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shampoo ingredients to avoidWhen I’m not worrying about skin care, I’m thinking about hair! When my hair started falling out like crazy several years ago, I began my hair loss research, and found that just like with skin care, there are a lot of hair care product ingredients to avoid as well! The ingredients I’m going to tell you about might not make your hair fall out, but they are unnecessarily harsh on your hair and scalp. There’s no need to use these ingredients when there are plenty of shampoos (some of which are very inexpensive) that don’t contain them.

If you are concerned about hair care, and what you are cleansing and styling with, check out this book: Don’t Go Shopping For Hair-Care Products Without Me – Paula Begoun. It’s a few years old, but it’s still a good resource to learn more about hair care, and a lot of the products reviewed are still on the market today.

Shampoo Cleansing Ingredients To Avoid:

Extremely common ingredients
Sodium Lauryl Sulfate
Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate
Ammonium Laureth Sulfate
Ammonium Xylene Sulfonate
TEA Lauryl Sulfate
Sulfur (in dandruff shampoos)
Selenium Sulfide (in dandruff shampoos)

Less common ingredients
Magnesium Sulfate
Sodium Thiosulfate
Sodium C14-16 Olefin Sulfonate
Alkyl Sodium Sulfate
Alkyl Benzene Sulfonate
Sodium C12-15 Alkyl Sulfate
Sodium Dodecyl Sulfonate

At the drugstore, a lot of the cheap shampoo brands like Suave, Dove, VO5, and Pert Plus contain these “bad” ingredients and I would suggest staying away from them. I’m sorry to say, even Pantene is a shampoo that is on the “bad” list.

Good Shampoos
Currently I use mostly drugstore shampoos that only cost a few dollars, and they work great and do not contain the “bad” ingredients. I’ve been using L’Oreal Vive Pro Nutri Gloss Shampoo, and Garnier Fructis Fortifying Shampoo, and from Ulta I buy Back To Basics Citrus Clarifying Sage Shampoo. At the store today, I noticed cheapo Sunsilk also makes the “okay” list. Most of the higher-end drugstore shampoos, or more expensive shampoos from Ulta or hair salons don’t contain the bad ingredients, but you should still read the labels to make sure. I’ve used expensive shampoos, and don’t think they work better than cheap ones, which is why, even with my hair loss issues, I’m okay with $3 shampoos if they contain the right ingredients.

Is there ever a time when it’s good to use “bad” shampoos?
Several years ago, I dyed my hair with a semi-permanent color, and for some reason my hair turned black, and it was all goopy and sticky, even after washing it 3 times! I was desperate and bought the cheapest, crappiest sounding shampoo I could find, hoping that it would be super harsh. I believe I bought Prell. Well, let me tell you, that Prell got all the goop out of my hair and it worked wonders to strip all the nastiness right out of there!

If you have “perfect” hair and are using Pantene, or some other shampoo that contains the “bad” ingredients, then by all means keep using it. But if you are experiencing any problems at all – hair loss, dandruff, dry hair, frizzy hair, then I would recommend switching.

What about Sodium Laureth Sulfate?
Sodium Laureth Sulfate is the gentler version of Sodium Lauryl Sulfate. A lot has been written about the evils of SLS, and how it is extremely irritating and possibly carcinogenic. At this point, I personally feel comfortable using Sodium Laureth Sulfate, but stay away from its harsher Sodium Lauryl Sulfate cousin.

What about “natural” shampoos?
If you go to Whole Foods, or even some drugstores, there are shampoos that are SLS-free. This is good if you are sensitive to SLS, or are afraid of it. However, natural shampoos aren’t necessarily and better than regular ones, nor are they really all that “natural.” A lot of natural shampoos also contain a lot of ingredients that Paula Begoun deems irriting, which is why I stick with regular shampoos. Below is a list of more ingredients to avoid. I usually don’t bother searching labels for these ingredients since these aren’t usually in regular shampoos.

Shampoo Additive Ingredients To Avoid:
Balm Mint
Certain Essential Oils
Lavender Oil

Update: I also wrote a recent post about sulfate-free shampoos – SLS Free Shampoo and a reader told me about this website – Tightly Curly Hair Care Products Ingredients List, where there is a very long list of shampoo ingredients to use, and to avoid (you can search there alphabetically).

