The Truth About Beauty

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truth about beautyA lot of people have asked me about organic or “natural” cosmetics and skin care products, and if they are better than regular products. Because my main skin care concerns are to prevent acne and wrinkles, I look for ingredients to successfully achieve those goals, and I haven’t happened to try any organic products yet. I haven’t tried many all natural products either, because most products labeled “natural” or “mineral” still have chemicals in them.

The Truth About Beauty
I’ve read a ton of skin care books, and they are mostly pretty similiar in how they approach skin care. The book “The Truth About Beauty” is quite different though, and offers a unique perspective on beauty. I read the original version in 2003 when it came out, and I just picked up the new fully-updated version, but haven’t read it yet. Since it’s been four years since I read the book, I forget all the details, which is why I’m excited to read the new version. It’s written by Kat James, who was a makeup artist in the late 1980s. She struggled with her weight and led an extremely unhealthy lifestyle that included binge eating. After a health scare, she started researching healthy eating and living, and was able to transform her body and her skin, and judging by her before and after pictures in the book, she completely turned back the clock fifteen years!

“The Truth About Beauty” takes a holistic and whole-body approach to achieving beautiful skin, and it’s similiar to my Anti-Aging Skin Care Checklist, although I’m sure Kat is anti-Botox! Kat does not recommend the usual ingredients to fight wrinkles and acne (hydroxy acids, benzoyl peroxide, and she’s against mineral oil as a moisturizing ingredients. I happen to use all of these ingredients). I follow the more traditional skin care approaches that Dr. Perricone, Dr. Murad, and Paula Begoun, for example, teach, but I also take what I can from Kat James, and her natural approach to beauty. She recommends installing a chlorine shower filter, for example, which I did end up doing.

Even though I may not personally follow or believe everything Kat says, I still highly recommend this book (based on the 2003 version), and hope that the 2008 version is just as good. I may not buy all the organic products Kat recommends, but this book is still valuable to read, not just to help you improve your skin, but to improve your body as a whole.

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2 Responses to “The Truth About Beauty”

  1. Carly Says:

    This is a good book! I’m all about using more natural skin care and hair products, and eating better and the book has a lot of interesting tips I hadn’t read before.

  2. Coffee Says:

    It’s an interesting book.

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