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skinny fat girlI’ve decided I’m a skinny fat person. I had never heard this term, until recently, when it was used to describe Mischa Barton, but I think it applies to me too. Essentially a skinny fat person is someone that is of normal weight, or even a bit underweight, but they are “fat” because they have a high percentage of fat for their weight. So while their weight may be envious to others, they may not actually be that healthy. A skinny fat person doesn’t have a lot of muscle tone, and since muscle weighs more than fat, that could also explain how someone can have a lower weight than someone of the same height that does have a lot of muscle. I’ve always been at a normal weight, and assumed if I wasn’t overweight that I was healthy, but now I know that’s not necessarily the case. Even though I haven’t had an actual body fat test, I just don’t feel that healthy.

My problem is pretty simple – I don’t work out enough. When I worked at the Medical Spa, I was so exhausted from standing all day that I went to the gym once the entire time I worked there! I told myself standing was exercise, but I knew I was kidding myself. Now I’ve been going to the gym more, and usually just lift weights when I go. That helps with building muscle, but I’m missing the other key to exercise – cardio!!! I did 45 minutes of fast walking on the treadmill yesterday, and my goal is to do weights and as much cardio as I can. I just need to stop being lazy!! I want to see what a difference I can make if I actually stick to a good exercise plan.

I also have really high cholesterol. UGH! I try to eat well, and know what I “should” eat, but since I don’t cook, that makes it challenging. I am curious if I start doing cardio every day if that will help with my ridiculous cellulite issue. Or is losing weight the only way I will get rid of the cellulite? I’ll keep you posted! Update, read my Gowear Fit review, which is about a calorie counting device to help you lose weight.

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4 Responses to “Skinny Fat”

  1. prettybeautiful Says:

    I need to shed some pounds too. :( I try to eat healthily, i do exercise a little, yet my weight is just sky rocketing!!! :( HOWWWWWWWWWWWWW

  2. Desiree Says:

    alot of times when you exercise and eat right you dont lose weight because your at a plateau. Or you may be starving your body. If thats the case mix it up. Indulge in something you have been keeping from yourself and let your body know that it isnt starving and to quit storing the food. just dont over-indulge. alot of people have a problem with a plateau effect and just need to keep mixing up the types of healthy food you eat and the exercise you do. good luck!

  3. carolina Says:

    Come on! You don’t cook! Grow up and learn a few simple dishes to do in your own kitchen. You will save money and eat MUCH better!.

  4. wnar Says:

    you should always try dancing

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