick A Retinol Product
Retinol is a great anti-ager. Here’s how to find the best retinol and retinoid products.

Hydroquinone, The Skin Lightener
How to even out your skin tone, and lighten sun and age spots.

What’s Wrong With Freckles?
Freckles are cute, but here’s why I personally don’t want them.

Freeze 24-7 Review
Can you instantly erase wrinkles with the right skin care product?

Product Reviews
This is my approach to doing unbiased product reviews.

Olay Regenerist Deep Hydration Regenerating Cream
A review of one of my favorite peptide moisturizers.

Philosophy The Microdelivery Exfoliating Wash
Review of a cleanser that’s great for oily skin.

Medical Spa & Cosmetic Dermatology

Alternative To Botox?
Can you find a true alternative to Botox by using the right skin care product?

Botox Backlash In Hollywood
Botox can make you look years younger, but at what price?

Botox Bunny Lines
Tell-tale signs that someone has had Botox injections.


Cosmetic Acne
How to avoid getting acne from your skin care and makeup products.

Great Makeup I Won’t Use
It’s a shame that lots of great skin care products clog your pores.

Proactiv Solution For Acne
My review of the super popular Proactiv Solution.

Murad Acne Complex
Will Murad Acne Complex cure your acne? Read my review.


The Truth About Beauty
A must-have book for beauty junkies.

Nostalgic Beauty
Reminiscing about fabulous beauty products from the past.

Don’t Go To The Cosmetics Counter Without Me 7th Edition
A new edition of this cult-classic book is out. Another must-have for beauty junkies.

Beauty No-Nos
What sort of naughty things do you do for the sake of beauty?

Beauty Tips From Lolcats
Silly pictures of cats giving out beauty advice.

My Favorite Makeup
Here’s the makeup I wear on a daily basis.


The Cellulite Solution
Will this book help your banish cellulite forever?

Fig LipoDissolve Goes Bankrupt
Hopefully thousands of Fig LipoDissolve customers will be able to get their money back after this unfortunate event.

Are You Allergic To Your Boyfriend?
Emotional issues can manifest themselves in physical problems – including skin issues.


Prevent A Hair Disaster
A simple tip to avoid a hair dye disaster.

Why My Hair Is Now A Frizzy Mess
Nothing is more frustrating that finding the perfect beauty product, and it then gets discontinued.

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