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ThermaClearHere’s your chance to win a free ThermaClear, the zit zapping tool that has been getting rave reviews, and retails for $150 at Sephora. Therative, the makers of ThermaClear asked me if I wanted to test out a ThermaClear, but now that I don’t really get acne anymore, I thought a better choice would be to allow one of my readers to win this tool instead!

The ThermaClear works on mild to moderate inflammatory acne, usually characterized by red pimples or bumps. ThermaClear is not intended for use on blackheads, whiteheads, or cystic acne. The device works by sending heat to the source of the pimple, and it can make the pimple go away up to four times faster. I personally have not tested the ThermaClear, but have read a lot of good reviews about it, and a lot of my fellow beauty bloggers swear by their ThermaClear.

Win a ThermaClear from Savvy Skin!
The contest starts today and ends Friday, April 18th. To enter, just write a comment to this post telling us your worst pimple story, and include your name and email address (which will not be visible to viewers). As you know, my worst pimple story includes having acne all through high school, and then suffering from it for several years in my late 20s! My persistent acne is what caused me to make a whole website devoted to skin care! The ThermaClear winner will be chosen at random, and will be notified by email after April 18th.

edit: please note that the contest is now closed and the winner has received their ThermaClear.

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95 Responses to “Win A ThermaClear!”

  1. Lauren L Says:

    Oh acne! I’ve always struggled with my skin, but my most embarrasing story comes from my freshman year of college. There was a particulalry large and painful pimple on my chin, which I should have definitely popped pre-date. However, I was trying to refrain from picking because the scars are so hard to get rid of. I thought covering it up would get me through the night, however while we were eating at the restaurant, I accidentally bumped the rim of the cup against my chin and the impact popped my pimple on the spot! It was definitely painful and my date definitely noticed because he kind of motioned to let me know that I had something on my chin that should be removed ASAP. Yeah, definitely didn’t go on another date with him. I would definitely love a ThermaClear though to avoid all such future situations!

  2. Maria Kydonieus Says:

    My pimple woes began in my early thirties. Now, at 45, I get these zits on my chin – they fade in about a week, but t’s not good in my line of work (cleaning). I’ve probably scared some clients. HELP!

  3. Sarah Says:

    I guess my worst acne story would just be the fact that I started getting pimples when I was 11 or 12 and thought that at least that way I’d stop getting them before other people. And yet…I’m about to turn 25 and I still have moderately bad acne! I’m talking like, regular occurrences of pimples every day, PLUS discoloration from ones that are already gone. And I even take great care of my skin! I use good products that aren’t too harsh and drying, I wash my face twice a day, I try tons of different products too. I’ve been seriously considering buying a thermaclear (after doing research on both the thermaclear and the zeno I think the thermaclear meets my conditions best), but I really can’t afford it.

    Anyway, I had pimples through my entire teenage years and still have them and I don’t know if I’ll ever really get over the utter suck of having bad skin just when I wanted to look nice the most, but I still have hope that someday this will be over.

    And thanks for your blog! I’m always reading it and your information is really helpful.

  4. LKG Says:

    Every time I get stressed I get cystic acne along my jaw line and on my neck. I go through a ridiculous amount of concealer and am in a constant state of embarrassment about it.

  5. Steph Kajpust Says:

    I had acne from middle school till now (I’m 24!). My worst story involves my dad… every time I had acne, my dad (clueless or something) would comment on it, asking if I cut myself or if I hit myself or something. It was SO embarrassing to tell him no, it’s just a pimple. And he NEVER got the clue! He STILL does it to me, pointing them out all the time.

  6. Isabel Says:

    I’m a senior in high school n i have pimples since 4 yrs..i try to cover it with makeup, but it doesn’t work..i would love to have one of these (if it really zaps pimples =])…I have tried soooooo many different products and none of them barely work..all I’m doin is wasting money that I can invest elsewhere..I reaaaally would like to have something thats good and will get rid of those huge zits..my worst pimple story was for senior pics..my hair was so pretty, but people kept on pointing out all the zits I have…and one time, I got hit on the forehead with a volleyball and people said “whoa! You must have popped all her pimples!”..and I know that the 1st thing people look at are my pimples, I could see their eyes looking at my forehead…Others like joking about it too..but I did not let it bring me down because zits isn’t something that defines who you are

  7. Megan Says:

    My worst acne story — I started getting terrible cystic acne in the 7th grade at age 12. Middle school is an awkward time anyway, made worse by being one of the first in your class to get acne! But here’s the really awful part – I once had acne so bad on my chin that my teacher pulled me out of class to ask me what had happened – she thought the redness and swelling was from someone hitting me! I was so mortified, I wanted to die! Now at 25 I’m still dealing with acne, but with much more tasteful colleagues who don’t draw attention to it…..

  8. Danielle Says:

    My acne was typical teenage stuff and cleared up relatively easily. I thought i was out of the woods then when i was 25 my skin went crazy and i developed painful cystic bumps and lumps all over again. As a makeup artist this was really hard to deal with because i have ppl looking at my face all the time and has involved many tears and much comfort from my fiance. Im also getting married in 8 weeks!
    I have been able to get it somewhat under control with help from this website and other tips i have found through research but still looking for that elusive cure.

  9. Morgan Says:

    Alright here goes! I had really bad acne as a teen, and had to go on Accutane twice. Not fun. HS is hard enough without having to feel embarrassed about your face. But now that I’m older, my skin has calmed down, and now I only get the occasional blemish. I would love to give Thermacare a try and see if it lives up to the hype! Thanks for running a contest, and also for your honest skin-care wisdom.