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96 Responses to “Shampoo Ingredients To Avoid”

  1. Sara Says:

    Using Sulfate ingredients on your hair will damage your hair ..Why do you think MOST people have split ends? obviously its because we are 90% of shampoos and conditioners carry sulfate and other chemicals your hair doesn’t need. I just start using Hair One, from Salley’s Hair supply store. I think it’s awesome.. It makes your scalp feel amazing and all those products are SULFATE FREE which is good.. Nature is not out to hurt you so why use all these man-made products that can? My hair use to be down my back when I was growing up until I used all those chemical shampoos will sulfate and other harmful products that stripped away my hair. I still have long hair and growing it back but I’ve learned my lesson to stick to organic shampoo and moisturizers that won’t make your hair oily, dirty , and flaky..Also look for products that carry cartoene..very very good for your hair…

  2. Shelley Says:

    I have been using Pantene Hair shampoo and conditioner for nearly 20 years. And I will keep using it. They work great for me! I’ve also tried the more expensive salon brand, however, my hair likes Pantene better. It really makes my hair shinny and manageable. I have thick hair and long hair. I often receive compliments on my hair. I really don’t think there is wrong in those Pantene products!

  3. sra Says:

    what about dandruff shampoos? do you know of any that avoid these items on your list?

  4. Amy Says:

    I don’t know what all the fuss is about, with being scared of detergents in shampoo. All they do is clean. I tried some of the “natural” shampoos and never felt like my hair was totally clean. I’ve also tried a lot of salon brands, and still end up going back to Walmart for my beloved Prell, which I’m sure any stylist would say is highly damaging. It works fine for me. My skin also likes it. I let the suds fall over me, and there you go: instant body wash. I do like Nature’s Gate Rainwater Tea Tree Oil Conditioner and a Vitamin C one from a salon that I don’t even use every day.
    That’s just my two cents. I’m not a chemist or stylist, only a consumer. I don’t feel like I’m being hurt by the sulfates in shampoo.

  5. safsd Says:

    Sarah my mother went to beauty school for hair, nails, and whatever elseand they said the exact same thing about PANTENE Products and they went to scrap off her hair from the wax and they could find any wax what so ever, maybe she was using the pantene products incorrectly or she had a naturally greassy head and needed something that would clean her hair more intensely.

  6. Rosetta Says:

    I have a question about Sodium Methosulfate in shampoos. If someone is allergic to sulfur/sulfa…does Sodium Methosulfate fall in the “allergic to sulfur” catagory?
    Thank you…

  7. Patty Says:

    Okay ladies, I have some news!… I have wavy, long hair and non- acne prone skin. I say non- acne prone because my face is very sensitive but I don’t have acne. I am vanishing natural hair products altogether. Apparently, there are a lot of oils and extracts in natural shampoos and conditioners. After washing and conditioning my hair the oils would seep into my skin around my fore head and neck causing the most horrid cysts. I would let my hair air dry and go the worst break outs on my chest, neck and shoulders. Again, I have sensitive skin, but not acne prone skin. The ends of my hair had gotten very dry and my scalp remained oily no matter what natural stuff I used. I now use joico body luxe shampoo and conditioner just because there are no oils in them. I have always used purpose face cleanser which is mild and can use it on my eyes because it doesn’t sting and washes waterproof mascara of in a flash. My skin is FINALLY back to normal. All people are different. For me, it was not the sulfates in the shampoos and conditioners, it was the oils and extracts. I believe as an individual you must pinpoint which extracts you can use. For me I have to only stick with nothing other than tea tree oil, keratin, silk amino acids, and oat. Seems like everything else will destroy my precious skin.

  8. Margie Says:

    I need help! A friend of mine told me to stop using Pantene because I told her that my scalp hurts when I touch it. She said that I need to switch. The problem is that I don’t know what brand to buy. I have been using Pantene for the last 9 years. Please give me some advice. Thanks. Margie

  9. Amy Says:

    Hey Margie,

    I’ve heard bad things about Pantene in general, but of course, I like to try on my own. I did, a few times, and each time I tossed the bottle. Pantene, in my small opinion, blows. This is what I have in my shower: a tea tree shampoo from the salon, a purple one for highlites, Suave for off-days (I don’t love it) and Prell, like I said before in an earlier post. I use Prell as a shampoo and body wash, and shaver. It rocks. It has no conditioners in it, so you shouldn’t worry about oils with this little goldmine. I don’t use it every day but on clarifying days, it works wonders. I also notice my scalp and skin feel really clean. Like I also said before, I’m not a chemist, so I can’t tell you if you have any specific allergies. But this shampoo is a bare-bones, no-frills cleansing agent. Maybe your skin needs to be cleared of impurities. Tea tree oil conditioners and shampoos help this too. Prell costs about $2 or $3 so if you don’t like it, you can toss the bottle like I did Pantene. I think, though, you might find that with a few washes, your scalp will feel reasonably normal again!

