A New Way To Shape Eyebrows

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eyebrow shapingEyebrow shaping is something I’ve become obsessed with because it’s amazing how much better perfectly shaped eyebrows can make you look! Ever since I lost my perfect eyebrows and they become thin and patchy, I’ve been searching for new ways to make them look better. Since eyebrow waxing may have been what damaged my brows, I gave up waxing and only do minimal plucking.

Eyebrow planing – a new way to shape eyebrows
I read about eyebrow planing last year, and it seemed like a great thing to try because it removes stray eyebrow hairs without the possibility of permanently damaging hair follicles, which can happen from waxing, tweezing and threading. Eyebrow planing is basically a fancy razor! I know it sounds crazy, but I used to use shaving razors to clean up peach fuzz above my eyebrows, because I hate how makeup and sunscreen looks when it sticks to the peach fuzz. Obviously regular razors are big and bulky to use around eyebrows so they aren’t ideal to shape eyebrows.

I bought a Precision Brow Planer from Christi Harris, which is a little tool that is sort of like a men’s straight razor. You hold it flush with your skin and shave away excess eyebrow hairs to create sculpted brows. When I bought the tool, it came by itself and it was pretty inexpensive (like $12 for two), but now she apparently only sells it with an eyebrow makeup kit, so it costs a lot more. On her site, she has a little video that shows you how to shape eyebrows by brow planing. Since the planer just shaves away hair, you aren’t permanently damaging the hair follicles. But the hair will grow back faster than if you had waxed or tweezed.

I hardly have any stray hairs anymore, so I mostly use the brow planer to get rid of peach fuzz. It works pretty well to remove hair, but it’s hard to maneuver to perfectly shape your brows, although I’m sure some people would be better at it than me. I also find it a bit bulky to get under my brows as well as I’d like. It can also chafe your skin, and it’s sharp, so you need to go slow and plane carefully. The brow planer can also be used on peach fuzz on your upper lip, so that’s an added bonus! I’m sure it would also work for any excess facial hair.

Ardell Trim & Shape Grooming Tool
Right after I bought the Christi Harris planer, I saw a $3 version at CVS! I haven’t tried it, but it looks very similar. I think this Ardell Trim & Shape is the same one I saw, but it’s hard to tell from the picture. At that price, it’s definitely worth trying once to see what you think. Also check out your local drugstore to see if they sell similar eyebrow shaping tools. If you have unruly eyebrows, I think getting them professionally waxed, plucked, or threaded is still the way to go, but just remember you may never see those excess hairs again, so make sure the person doesn’t overdo it! If you are like me and don’t have enough hairs left to work with, try the eyebrow planing to shape your eyebrows!

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4 Responses to “A New Way To Shape Eyebrows”

  1. Mischo Beauty Says:

    Great post! Lots of makeup artists keep tools similar to the two you described above in their kits for quick touch-ups. They’re very easy to use with practice.

  2. Bette Says:

    I will have to look for that Ardell tool – I want to try it now!

  3. clzzt Says:

    The Ardell or other tools you get at CVS are nothing like the Christi Harris planer. Those tools are too short, the wrong blade, to light and with no special tip to remove hair under the eyebrow. After purchasing Christi’s eyebrow planing kit, I have certainly become one of her biggest fans sure. But, I too purchased the cheap version just to make sure, and it was not the same experience. Don’t waste your money on the cheap imitation.

  4. Jeni - Savvy Skin Says:

    As an update to this post, I was at Ulta today and picked up some Eyebrow Shapers by Sally Hansen. They were $3 for a pack of 3. The shapers are a lot smaller than the Christi Harris ones, but I like them because they are more precise. The actual blade part seemed exactly the same to me – it was just smaller.

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