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skin care everyoneI have a confession to make…Even though I started my blog a few months ago, I’ve been researching skin care for years. However, I’ve been self-centered in my research and in the past have only looked for information about what pertains to me. So I’ve focused on skin care for light skin, spending most of my time reading up on acne, wrinkles, anti-aging and hair loss. No matter what your skin type or skin color is, you will probably face many of the same concerns as everyone else. However, dark and light skin types sometimes need to be treated differently due to issues like hyperpigmentation, hypopigmentation, or scarring that effect dark vs light skin tones in unique ways. I am now making a conscious effort to learn more about how to treat all skin tones effectively.

Fitzpatrick Classification Scale
In the Medical Spa I worked at, we would have our clients fill out a questionnaire to determine their skin tone, so that their laser treatments could be tailored more precisely to give optimal results. The Fitzpatrick Classification Scale is a standard scale used by many Medical Spas and Dermatologists to determine what skin tone-specific issues the person may have. For reference, I’m a Skin Type III, which means I am fair-complected, sometimes burn, but tan easily.

The Skin Type Solution
Leslie Baumann, M.D. (a Florida-based Dermatologist) has written an excellent book called “The Skin Type Solution,” which is based on the idea that there are 16 different common skin types. The book is fun to read because you get to pinpoint exactly what type of skin you have once and for all! She then makes product and treatment recommendations for your skin type, giving additional advice based on your skin’s specific issues. Also included are stories about Dr. Baumann’s clients, and skin typing of celebrities.

The book breaks down your skin types as either:
Oily vs Dry
Sensitive vs Resistant
Pigmented vs Non-Pigmented
Wrinkled vs Tight

From those choices, you are left with 16 different skin types. I read the whole book, because I wanted to make sure I picked the exact right skin type, but you can also just skip to your chapter after you take the quiz. I came out with the worst possible skin type – Dry, Sensitive, Pigmented, Wrinkled. But the good thing is that no matter how challenging your skin issues, there are ways to resolve them. Your skin type can also change as you get older, as the weather changes, or as you move to different climates. Before moving to the desert, I was Oily, Sensitive Pigmented, Wrinkled. Oh boy. Definitely check out this book if you are having issues with your skin! This book is for everyone that cares about their skin! Finally, I wrote a review of CeraVe vs Cetaphil, two popular face cleansers that are popular with all skin types.

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3 Responses to “Skin Care For Everyone”

  1. SageRave Says:

    I have seen this book mentioned elsewhere and have it on my wish list. Since I love dabbling in hand made skincare items and mineral make up, I love having books like this around for reference purposes, especially when ladies need advice.

    One can never have too many resources!

  2. Johnka Says:

    I visited your blog for the first time today! I like the way you are addressing different skin issues and how it affects various skin types. I personally learned a lot form your posts! I personally have a blog about skin care but mine is more focused on natural skin treatment (here it is if you are interested in checking it out I would love to see you write something about natural solutions because you seem very knowledgeable and might have a lot more sources. I will defiantly add you to my blog roll! Thanks for great articles!

  3. Carly Says:

    This is a really good book! I like how she breaks down everything by skin types, so you can really get a customized approach.

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