  10. ifrah Says:

    well i am agree with MARGIE and AMY…. but i personally use DOVE BALANCE THERAPY….. its rocks

  11. ifrah Says:

    Are split ends due to sulfate and other chemicals that hair does;nt need?????

  12. Joanna Says:

    This website has given me so many ideas on how to treat my hair. As well, I am using this as a source for a project in my chemistry class. I was going to do somehitng totally different but saw this and how much information there was I could use and I knew this was the paper I had to write
    thank you so much!
    you saved my life/grade!

  13. Curly Sue Says:

    Thank you very much for the information!!!

  14. Varun Says:

    hey, ive been experiencing first instances of hairfall and have advised Dove ZPTO but finding it rather hard to find, firstly is it new as such, secondly ive been advised this by a tricologist…so would it be safe enough to go ahead. Thirdly how safe is it and is it easily available in the neighbourhood pharma. Also i have been advised to use Candid tv for i am not sue about the ingredients on these but are they safe from harsh ingredients.??? Do feel free to advise

  15. Rabi Isah Says:

    Hello, friend, please I need your advice to know the good indredients that is good for making sahmpoo without any side effect and also conditional, all for sell.

    I look forward to here from you soon.
    Do that to save me from contributing harm to the masses in the name of making money.

  16. Linja Says:

    Interesting post and discussion. I can’t find my old favorite shampoo any more so am looking for a new one that doesn’t leave my hair frizzy or too heavy. I am allergic to aloe and wheat which rules out some of the natural brands. Also I have had reactions to tea tree and some other essential oils.

  17. clare Says:

    my hair is falling out and I’ve been facing this problem for a long time. I have change my shampoo twice a year or three times a year… now i am using pantene hair fall control but the result is ‘zero’. how could i be free from this problem?

  18. LALA Says:

    hey guys, can anyone help me decide what shampoo/conditioner i should use?
    my hair has been dyed many time, and recently ive just dyed it black to grow back my natural hair. (after showers) if i was to leave it dry by itself, it’ll usually go kinda frizzy/dry.
    i’m currently using herbal essences, and usually when its out i use fruitis and pantene for backup until i have time to buy herbal essences again.
    firstly, is it bad to use other shampoo for back up? should i be only using one?
    secondly, can you guys help figure out a shampoo that could make my hair healthy looking again without the bad ingredients.
    that is all, thankyou.

  19. julie Says:

    is white rain bad because my hair is always dry and is different from most girls in school my aunt works at lemon blossom salon and she wants me to get $200 modeling cream to help some one help me

  20. amy Says:

    I went onto another site entitled “The Pantene Myth,” or something like that. If you google Pantene and myth, you will see it. There are as many consumers loving this brand as there are stylists bashing it. I guess it all depends on your hair. Everyone’s is different. It’s like that with skin, too. Some people need special body washes because of extreme dryness. Others, like me, don’t. But google that site if you want to hear some funny things from both camps.
    Lala, it’s not bad to have a back-up shampoo. It’s probably a good idea, because they say products build up, especially the shampoos with conditioners in them. Pantene is one, if you check the ingredients. White Rain and Prell have fewer, which is probably why they’re called on for clarifying.
    Julie, don’t spend $200! Please? If you really want something, get a mousse or styling gel at the store. If you have dry hair, try either a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner or a leave-in conditioner too. But please, don’t spend that much money. Is your aunt willing to pay, or will your parents?? Yikes.
    Try this: Prell shampoo + Kiss My Face Whenever conditioner, or Kiss My Face Mistreated Conditioner. Kiss My Face has natural ingredients that make my hair super soft. The old-school Prell–from before I was even freaking born–is my go-to shampoo. It will take the gunk off your hair but then if you try the Kiss My Face conditioner, the good stuff will get put back in your hair. If these don’t work, I’m sorry. I can only tell you what works for me. You will spend nothing close to $200, promise.