  10. Laddie Says:

    Help! I’ve been getting pimple at age 30. Sometimes, I woke up with three pimples on my cheek and it’s not very nice to look at because my face look all red and bumpy. I have tried a lot of facial products, sometimes they work but often times, I have to find another product that will take effect on my face!

  11. Aim Says:

    I had horrendous, cystic acne as a teenager and into my 20’s. I was on Accutane once when I was 18, again when I was 21, and a third time when I was 25. I was told nobody had ever (at that time) been on it three times before and they couldn’t predict what side effects it might cause. But I was so embarrassed by my skin I was willing to try anything.

    I grew up in San Diego and wore turtlenecks even in the summer to cover the acne on my back, shoulders, neck. I kept my hair long and never wore it up because I had acne even in my hairline and behind my ears. I discovered the wonders of dermablend concealer early on. Even my prom dress was designed around my acne. I designed my own dress, because everything off the rack was shoulder-baring. I created a velvet dress with a mandarin collar to keep me covered up.

    My worst story was from when I was on Accutane the first time. I hadn’t been warned about sun exposure on it, and this was in the early 90’s so tanning was common. I was lying next to a public pool, slathered in baby oil like we used to do. I got up to use the restroom and felt very sick all of a sudden. I was so sick I decided to go home, and ended up sitting on the side of the road because I was so weak. I must have looked absolutely horrific, as some strangers pulled over in their car and offered to take me to the nearest emergency room. Eventually my roommate came and got me and I went home and went to bed. I had severe heatstroke and was incredibly lucky there wasn’t permanent damage… or worse. All from an acne treatment. And yet I was still willing to go on it 2 more times.

    Every time I was on Accutane, my skin cleared up. However it always got bad again within a couple of years. Now I use a regime that involves salicylic acid and sulfur. I’m allergic to Benzoyl Peroxide (my eyelashes fall out when I use it!!) I’m 35, and I still have breakouts. And a few wrinkles and sun damage to go with it!

  12. Ann Says:

    Augh, acne. I started getting acne at 12 years old because that is when I started puberty and as if crazy hormones weren’t enough, I had to go and get giant bumps on my face. At that time I was living with my grandmother who really didn’t know that I even had acne much less what to do about it. So I relied on my friends. Bad idea! From ages 12 to 16 I did so much to my face. I scratched at my acne, I covered my face in homemade “miracle masks” (cornmeal and onion anyone?) and even once tried getting sunburnt ON PURPOSE in order to even out my skin. Now at 19 (20 in the summer), my acne is still here and I’m really at a loss what to do about it. I’ve tried many over the counter products, natural products, products from TV and even once went to a dermatologist. I’m really just about ready to give up. This is my first time hearing about this product and I wonder if it works or is just empty promises like many other acne “lifesavers”.

  13. Kathryn Says:

    I tried to pop a pimple on the side of my nose once, it got infected, and I ended up with an oozy green and red hole on my face for the next week. It was incredibly painful, and much worse looking than the original pimple had been.

  14. Sherrie Says:

    I’ve had acne since… I was a 7th grader, I’m now a senior in high school..

    I have a whole field of acne on my back… I don’t know why… I’m always out of reach when I try to get rid of them… Not so much on my face… Yeah, it’s embarrassing to have “red dots all over” my face, says my little cousin, but it’s also embarrassing to not being able to wear anything showing my shoulders and back… I do have a good skin everywhere else… Acne’s been with me for soooo long, I’m ready to let go of it.

    I haven’t heard anything about the ThermaClear product, but I’m sure it reaches my back so I can somehow get rid of it w/o scratching it? Anyhow, thanks Jeni for the awesome offer! It’s really nice of you :D

  15. Kathy Frazier Says:

    I had moderate acne from age 14 until I hit my early 40’s. I took antibiotics on and off for years, and I still use a topical antibiotic gel. Now I have mild rosacea! My daughter, who is 15, has mild acne. We would love to have this tool in our battle against acne. Thanks for letting us enter this contest!

  16. Rebecca Says:

    Ugh, acne. I’ve struggled with these pesky little buggers for some times now. Although i’ve found that they can generally be covered up with come good mac foundation, every two weeks or so, I get these ridiculously painful bumps on my face always in the same place…on my chin, on the left side of my nose, or right in the middle of my forehead…and no amount of concealer with cover the painful mound…at least not without making it look lik I have a cakey molehill on my face. The Thermaclear sounds like it might help me as it treats bumps and those are what i’m dealing with!

    Thanks for making this give away avaialbe! I definitely love reading your blog!

  17. Natasha Says:

    It started when I was young. In grade six my mom said that I had red spots on my face that spread like wildfire. I had no idea what to do about it at the time. I think I might have gotten it from my father’s side as my mom never had any breakouts. Back then I ended up doing the worst things possible for my skin like spending half an hour walking home from school at times when the UV index is at one of its highest points, not using moisturizer as I had oily skin, and trying to cover my forehead and cheeks with strands of hair. We bought tea tree oil from the body shop in hopes that it would help. It did not work that great but it took away the redness and I started to learn the steps needed in order to take care of skin. In junior high school I still didn’t use moisturizer >_

  18. Regina Sanders Says:

    I have been to every dermatologist in the state! I took Acutane and have tried everything available on the market. The sad part is I am not 43 and still have zits! I really need this!

  19. Tania Bugnet Says:

    My worst pimple experience happened when I was looking for work (of course). I had been called for an interview for a job I really wanted to land but was in a near state of paranoia because of the massive, throbbing zit that was forming on the end of my schnoz. So I thought, wait, I’m making too big a deal out of this, I have cover-up and my friends will help me, right?

    Well that worked for about 15 minutes. I had a girlfriend help me apply about 5 lbs of cover-up and blemish disappearing solutions and when I looked in the mirror I thought I just might manage to pull it off.

