Why My Hair Is Now A Frizzy Mess!

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frizzy hairMy hair is a horrible frizzy mess and it looks like a rat’s nest! It’s been like this for the last week, and it may not get better. My favorite hair conditioner changed its formula! I used to have thick, curly hair, and now I have thin, curly hair, which has looked extremely frizzy for most of my life. For the last four years or so, I had finally found a product that almost cured my hair, and made it appear somewhat “normal.” I found Healthy Sexy Hair’s Soy Milk Conditioner. This conditioner worked so much better than the hundred or so conditioners I have used in my lifetime. It was literally the only conditioner that made my hair look better! I’m very happy with my Mop Leave-In Conditioner, which I also use daily. At least that’s still around – for now…

Why do companies change product formulas?
Remember when I wrote about my product discontinuation paranoia? I guess I jinxed myself by not including the conditioner in that list. I had a giant bottle of the conditioner that ran out last week, and when I went to Ulta to get more of it and noticed it now had new packaging, I got worried. The ingredients have changed, and now the conditioner is not as thick, and it now works like every other conditioner on my hair – horribly. The scent is the same. Why did they have to change the ingredients? This conditioner used to get rave reviews on Makeupalley.com, and now, of course, the reviews are sucking. I can only assume the new conditioner is cheaper to make. No other explanation makes sense.

How to find a product to replace your favorite discontinued product
Now I’m on the sad, daunting task of finding a good conditioner once again. I typed in the first five ingredients of the old conditioner into Google, putting quotes around them. One random conditioner I’ve never heard of contains those five ingredients, in that order, and I will soon be ordering it online. Frederic Fekkai Protein RX Conditioner has the first three same ingredients, and it’s the only conditioner I found that is sold at stores, so I will try that also, even though it’s ridiculously expensive.

If neither of those work, I will soon start researching good conditioners for frizzy, curly hair, and start my 28-year search all over. The only good news to this story is that at least I still have hair to worry about. As bad as my hair looks now, I am still thankful to have hair. Recently, I’ve also tried Living Proof Full Thickening Cream, which wasn’t exactly a miracle for my hair either.

For now, if you have a favorite product that’s been discontinued, my only advice is to type its ingredients into Google, and see if you can find something else that lists the first several ingredients in the same order, or at least near the beginning of the list.

Quick Update
After writing this post, I went back to Ulta and found that Healthy Sexy Hair makes lots of different conditioners, and their Curly Sexy Hair’s ingredients are more similar to my old conditioner, than the re-vamped version. I’ve been using it, and it’s not exactly great, so I’m not real happy. But the point is to first look within the same brand if one of your favorite products gets discontinued. A lot of times companies will make more than one product with the same ingredients, even though the products will be called something totally different.

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16 Responses to “Why My Hair Is Now A Frizzy Mess!”

  1. Dizzy Dee Says:

    Why do they do that so often? Whenever people REALLY like a product, they either discontinue it, or change the ingredients. Crazy I tell you!!!

    I don’t have curly hair, but my hair has been through hell this last year – I had it dyed black for a couple of years, and last year decided to go back to my natural mouse brown colour. My hair has been strippen about 10 times, and had colour reapplied to make it look natural (which it does now finally), but it really damaged my haird.

    Conditioner which worked really well for me is Elvive’s new Nutrigloss Light conditioner (its a pink bottle – http://www.lorealparis.co.uk/minisites/nutriglosslight/) works like magic. I’ve never had conditioner like this. Maybe give it a try – it might just be worth it!

  2. Katie Says:

    I have almost the exact same problem. My hair is a big, frizzy, curly mess. I always had a really hard time finding the right products: when I was a kid, I just used my mom’s volumizing 2-in-1 stuff, then blowdried. And now… I think my hair is the best it’s ever been. I think the main reason why is because I’ve been using the Biolage hydratherapie shampoo, which actually adds moisture. I’ve heard that a lot of people love the hydratherapie conditioners as well: they have a light formula as well as a heavier, leave in formula.

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  4. Jeni - Savvy Skin Says:

    Dizzy Dee,
    Thanks, I will look into that conditioner. If it’s the same product as the ones sold in the US, I am already using that shampoo and really like it. So I’ll look into the conditioner as well.

  5. Jeni - Savvy Skin Says:

    Thanks, I’ll look into the Biolage conditioners.

  6. Miss Gisele B Says:


    I feel your pain.

    Have you tried Aveda conditioners? Also Redken has great porducts to control frizzy.

    You can also try styling produts that work well to manage frizz.

    It’s a pain when companies do that…do they NOT know how difficult it it for us women to manage our hair??? HUMPH!

    Best of luck!


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  9. Marjie Says:

    We have the exact same hair! I used to have tons of curly hair. After hairloss ,thin ,fine curly to wavy hair.
    My favorite conditioner HANDS DOWN,before and after hairloss is Ouidad deep conditioner. I also use a little bit as a leave in conditioner a couple of times a week.
    It adds weight to my now thin hair.Still, I am soooo grateful I have some to condition!!!!

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  12. lovy Says:

    Jeni, i just learned that hair product that usually can control frizziness, can also contributing to acne (assuming have long hair or hair that sometimes covered our face). I have long hair which many times touches my face (by wind etc). Do you know any hair product that can control frizziness but not contributing to acne?

  13. Charlotte Says:

    Jeni ~ Check out http://www.naturallycurly.com for tons of tips and support (if you happen to need the latter like the rest of us curly girls, heh) for your curly hair. Lots of product reviews, salons, advice, etc. on the site. It’s a great site for curly girls, and I frequent it almost daily. It’s helped me soooo much in taming my own curls :)

  14. Jeni - Savvy Skin Says:

    Thanks! I remember seeing that site and thinking I didn’t need to pay too much attention to it since I had finally gotten my hair under control. But now I’ll check it out again!

  15. mehmet Says:

    do they NOT know how difficult it it for us women to manage our hair???

  16. Sabino Says:

    I see it also as a stylist. The reason? When products are not moving in their lines companies either discontinue or replace the product. Individuals will love a certain product because it works so well for their hair type but unfortunately big companies are being bought up by bigger companies and they look at the bottom line, how is this product doing? If not well, they have other products that can take that slot.

    L’Oreal is known for this especially. They are one of the few product companies left that teat on animals. Also, they are buying everything and everyone up. Eventually their goal is to take over salon and consumer distribution and sales, they are one menacing company.

    We have a small company named Sabino Hair Solutions. We are the only company to come out with the first waterproof product for hair. It out performs any product out there for frizzy and straight hair. L’Oreal bought out a distributor named Malys that handled CA for us and Malys was forced to drop us because we were too small on their books. These big companies could care less about the quality of product or how well it works … the bottom line rules all, unfortunately.

    Check out these links:






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