  21. Kevin In Texas Says:

    Losing hair is a sign of poor thyroid and lack of thyroid hormone.. Have this checked and you can use whatever shampoo you like..

    go to homeopathic doctor that understand thyroid is larger then TSH

  22. DeeDee Says:

    Hair loss can be for many reasons. Harsh detergents in shampoos are known to cause hair loss as well as stress. There are lots of reasons why people lose hair.

    I personally use Ojon products because they have been the best thing for my dry hair. The sulfate they use is very gentle and I don’t have a flaky, dry scalp like I used to and my hair is soft, shiny and the best its ever looked.

  23. CrunkChica Says:

    Thanks for the advice on what chemicals to avoid. I was just interested though in the natural ingredients that you listed to avoid. I am an Herbalist and my husband is a Nurse Practitioner as well as a Naturopathic Doctor and we have studied those ingredients and have had amazing results with shampoo’s and other haircare products that contain many of the things listed above on the “do not use” list for natural ingredients. They are an amazing alternative for healthy and chemical free hair.

  24. priya Says:

    Is Garnier Kids a good shampoo with less chemicals? Is it good for adults also? :-) :-)

  25. Kate Says:

    There are a number of “bad” ingredients that you have not listed here, such as “cones”, (like dimethicone) which are synthetic, and derived from silica using petrochemicals. Also “fragrance” ,which could be any number of 5000 different chemicals, none of which have to be listed on the label.

    I’m not sure I agree with some of the natural products that you say should be avoided. Unless a person has allergy issues with that particular ingredient, how does avocado for example, which is rich in natural oils and incredibly moisterising, possibly harm your hair or scalp? I would choose avocado over a man-made synthetic ingredient, any day.

    Also, perhaps you could mention that surfactants, which make the product foam, strip oil from the hair. Our hair then over-produces oil to make up for the oil that has been stripped away.

    WHen people change over to an all-natural product (as in, those that are genuinely all-natural, NOT those who say they are natural on the front, but are really not) they think the all-natural product doesn’t work because their hair still feels oily. It’s not that the all-natural product doesn’t work, it’s just that their hair is used to over-producing oil. It can take a couple of months for oil production to settle down to normal levels.

    And one more thing…scientists have proven that ingredients in our personal care products do absorb into the bloodstream, they CAN end up in our vital organs, and they do cross the placenta into unborn children. Think very carefully about what you use on your body. If you wouldn’t eat it, then you shouldn’t be using it on your skin…

  26. pitbullchick Says:

    i found a shampoo that doesnt have any harsh chemical like sls or cocamide. its burts bees baby line,baby bee shampoo n wash. and also paul mitchell smoothing super skinny. shampoo.

  27. tw Says:

    Something that many people are not aware of… Formaldehyde is the chemical used to embalm dead bodies. It is also used in many consumer products as a preservative and called various names that are formaldehyde releases. I’ve had a problem for years trying to find products “without”. An allergy occurs due to frequent or prolonged exposure to these chemicals; quaternium, polyquaternium, imidiazoldynl, diazoldynal, DMDM hydantoin & Methylchloroisothiazolinone abbreviated(MCI/MI) . It doesnt matter whether it’s in makeup that stays on the skin or in products that are sinsed off, such as hair products to hand soap. The reaction will cause irritation around my eyes. Dry, flakey, itchy and even red, as if i have pink eyeshadow on. You’d be surprised what you can learn by doing a google search on formaldehyde.
    I’m finely having a little better luck finding makeup without it, but still have a hard time finding shampoo and conditioner without it.

  28. Ria Says:

    In the list of ingredients to stay away from one is Sage, but then you say before that that you buy Back To Basics Citrus Clarifying Sage Shampoo? Which is correct?