    Of course, that was before I hopped in the cab and went to my interview. Long story short is that it began to rain during my trip downtown. Did I have an umbrella you ask – no. But I thought it’s okay, I’ll quickly jump out at my stop and run inside quickly. Nope. My cab driver (who had already been paid and left) did not have me at the right place. So I had to try to get my self coordinated and figure out exactly where to go and fast. No time to think about my dripping face because I was going to be late for my interview.

    Needless to say I did get to the interview but sans cover-up and after I had stupidly wiped my face with my hands to dry off. I did not get the job but to this day I am fairly certain it was due to the fact that the woman interviewing me could not pull her eyes away from the monstrosity that was throbbing red and looking as though it would burst right there in front of her. That was a really bad pimple.

  20. kara Says:

    oh geez, i can name one hundred pimple stories!!! let’s see…my worst, most embarrassing story is probably the time i had this HUGE underground cyst right smack dab in the middle of my eyebrows, perfectly centered between them and on display for everyone to see! this sucker was HUGE, red, sore, and miserable. i tried to leave it alone for a few days but then one night before washing my face i couldn’t take it anymore and i squeezed that thing until my skin turned black and blue! to make matters worse, it didn’t pop and i was left with the same huge cyst that was now ten times more pissed off and inflamed, PLUS a black and blue mark around it PLUS a big scab from where i had relentlessly attacked it! it was AWFUL and tooks WEEKS to go away, and even after it went away i was left with a huge purple scar that is STILL noticeable when i get out of the shower. this was the zit from hell i tell you! i’m having problems with my skin currently and lucky for me, i don’t have insurance so i can’t even visit a dermatologist or get a prescription, so as you might guess, the Thermaclear would be a gift from God to win!!! good luck to everyone!!!

  21. Snoe Says:

    My goodness, I’ve had acne since puberty hit. I’ve never really had a good handle on it either. The pimples usually leave a dark mark on my skin that can last for months and months [I have one that hasn’t faded for almost a year!] It’s really embarrassing.

  22. christy Says:

    my skin is relatively clear except for the few pimples that pop up every couple of weeks. but when they do appear, they do it with style! the pimples i do get are huge and painful and also like to appear smack dab in the middle of my forehead. also, when these pimples clear up rest assured there are new ones waiting to take its place so that my face can never be pimple-free. i feel like i’m the only person i know with acne.

  23. Katie Katie Says:

    I used to get really bad cystic acne on my chin. My high school graduation took place outside, and since I was class president, I had to give a speech. Because I was sweaty, my makeup didn’t stay on very well.

    In every single video and picture from that ceremony, you can see four HUGE pimples. It’s humiliating all over again every time I see a friend’s facebook page.

  24. Elaine Rosser Says:

    My daughter had horrible cystic acne all through junior high school and finally with lazer treatments was able to get this under control. Now her breakouts are normal and usually come around period time.

  25. Mary Says:

    I have had moderate to severe acne since I was 10 years old. I have tried literally EVERYTHING – except ThermaClear, which, with all my funds going towards an education, is a little out of my budget. I am ready to be free of the discrimination and cruelty I face because of my skin problems on a daily basis.

  26. Kelly Says:

    When I was a freshman in HS, I had a horrible pimple on my chin. I was in the library trying to study but it just kept distracting me. You know how it is… you finger just keeps going back to it and running over it. Finally I had had enough. I went up the stairs and darted into a bathroom.

    I stood in front of the mirror looking at the pimple. I brought my hands up to it and squeezed. Right when I was squeezing the door swung open and…. a guy walked in! I had went into the men’s bathrooom by accident! And he walked in right my hands were on my face and as I was popping and expelling all my gunk. I froze. Then grabbed a paper towel, wiped the spot, and darted out mumbling something.

    How could I not have noticed the urinals?!?!?! Seriously!!! I have no idea….

  27. Aisha Says:

    ok…i bet everyone has been through a period where they continuously had pimples popping up on their faces…sadly…same was the case with me…my high school years were horrible…every once in a while i had one or two pimples…ON MY NOSE!! or near the nose…you can forget about the cheeks..but when it came on my nose..that was the irritating part…

    NOW..HERE IS THE EMBARASSING/FRUSTRATING story..!! aarrggh..as i mentioned..pimples popped up on my nose..now one fine day…one HUGE pimple decided to make its grand appearance RIGHT ON THE TIP OF MY NOSE..!! and i am not joking when i say HUGE..it was definitely 1/4inch in diameter (see it on your scale…and you know it is huge for a nose!!!!) anyways..so the pimple was a BIG, RED one…(and obviously filled with disgusting liquid..)…but it was RED..so i kind of looked like RUDOLPH!! sigh..during those days..Mission Impossible was the “IN” movie..and every other kid had watched it..or talked about it…siiigh…sooo..one of my guy friends comes over and is like…”heeeey…wow..what is that…is that your self-destruct button???” and then he started to hum the tune of mission impossible…and then..bent over..and pretended to press it…and then went “BA DOOOOSH!!!” aarrgh..i felt like “bamming his face in”…i was going all red…that very same pimple..caused one of my aunts to say…”uhhh..what is that on your nose??” EVERYONE WAS STARING AT THE DAMN THING!! :( i can’t forget that pimple..everrr…and oh yah..its perfect “Rudolph nose” placement..!! :(

    anyways…thank god i am not getting any on my nose anymore..magically i get them on my CHIN NOW!! :( how did it shift?? sigh..but i am glad they don’t come on my nose anymore..:)

    so thats my embarassing story! :(

  28. Mama Zen Says:

    I had a terrible outbreak of acne while I was on vacation in Hawaii. Every picture of me features my prominent zits!

