Top 10 Signs You’re A Beauty Junkie

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beauty junkieHere is my attempt at some humor… If you have any “signs that you’re a beauty junkie” you’d like to add, leave me a comment with your idea/joke. If I get enough responses, I will make a separate post with people’s responses, with a corresponding link to their site.

Top 10 Signs You’re A Beauty Junkie

10) Your dog’s name is MAC and your cat’s name is Sephora.

9) When they see you coming, girls at the cosmetics counter climb over each other so that they can be the one to give you the all best, most coveted, free samples. They know you’ll make their quota for the month.

8) You have a panic attack when you drop your lipgloss at the movies and it rolls away, even though you have 8 more glosses in your purse.

7) You need to buy a bigger house because your beauty products need their own wing.

6) You have a t-shirt that says Botox in rhinestones, and another that says Restylane. Oh wait, that’s me, but I swear I only wore it to work at the med spa!

5) After you leave Sephora, customers start complaining that half the products in the store are out of stock.

4) You’ve been seeing your Cosmetic Dermatologist for only a few years, but thanks to you, he is now set for life, and he retires.

3) It’s the third week in January, and you’ve already used all your sick days for the year due to “bad hair days.”

2) Dr. Phil calls and wants to do a show about crazed women obsessed with beauty products. You agree to go on the show if you can plug your beauty blog.

1) Your family and friends urge you to go on a mystery reality show, and later find out you’re on “Intervention” for being a beauty junkie.

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19 Responses to “Top 10 Signs You’re A Beauty Junkie”

  1. Carleenp Says:

    If you collect anymore lip balm, you will have to register with the government as a petroleum storage facility.

  2. Christine Says:

    You see a brand new launch at the counter, and you wonder why you didn’t know about it — and then you realize it’s because you already have the collection in advance.

  3. Elke Says:

    1. You can tell what brand someone is wearing just by looking at their face.
    2. You refer to regular colors as ‘makeup’ names.. as in that red jacket is “russian red”, not just red.
    3. You look at someone’s makeup at realize that lipstick you’re seeing is just like the one J.Low or Nicole Ritchie is wearing……
    4. You need one of those office plastic file cabinets thingies on wheels like Staples has to store your makeup. And yes, I’m quilty of that one! ;)


  4. Susan in Houston Says:

    Love the look & content here!

  5. Daneen :) Says:

    I have one…

    When your bag gets stolen while backpacking in Europe, the item you miss the most isn’t your cash, camera, or passport…it’s your limited-edition MAC cheek/lip stain. (True Story!)

    I wanna win the MAC beauty booty – so I’m saying “hello.” Take care and keep up the great work!

  6. Sarah Says:

    You’ve got more eyeshadow pigments than you could use in a lifetime, so you start wondering what would happen if you mixed it with a clear coat of paint, and applied it to your walls.

  7. Karen Says:

    […]Savvy Skin – Top 10 Signs You’re A Beauty Junkie[…]

  8. Girlfriend Says:

    You start talking in “beautyspeak”, i.e. “can’t wait for the Fall colorstory”. People look at you like you’re nuts!

  9. Sex and the South Says:

    First Edition of the SheBlogs Carnival…

    Normally I would write in my own little blurb for each submission and introduce the blogger, unfortunately, I never did get around to doing it; there are a lot of submissions! I did, however, go to each blog that participated in this premiere debut as …

  10. Julie Says:

    Ohh god I sooo totally relate to the losing a lipgloss and freaking even though you own like 8 others that are totally reasonable substitutes!

    HA! Thanks for posting this to Coutorture It. Made my morning!

  11. Lara Says:

    1) You want to apply for a new credit card (even though you have three others with unpaid balances) just so you can go to Sephora nad buy more stuff.
    2) When you look for a new house or apartment, the most important thing is the size of the bathroom. (guilty!)
    3) You hate lending anything from your makeup bag to anybody who doesn’t realize just how precious your Yes Saint Laurent Touche Eclat is, and treats it like an old regular Cover Girl concealer!
    4) You buy Chanel nail polish even though you rarely use it, just so you can put it on your shelf and make it look pretty. (guilty too!)

  12. AMPlifier Says:

    You order a new lipgloss from Clinique online (Superbalm in Ginger). It comes in the mail, you wear it once or twice, then it is relegated to the beauty bucket (aka “makeup graveyard”) under your bathroom sink. Two weeks later, you’re at the Clinique counter at Lord & Taylor, trying to figure out which gloss to purchase with your eye cream so that you can qualify for the free gift (like you need any more makeup). Later, while poring over your new beauty loot at home, you realize the gloss you just purchased at the store is none other than – yep, Superbalm in Ginger.

    True story.

  13. Double U clothing Says:

    She is funny

  14. Pretty Me Pink Says:

    LOL!!! recognise some of these ‘symptoms’

    Number 11: When you know about next seasons blusher range for MAC before their own staff do

  15. Anu Malhi Says:

    So true and funny at the same time! Deffo relate to number 7: i would love a whole wing just dedicated to makeup products and shoes and handbags and lipsticks, the list goes on

  16. Aiko Says:

    She is so funny!
    She doesn’t look so sexy.

  17. Jen Says:

    You can tell what shampoo someone used by sniffing them. :) Done that.

  18. Cherrie Says:

    Every time you see a new brand or anything new you always try it and buy it you end up with tons of beauty products you rarely use. This happens to me all the time. I have so many products like id buy 1 complete set of Mary Kay make up today but i only use it once, then the next day I see a new brand like Etude house Korean BB Cream then I go over shopping again….and so on. hahaha :)

  19. Rozina Says:

    Hilarious and so true! Loved the Doctor Phil part! It’s scary how many of those options I can tick off!!!

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