  29. syndrome666 Says:

    Personally I’d stay away from shampoos with a ton of ingredients, half of which are chemicals, i.e. Tresseme, Garnier Fructise, Pantene, Pert plus, etc. Surprisingly Aussie seems to work for me fairly well, JASON is another superb brand which is made from mainly natural ingrediants and contains none of the “extreme” detergents. As someone mentioned, no one shampoo/conditioner is good to use forever. pH levels are really what may cause scalp irritation, detergents may promote the irritation, but there really isn’t any full evidence that they in fact do cause irritation. I just switched to Aussie volume and all dandruff and itchiness went away after the first shower. Others claim Aussie’s horrible for their scalp. Again as I said before, no one shampoo/conditioner brand will fix the problem, your scalp will eventually adapt to the pH levels of the shampoo brand along with its chemical composition and do absolutely nothing for you, so switching off between some of the less harsher formulated shampoos/conditioners is recommended every other week or whatever works for you, but do not use the same thing for months and months until you start to notice how inneffective it is becoming. Paul Mitchel did wonders for me at first, but after a few months, dandruff and itchiness returned, tried tresseme, seemed to have fixed the problem, same thing happened after a few months, Switched to Fructis, didn’t do anything, guess it’s chemical composition is similar to Tresseme’s, Pantene was even worse after someone recommended that, VO5 was horrible, Head and Shoulders again after giving up on it for years, did not help at all. Tried a more natural approach, JASON shampoo/conditioner, now that one did the trick, dandruff begone, but my curiosity didn’t stop there, since they proudly support the no Lauryl Sulfate idea, I started looking at ingredients of shampoos that do not contain it, and Aussie happened to be another one that didn’t, although it does contain some other chemicals that I’m not sure about, but it certainly does contain only about half of the chemicals listed on Fructis’s, Pantene’s, and Tresseme’s shampoos/conditioners, so maybe Aussie is a bit gentler to the scalp? don’t know much about chemistry, but what I assume is that its pH level must be under a 7-14 which makes it more of a basic consistency, usually acidic stuff causes or promotes irritation to sensitive skin, but again I’m not a good reference to go by, just giving some suggestions from my personal experience. Oh and the natural ingredients can’t really harm you, don’t know where this info on them being “bad” came from. Both Aussie and JASON contain a good portion of some of those natural ingredients.

  30. syndrome666 Says:

    **correction** meant to say …”pH level must be between 7 to 14″

  31. priya2907 Says:

    can someone tell me about the bodyshop Banana Shampoo…….

  32. Paulo Says:

    pH of shampoo should be around 5.5, the same of hair and skin.
    Stick to mostly organic and natural products, as most as possible.

    Look for some at
    Look how to make natural shampoo at home at

  33. anonymous Says:

    i should advise wen good for all hair types

  34. Arielle Says:

    I’m just wondering where you got your information that the essential oils you listed for the hair were bad, I’ve been to numerous sites and all but yours says that they have a good effect on the hair, i’m not sure exacly what you ment by those things, like if you ment essential oils or what. I know that avacado is excellent for moisture and peppermint can help the blood flow in your scal and stimulate hair grows, you should take a look at this site she lists all the ingreditents and if their bad or good, I just feel like your giving some misleading information that’s all.

  35. Jeni - Savvy Skin Says:

    Thanks for telling me about that Tightly Curly site. That site actually says mostly the same thing about the ingredients as I do – peppermint can be irritating to the scalp, for example.

  36. hattie Says:

    Is heads and shoulders ok? i started using it about amonth ago evry couple of day and it good rid of my dandruf but my hair feels dry and my scalp is itchy. can you reccomend another anti-dandruf shampoo for me please? i have long hair thick hair down to my waist. I need help!

  37. Ashlee Says:

    I have tried lots of shampoos and they all do the same! My hair frizzes and scalp is itchy. But recently I started using Baby shampoo instead, seems pretty good at the moment Also at least once to twice a week I use a home made shampoo with about 4 teaspoons of castile soap, 1 cup of water that I soaked rosemary leaves, crushed lavender and nettle leaves in (obviously strain the herbs out first!) some jojoba oil and some rose essential oil. It’s more of a rinse really but leaves it really soft and smells awesome! It feels a little soapy after it dries but personally I don’t mind! Hope that helps

  38. Cindy Says:

    I tried baking soda and water.1 cup water and 1 tablespoon baking soda for a hair wash.Shake bottle before using.Makes enough for one usage.Hair rince is 1 cup of water and 1 cup of apple sider vinagar.It’s all natural.The vinagar is not as strong as white vinagar and does not burn scalp like white vinagar.Web site has lots of things to try also.Shampoos,con,making your own loations ect.I did try making my own shamoo from this site and it was costly$40 to buy all my ingred.and my dauter who is 24 did not like it.Plus the shampoo has to be refridgerated.