  29. Nicole Says:

    My worst acne nightmares have come true – I’m 37 (!!!) and now have both acne AND wrinkles. It’s a complete injustice! I get it on my jawline and NECK. My embarrassing tale is that my little daughters always ask if I need a Barbie band-aid for the “boo-boos” on my neck. Ick. Rescue me!!

  30. sally wess Says:

    i never had much of a problem with acne when i was younger, but NOW!!!! help!!!! i could really use this, as it sounds to be one of the best out there that could help me.

  31. Roberta Says:

    Ah, the Agony of Acne…I started breaking out on the same exact day as my period started when I was 13. It continues to this day…sometimes due to hormones, sometimes not…and I’m now 38. Yes, kids, that’s 25 YEARS of acne! While it’s not as severe now as it was when I was a teenager, I’m not hopeful that it will go away any time soon. Why? Because my 64 year old mother still has breakouts and I am the lucy one who got her skin. My life is an embarrassing acne story because it has NO ENDING! :)

  32. Lindsay Says:

    When I was in first grade I got the chicken pox. When I saw my first spot, I ran to my mom, jumping up and down. I thought I’d gotten my first pimple and I felt SO grown-up. Fast forward a year or two, and I was actually getting zits. At 9 and 10. They haven’t gone away yet. I’ve suffered through my pimples during elementary school, middle school, high school, and now college.
    I’ve never gotten whiteheads or blackheads, just those puffy red bumps that cannot be popped and refuse to be covered up by anything. My doctor prescribed me acne medecine in seventh grade. She didn’t even ask me, just said, flat out “your skin looks bad.” I was 12 and had very low self esteem. The creams didn’t even work. They hurt my sensitive skin and left me susceptible to sunburn.
    Now, finally, I’m starting to get my acne under control, but I’m forced to wear a mask of makeup every time I leave the house, and I’m afraid to wash it off at night to see what horrible new bumps have appeared during the day. = /

  33. Cindi Says:

    Hi, My 16 year old son could certainly benefit from a “Thermaclear!” We have tried several antibiotics, surface skin products, etc. Then, when he shaves, the acne gets worse. My main concern is scarring on his face. We go to doctors and follow what they say. I know hormones have a lot to do with his problem, but being 16 is difficult enough without having an acne problem! Please enter us in your fabulous drawing. It is appreciated…..Thanks,Cindi

  34. Jennifer Says:

    Pimple story! Wow, so many. My WORSE one was probably in grade 7, on my first one. I popped it and kept picking and picking at it. It started scabbing and oozing and oozing. All my friends asked me kept asking what happened, and it was SO embaressing. Also, the principal, the first time I met her, asked my if I ran onto the doorframe, what a create way to leave a first impression!

  35. Sara Says:

    Accutane, in law school, at 35! Enough said.

  36. Sofi Says:

    oh, I feel like I am going through my worst acne ever now at 31. I need a derm now to figure out why I can’t get rid of these bumps that look like gross pimples on my cheek. Now, that I feel like I am all set with a good arsenal to decrease some of the hyperpigmentation and melasma I have, I am still dealing with acne. I feel like I am in a rut. Would love to finally get rid of the acne and worry about antiaging issues at this point in my life-argh!!

  37. Joann Says:

    Acne came on strong with puberty and I thought it was over as during my 20’s I’ have a pimple once in a while.Then in my early 30’s I broke out so bad that I had to return to my dermatologist {hadn’t seen him in 15 or 16 years} he gave me a script for mincycline and retin A. I had the best skin for years.Well my Dr. retired and with such great skin my general care practitioner thought I wanted the retin A for wrinkles and wouldn’t give me a script. My face looked horrible in about 3 weeks.I was on my way to purchase a different foundation to help cover the disaster on my face when the car behind me failed to see every car had stopped for a red light.I wasn’t hurt that bad and the Dr. I had at the ER was a D.O. so after the ER visit I made appts. with him to get my back adjusted.Okay here comes the awful story I was laying down on my stomach to get my back cracked and meanwhile my gross pimples leaked yellow fluid onto the exam table paper, when it came time to change positions, I got up and the whole sheet came up with me stuck to my face ! ! It was so embarassing !However ,I walked out of there with a prescription for minocycline and rein A.

  38. Lynne Says:

    My worst case of acne, sadly, was usually not on my face, but on my cleavage and back. It’s worst there, as I often feel unable to wear dresses (especially ones with low backs or plunging necklines), or tops with that bare more neckline.

    The odd thing is, I do try to put acne medication on those areas, but it almost seems less effective, as it covers a large amount of area. So the medications end up smearing a bit on my clothes–a very uncomfortable feeling.

  39. Megan Says:

    I’ve had really bad acne non-stop since I was 11 or 12 years old. My most embarrassing pimple moments have probably been when little kids comment on my acne and won’t drop it, no matter what– 3 & 5 year olds! They act like there’s something terribly wrong with me, and both me & their parents get really super embarrassed. And this happens more than you’d think considering I work with the kids & babysit them quite often. I would love to at least get rid of the red bumps all over my face, even if i can’t get the rest of my acne to go away.

  40. Georgia Says:

    My worst pimple story is probably when I was in eigth grade. I got a huge pimple right by my hairline, but it was so big that it was obviously noticeable. I didn’t want to pop it, so I just decided to let it run it’s course. And, it stayed there for about three months! Finally, I popped it and I have a scar. Now, every time I get a sunburn on my face, the scar gets darker than the sunburn and you can totally tell.

