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I’m so used to seeing beauty/skin care products with super expensive price tags, that I sometimes forget that few people would actually pay $100 for a jar of moisturizer. The most I ever paid for a skin care item was about $100 for something by Dr. Perricone. It was a total waste of money, because the product did nothing. After that I’ve become much more frugal with my purchases, although I would still pay $100, or even $500, if a product really did make my all wrinkles go away!! I used to purchase $50 moisturizers all the time, without thinking anything about the price.

I was initially alarmed when I went into Walgreens last week and saw that several moisturizers and skin creams were locked up! These are not “expensive” items, and nothing in the cage was more than $20 or so. But then I realized that almost every beauty product I now use costs less than $20, and $20 is a lot to me, as it probably is to a lot of people. So maybe it’s not crazy that Walgreens is locking up their most expensive items.

In the past several years Coach purses and Tiffany jewelry and Dior sunglasses have become so mainstream, that spending $500 on these items seems “normal” and not extravagant at all. So seeing Walgreens telling me that $20 is a lot to spend on moisturizer was sort of a reality check. What’s the most that you would spend on skin care products?

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6 Responses to “What Is Expensive?”

  1. Kim Says:

    $50, but only if I see results. BTW, I just found your blog, and I really enjoy it!

  2. Marina P Says:

    I’ve been spending $80 on HydroPeptide. I was lucky because I got it as a gift from my son. I feel in love and just about fainted when I saw the price tag. I love the stuff now and wouldn’t buy anthing else.

  3. Betsey Says:

    I just spent $199.00 on a set of three skin treatments at Isomers. This is def. the most that I have ever spent on anything skincare related – and I feel somewhat guilty! I have to keep Hubby from seeing the credit card statement, or he will freak – and I will never hear the end of it!

    This line of products (Isomers) is supposed to be one of the best for “aging” skin types, and I did do my research on it, and several others, before settling on it. I just hope the stuff is worth it!

  4. Stacy K Says:

    I think $50 is my max! The Shisedo one was a lot! I guess if I get more cream for my money the better I feel!

  5. talia Says:

    I don’t have a max really, I have been known to spend over $100 on lip treatments, but then again I kinda have to for my lipstick blog. If I don’t buy the products I can’t review them right? But that doesn’t mean I don’t like a deal because I do. If a product is cheap and effective then I like it more than the expensive lip treatments :) And that’s why I have a sale section on my blog too where gals like me can find current online sales. Who am I kidding I find them for me and me alone!! lol!

  6. Carleen Pruess Says:

    I have a few favorite treatment products (for melasma) that run in the $60-70 range and I use prescription Renova, which is around $120, but lasts for half a year. I also adore creme de la mer. It is over $100, but I don’t slather it on. I use it as an eye creme and on on any particularly dry patches that I get. So I can make an ounce last a year. My current favorite everyday moisturize is Purpose, which I think is around $7! Basically, if I can get it cheap, I do, but if I love it, I’ll pay for it!

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