  39. Al Says:

    I’ve been suffering from hair loss, so much that im getting bald. as a teenager i used to have pretty thick hair, im only 21 and have very thin hair and feel that im balding. its embarrasing and diffucult to cope up with. sometimes i spend hours crying after washing my hair with shampoo. i tried pantene to jhonsons baby to sunsilk, no improvement. Please help me I do not want to go bald.

  40. ho Says:

    I’ve been suffering from hair loss, so much that im getting bald. as a teenager i used to have pretty thick hair, im only 21 and have very thin hair and feel that im balding. its embarrasing and diffucult to cope up with. sometimes i spend hours crying after washing my hair with shampoo. i tried pantene to jhonsons baby to sunsilk, no improvement. Please help me I do not want to go bald.

  41. Erika Says:

    White vinegar and apple cider vinegar are both 5% acetic acid. One tastes less vinegary than the other, but one is not stronger than the other.

    Just because something is natural does not make it good for you. Mother Nature is very good at making things that can harm you. The reason tea tree oil and peppermint oil, etc. are not recommended is that they can really irritate the scalp.

  42. Mario Says:

    fine. I will use only plain water only then.

  43. Sofia S. Says:

    @ Al:

    I can only imagine how awful it would feel to have your hair thin at such a young age. Please see a good dermatologist or other doctor that can help you with this problem. A good doctor can help identify the causes for your hair loss and discuss where to go from there. Hair products you buy on your own can only do so much and most likely will not truly provide a solution to hair loss. Hope you make an appointment soon! Good luck! =)

  44. Jessamyn Says:

    Okay, i have been researching all the chemicals in different shampoos and which ones to stay away from. Well for the longest time, I’ve been using V05; after reading this article I went to look at the ingredients in that bottle of shampoo. I found out that its mostly made out of water and sodium laureth sulfate. My hair used to be really frizzy and dry when I was using Pert so I then switched to Vo5 thinking that this might be better. Well now my hair tends to get very oily and just…disgusting. I’m trying to figure out which non-expensive shampoos to switch too that might be healthier, Any ideas?

  45. Nancy Says:

    I have been doing research and I have seen positive comments for this website
    Aubrey Organics shampoos no sulfate and all that bad stuff ingredients and I am going to try it but I saw one ingredient I didn’t like and it had ( balm mint ) because this website listed as balm mint ingredients to avoid? So would be okay if I still use the shampoo by this just one bad ingredient because it is sulfate free and no sodium as well

    write back soon please thanks :)

  46. Vick Says:

    Shampoo ingredients like so many other products that we humans use on ourself and our pets are near impossible to pronounce and makes me wonder: why and what for.
    If I am to be total honest I recall in my youth using bar soap to wash my hair. My second love embarrassed me or better yet shamed me into “thinking about what you put in an on your body” I immediately noticed a difference to the quality of my thick as a rug hair. I also noticed that if I changed shampoo’s between washing that my hair responded much better than if I used just one product. She, BTW used only Johnson’s baby shampoo. She too had find blonde hair where I had thick dark wavy hair.
    I passed the age where men start losing their hair and figured that I was good for life with thick full head of hair. I was however turning silver/white early on. ( my first white hair appearing at around 11 yo when I started plucking them out until a girl told me how “distinguished” I looked.
    To say: ” to make a long story shor t” at this point in my story is funny because it is already a long story but my main point is about the SLA “lauryl” in any form ingrediant. I read that it is a major contributor to thining hair and losing hair. When I started looking for a hair product that didn’t have it I couldn’t find one; even Johnsons baby shampoo has some ( in a way surprising me because on some sites it talks about it burning the eye’s and being a major irritant to most people.
    The whoa factor. Last week I was looking for a “green” safe product to control bugs on my eatable plants. “Sodium Lauryl Sulfate” is that main ingrediant in “green” bug killers.
    Who would/could know that if not for sites like this and a few others that I have found that made me realize that I don’t need nor want bug killer on my head.

    PS I did find a store brand of baby shampoo that has no version of lauryl anything in it.

    If anyone knows of other shamppo’s by name that leaves that bug killing stuff out let us know!

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