  41. Teiris Says:

    Oh wow, so many stories to choose from! One new year’s eve when I was 15 I think, I got invited to a party. I had a big ol zit that i had of course picked, so I positioned my hair so that it would cover it. Of course it didn’t stay put, and I met a guy at the party too lol. Maybe no one noticed but I felt like it was huge!

  42. KELLY TAAA Says:

    I’ve struggled with pimples ever since 8th grade. I’m now a senior in high school and i’m still breaking out constantly. I tried everything from drug store brands to proactive, and i always start hoping and hoping maybe this is the one that will get rid of my acne, but i’m always let down. It’s reached a point where i get huge cystic pimples that i don’t even want to go to school because it bring down my self-confidence. I have acne scars everywhere i hate looking at myself in the mirror sometimes because i just feel that i just dont look good as I should due to my severe acne. I always see these girls with perfect skin and I’m jealous because i feel that i’ll never have skin like that. I just dont feel that… I can be myself and be who i truly am with all my acne. I would love to use thermaclear, because i truly feel that it’s my chance to get that confidence i never had!

  43. K. Says:

    Before I started using BC to skip my periods, I would have serious breakouts starting about two weeks before my period, particularly during my freshman year, because of the stress, poor nutrition, etc. associated with college. I was living in the dorms and caught the cold that my friends and I were passing back and forth, just as I was entering my pre-period acne flare.

    At an attempt at making the cold (one of my first as an “adult” with no mom to heat up my chicken noodle soup) a little more bearable, I used lotion-infused tissues. They did keep the skin around my nostrils from getting irritated, and I was satisfied. That is, until a perfectly-round cyst erupted on the very tip of my nose.

    It was the strangest zit of my entire life (and I’ve had a lot of zits): what it lacked in diameter, it made up for in height. For two very long weeks, there was no white head, so I couldn’t even attempt an “extraction.” It never flaked, despite my benzoyl peroxide attacks, just stayed very red. Because it was so oddly smooth, it was very easy to disguise with concealer. BUT, as the same shade as my skin, it just looked like a nasty wart on the very tip of my nose. If it had been Halloween, I could have dressed up as an old witch and my wart-zit would have looked perfect.

    As an 18-year-old freshman, trying to make the “right” impression, it was the worst beauty emergency imaginable. I don’t think they had released devices like ThermaClear yet. Maybe if I had had a device then, I could have cut my wart-zit’s life to a couple of days, and not had to avoid going out by claiming “I’m sick!” while really worrying that if I left my room, some drunk frat guy would point out the growth on my face.

  44. Rosa Says:

    Haha, hm. Well I don’t get too many pimples regularly but I always get these huge ones in between the my nose and my cheek, wedged right in there. And by huge, I mean the kind that appears and stays for about 2 weeks. And they hurt!! :[

  45. Amelia Says:

    My acne has always been a huge embarrassment, particularly because I continue to have it to this day (and I am graduating college!). I normally get these monstrous zits come period time, and these suckers do not like to go away nicely. I always seem to get them on my nose (in fact I am suffering through two spots right now) or chin, and the worse thing about my acne is that I have really sensitive skin as well. Whenever I use acne treatments, the salicylic acid dries my skin out so much! Not only am I left with the zit still, but l also develop extremely dry skin surrounding the spot. I have never tried the Thermaclear, and it would be pretty cool to try one. :)

  46. Suzanne Says:

    I’m in my early 30’s and am reading, buying and trying everything I can to address the worst acne I’ve ever had. I’ve had cortisone injections all over my face, been prescribed two topical meds and an oral antibiotic, tried medical facials — you name it. My skin looks awful and – the worst part? – it hurts! I went off the pill to try and start a family but the destruction of my formerly lovely complexion has been a pretty awful consequence.

    Your list of pore-clogging ingredients has been a huge help and I carry it with me at all times now. Thank you.

  47. Lyudmila Says:

    Even in advanced age acne still periodically arise. And in general to struggle with them it is necessary seriously in a youth, but not only with the help of cosmetics, but also to treat intestines!

  48. Cricket Says:

    I did not have acne issues as a youth. In fact I always got compliments on my skin because I am fair skin with a very nice texture (sorta peaches and cream I guess). Fast forward to 30 and I have just had a baby. *POOF* It was like magic…only not good sweet happy magic…it was black magic. All of a sudden my once pretty skin was battling the ravages of acne and I am still trying to get it clearly under control. I get nasty red bumps that are painful and will not pop or go away until they are darn good and ready to. It is killing me and I need a good solution. I have very sensitive skin so many washes I have tried do nothing but further irritate my skin. I have changed to mineral makeup and that has done wonders but still the acne will not just go away. I have been looking at the Zeno and the Thermaclear but they are both pricey and I don’t have the spare cash for one at the moment. Since my issue is mild to moderate this would be a great solution for me to try. Thank you for the great opportunity!

  49. alain Says:

    my worst pimple story must be getting a huge zit (i’m talking 2 cm in diameter ) the night before my hs prom and deciding toothpaste was the answer. while toothpaste may work for some people, i found out that my skin HATES it and ended up with not only a huge angry pimple but blotchy puffy skin the entire night of prom.

  50. K Says:

    I hardly had any acne growing up, not even during puberty. My friends would get mad at me when I would fret about the one pimple I’d get every few months. I’m now in the throws of full on adult acne and am struggling to find a solution. I’ve made many dramatic changes to my skincare routine in the hopes that it’ll help. I always seem to end up with a giant painful cystic acne right before any event and have tons of little pustules beneath the surface of my chin waiting to make an appearance. What a pain!

  51. Paula W. Says:

    My worse time was on my 30th birthday, my friends and SO were going all out for a big catered birthday party with all of my friends and family. I decided to treat myself to a day at the spa, since that was such a big day. I had never had a facial before, and it sounds so luxurious. However, I walked out of there with *3* of the biggest whiteheads on my forehead and nose. I wanted to be the pretty princess for the party, but felt like I was the ugly stepsister walking out of the spa. I didn’t the baaad thing and popped them and semi covered them, and I was still the belle of the ball, it was just the disappointment from the facial. It spooked me enough, it was 6 years before I had another spa facial.

  52. Michelle Rosborough Says:

    In high school I had acne on my face & back.
    At 45 I still get it on my face.

  53. Allie Says:

    My worst acne story is taking place right now, at 33 years of age! I was never one that dealt with too much acne drama as a teen; it didn’t really hit me until my late ’20s when my skin suddenly became super sensitive. In the past year I thought I found a wonder product that would clear up bumps before they became too big. At the same time, I started dealing with hives – something I had never expereinced before. I figured it went hand in hand with my newly-sensitive skin. Went to doctors, who said it was stress. Well the hives caused more stress and the stress caused more breakouts so I used more acne medication. Eventually my hives got so bad I ended up missing work, no antihistimine seemed to help and I was miserable and embarassed. I cut out spicy foods, tomatoes, cheese and other dairy from my diet trying to rid myself of these welts. I cut out many beauty products thinking they caused the reaction and even changed jobs to a less stressful field.

    Just this week I realized it was the acne medication that was causing them. Gosh darn salycitic acid! I stopped using it and within three days, the hives that have plagued me for almost a year completely disappeared! Problem is, now I have those darn breakouts. Now that I know my trigger ingredients for sensitivity AND hives, it seems that I have almost no topical creams that can be used to effectively keep acne at bay. I would LOVE to try a tool like this, but a bit out of my price range right now. Would be so cool if I won so I am not the 33-yearl old professional with the pizza face!

  54. Casie Says:

    I am still breaking out on my chin area (I have tried everything)…and my wedding is coming up this October. I would love to win this so that I don’t have a horror story about breaking out on my wedding day. :) Thanks for the great contest. Oops, I posted my comment on the wrong post 1st. :)

  55. Sonia Says:

    My worst acne incident was when I was 16. At that time I rarely got acne on my face but I occasionally got acne on my body. I was taking ballet during this time and was always wearing the required pink tights and black leotard. Well, one day while changing after dance class I looked down and realized I had a massive zit on my upper inner thigh. It was clearly visible through my pink tights and I kept thinking that the puss would pop and soak my tights….ewwwww how could I have not noticed this sooner? The zit was the size of a dime! Having never had a zit like that before I was completely lost as to what to do but I knew I wanted it gone ASAP. So that night I attempted minor surgery on my mega-zit. I tried using a hot cloth to gently pop it but no luck. So…out came the tweezers. I squeezed the zit with my hands and it hurt like @#$#@. Who knew that having zits on your inner thigh would be so painful! It popped, eureka! Now came the tricky removal of all the puss with the tweezers; I thought the puss would never end! It took forever for the popped zit to heal and it looked like I’d caused a gaping wound on my leg from inept shaving. The good news is that I never got a nasty zit like that on my leg again. The bad news is that once I hit my late 20’s I started getting nasty zits on my face. How unfair–just when I start worrying about wrinkles I now have to worry about monstrous zits on my face as well!
    I’ve been fighting a losing battle with the zits on my face every since my late 20’s and I’m desperately seeking a better solution than benzol peroxide. I’d LOVE to try Thermaclear and see if is able to do the impossible and win the war against my zits.

  56. Bunny Says:

    Urgghhh….I hate pimples! The worst case I had was when I went on an island holiday and wore sunscreen lotion on my face. I guess my skin was sensitive to the lotion because when I returned home, I had a terrible outbreak! Nasty stuff! :(

  57. LeaneG Says:

    Well, unfortunately, acne is a part of my everyday life. I have too many horror stories to even remember. I have had acne since jr. high and I still do at 29 years old. My mother still has problems with her skin and she is in her 50s now. Needless to say, I get my bad skin from her. I try to keep control with OTC treatments and I have found a good degree of success with DERMALOGICA skin care products, but still I do not have full control over my own face. I usually get a bad breakout at the worst time and most of the time I have pimples on my face somewhere. I would LUV to try ThermaClear! I have heard good things about it and I want to finally be the winner in my fight against my pimples.

  58. Heather Says:

    I’m in the middle of a separation. My face tells the tale. Thought my adult acne was due to stress and I’m sure some of it is, but realized yesterday that the bare minerals that I thought were sooo good were making my skin soo much worse. I happened upon your website. Thank you for all of your insight. Ever thought about being a derm? You certainly seem to have a passion ,and your care for people is obvious.Thanks for sharing your personal journey and valuable insight with all of us so that we may learn as well from your experiences. Thanks for the chance to win this gadget. Take care..

  59. Biljana Says:

    My worst pimple story is the fact that I am 24 and I’ve had consistent acne since the age of 12. NOt a year has gone by where I havn’t had a face full of acne. I’ve tried Proactive, all sorts of natrual remedies, and everything at the drug store. Nothing works. This new product seems really promising and I would love to give it a try.

    Thanks ;)

  60. GIna Says:

    sooo i’m getting married this year and i just had my engagement last September. Unfortuanately, I had only discovered savvy skin shortly thereafter… and on my engagement, my face loooked terrible :-( it was all swollen and i had 2 big zits on my chin. It was terrible. Although I now seem to have it under control now courtesy of differin gel and changing my eating habits, I still get the weekly breakout… I need to get this undercontrol so what happened at my engagement ceremony doesn’t happen again at my wedding!!!

  61. Casey Mallard Says:

    My worst pimple moment was when I was interviewing for colleges. I noticed a HUGE zit right before my interview and I wanted to pop it but I didn’t have time to do that and get ready so I just covered it with a bunch of makeup. Well the concealer I used only made it worse and when I was car, I accidentally popped the damn thing and it started to bleed. (sorry for the vivid images!) I cleaned up as best as I could but noticed after the interview was over that it had started to bleed again. So I had a bloody mark on my face for the entire time!

  62. Michele Says:

    I used to pick, pick, pick in high school – and then be shocked at the bleeding scab that looked worse than the pimple…..slow learner!

  63. Lilly L Says:

    I had mild acne all as a teenager. I thought I had grown out of it and moved on to happier things. I recently got married and little red bumps are back. It wouldn’t be so bad except for the fact that my husband thinks it would be great if I didn’t wear make-up. Not likely! To make matters worse, he never says anything bad about my skin (because that would encourage me to wear more make-up), but he likes to reach out and gently poke my offending zits. Big confindence booster. :) I’d love to get rid of my offending spots.

  64. My Inner French Girl Says:

    My worst would have to the time I used Obagi. Ugh ugh ugh. Oh, and UGH.

    My acne isn’t really all that bad anymore, but of course even the tiniest zit can look like Krakatoa about to erupt when it’s on YOUR face. So I hopped on over to my derm’s medi-spa. The aesthetician recommended the Obagi line, which required the promise of my first born child. Not really, but it’s definitely more than I’ve ever spent on any skincare product in my entire life. Probably combined.

    It’s a multi-step process that includes a cleanser, exfoliant, a hydroquinone product, a retinoid product (usually Retin-A and therefore requires a doctor’s prescription), and a few others I can no longer remember. Anyway, I was told that my skin will take a bit of time getting accustomed to it, but…damn. Within 2 days, my face was beet red all the time and was peeling like crazy. It looked like a horrible sunburn decided to camp out on my poor facial skin and cling for dear life. The zits were nothing compared to that. I immediately ceased using the Obagi collection, but my skin took about a week to come back to normal. No makeup could hide the crustiness, so I had to endure the stares of coworkers and customers at work. Not. Fun.

    Never again!

  65. Sophie Says:

    My worst pimple experience would have to be during highschool. It hurt that a crush of mine would identify me as “the girl with the pimples,”, My self esteem plumetted and I’ve never felt more insecure. Once, before my best bud’s debut ball, I was hurriedly trying to cure acne that I applied tons of Panoxyl on the left side of my face only to experience extreme burning – yes, my skin got burned and I cried because my skin was in horrible condition a day before my best bud’s debutante ball and we were going to speak during the occasion – it was miraculously covered by MAC foundation, but the burn just stayed on forever. I’ve been battling acne since my teenage years up to now. It’s just sad – I want it to stop somehow.

  66. Sam Cawthon Says:

    back in high school, i had the never-ending zit. it started out as a small red dot right smack center in the middle of my chin. of course being an immature high schooler, i decided to try and pop it. worst mistake ever. it grew into the size of a dime in the middle of my chin!!! AND IT LASTED FOR 2 WHOLE MONTHS. it would not go away, no matter what i did. my friends and i even came up with a name for it..and to this day they will never let me forget about the “MONSTER” of 2004.

  67. Kathleen Says:

    My worst pimple experience would have to have been in high school when I had cystic acne. My friends thought I was hitting my face somehow because the cysts looked like bruises. Ugh. I still have to deal with acne, but at least I don’t get many cysts.

  68. jeannie Says:

    When I was in junior high I got this huge pimple above my lip. I was so embarrassed by it and decided to “cover” it up by whooshing my hair across my face everywhere I went. Too bad I ended up bringing MORE attention to myself! =/

  69. Sofia Says:

    Last year, when I was really stressed from work, I got three huge pimples right next to each other on my left cheek. VERY conspicuous, considering that the rest of my face was blemish-free. I made the mistake of trying to pop them, and they became a huge red mass on my cheek. Lasted for over a month, ugh.

  70. Suu-Eun Says:

    Let’s see… When I was in high school, I would be so depressed whenever my acne flared up. I had tried everything I could to tame it, but with no avail. I remember in 10th grade waking up one morning, looking in the mirror, and bursting into tears. I spent an hour begging my mom to let me stay home. She eventually agreed, but I spent the rest of the day locked in my room thinking of what I would do when tomorrow came. I am now a college student and get the occasional breakout. Whenever that happens, I feel a sharp pang in my heart. “Not again!”

  71. Elizabeth Says:

    I had a pimple on my chest, about an inch above where a modest v-neck ends. Of course, I decided to play amateur dermatologist and operated on it. I somehow thought hydrogen peroxide would help and wound up with an open wound *and* a slight chemical burn. Now, one year later, I have a eraser-sized flat white scar about an inch above where a modest v-neck ends. A pimple would have been temporary but this is here forever.

  72. Lydia Says:

    I think my worst acne story is that even though I’m not a teenager anymore I still get acne on my body and it sucks. Its always bright red and most of the time I can’t wear anything sleeveless. I have tried everything. Proavtive gets the acne off my face but not my body. :(

  73. Rachel Trahan Says:

    My worst acne story is the day to day problems..
    My acne is so embarassing, I am in school to be a chef and one of my classmates actually used to joke behind my back that my zits might pop in the food!! I know, gross and that wouldn’t happen, but in college people can be terribly cruel. I have gotten made fun of my whole life an you would think at my age the jokes would stop. I have tried everything but prescription medicine, and my face still breaks out constantly, I look like I am in high school not 26! Everyone always thinks I am my three year olds big sister.. I would love to have Thermaclear so that I might be able to help my face clear and gain some sense of self esteem before I graduate with horrid zits…

  74. Scarlett Says:

    My worst experience has been over the last few years. I am 34, and had decent skin as a teen. But now as an adult, it is terrible! Cystic acne on my back, and monthly breakouts on my face. They only heal as the next month’s batch is cropping up. :(

    I’d love to try the ThermaClear!!!

  75. Ro Says:

    I’d like to enter for my 15 year old son. He’s at that tender age where acne really hurts self-esteem and he’s tried many different methods to get rid of pimples to no avail. Thanks so much for the contest — wow!


  76. Katy Morris Says:

    When I was about eleve years old, my cousin once told me that to get rid of acne, models put toothpaste on their blemishes…and they’re gone overnight.

    That night I put my hot pink (children’s) toothpaste (a good dose) on all of my bumps. The next morning I woke up, washed my face, anticpating a miracle. When I looked in the mirror I saw several large zits surrounded by bright pink circles. I scrubbed and scrubbed and the pink wouldn’t go away…and scrubbing so much made a mess out of my pimples and the rest of my face!!!

    I had to go to school like that for a couple of days!!! Even with makeup, I still looked like I had chicken pox on my face! Too funny!!! And sad!!!!!

  77. Jess Says:

    Hrm, worst story ever? I guess it could be some odd combo of the following.

    I got my first noticeable pimple-zit when I was in fourth grade. Of course, all of us being 8 and 9, no one else in my grade had one, so I got some lovely “zomg what is that!” remarks. My mom eventually popped it.

    In middle school, I had one of those massive-throbbing-needs its own zip code sorts of zits. I couldn’t keep my hands off of it, so it ended up bursting and leaking everywhere in class. :(

  78. Shefali Says:

    Ahhh, acne. I started getting NASTY cystic acne in my mid-20’s. I got them all over my cheeks, and they left really bad scars no matter what I did to prevent them from developing and growing. I finally got rid of the problem when I turned 30. But wait!! I went for 2 years without any breakouts and thought, Holy Cow! I’m done with acne. WRONG. Guess what popped up on my face TWO DAYS BEFORE MY WEDDING? Two cystic acne spots smack in the middle of my cheek. Since they take 3 weeks to disappear, I ended up having them as visitors on my wedding day. They eventually went away, but I turned 35 last year and guess what? I have acne issues again :(

  79. Jamie Says:

    My worst acne story happened just last week when I got a horrid oozing pimple on my face and my husband started chasing me around the house trying to pop it! Needless to say, he didn’t succeed, but our two children got a huge kick out of it and actually turned off the TV set to help me try to hide from him!

  80. Joan Says:

    its hypocritical for me to say.. “oh well who cares about looks anyway….its only skin deep”

    I’ve had persistent and scarring acne since I was thirteen years old ( I am now 19)…and to make matters worse.. I’m surrounded by all my flawlessly perfect skinned friends..I think i’ve tried about just EVERY product known to man..and nothing has helped tamed ..those evil culprit aka whiteheads..last year, I saw an ad on this Medspa..and somehow was lured into going ( the ad was very persuading!) so..off I went to a medspa and they reassured me that I came to the right place and yadayada ” my dreams of having nice skin would finally come true crappity crap”..In the end, all I got in return was wasted time ( it was very far and heck the treatments were painful!) Also, I spent a fortune on nothing..literally thousands of dollars on “miracle products” and acne laser treatments,because NO my dreams did not come and I was broke and miserable with the same face I walked in with.. yeah, I guess I am just like every other girl..wrapped up in society and manipulated by evil beauty industries..going to extreme heights just to gain a mere inch of confidence..

  81. Kara Says:

    I never really suffered from pimples until my mid-twenties, and then bam, I look like I’m stuck in a bad after-school special! I’m trying to start my professional career – showing up at my job with these nasty whiteheads that’s about to leak pus all over my desk. Gross right?

    It gets a little worse… during a meeting where I’m talking to my group, I inadvertently scratch my forehead, where I had a couple of these nasty babies living – and I scratch off two. Ok, fine – just keep my hands still and don’t touch anything. All the while, as I’m talking, trails of blood start dripping out from where I scratched! In the middle of the meeting, the guy sitting next to me asks me if I want a tissue to mop up my forehead. Mortifying!

  82. em Says:

    I did not have acne until I turned 22!!! I thought that after kids it would go away, it did not! I have tried everything under the sun but nothing seems to work. My worst story is before a big date with this hot guy my face broke out badly. When he showed up we went for dinner but he ended up getting an “important” phone call and leaving me with the bill! Needless to say we never saw each other again.

  83. Shelby Says:

    I am in a group of friends that all have nearly perfect skin and I have mild to moderate acne. I was recently at one of those friend’s birthday party and I was sleeping over. I asked for a wash cloth so that I could take off my make-up and she looked at me kind of oddly and went searching for one. It seemed really strange that someone wouldn’t know where a wash cloth was in their own home, and I mentioned it, and her response was, “Well, I don’t really wash my face…” The girl has perfect skin and does nothing and I have to commit to a daily regimen to keep my face from looking like a pizza. Aaagh, genetics, how I loathe thee.

  84. Lissete Says:

    I was one of the lucky ones. I rarely got zits. But as payback for being so lucky, I have had to suffer along side my daughter. She has been battling acne since she was about 12. She is now 17. She had really awful cystic acne and was put on Accutane at 15 which cleared her up really well. A year later, it started again along with regular zits. Her prom is one month away and she is already stressing over the zits. Fortunately as of right now, there are no cysts. She works with little kids and they will come right out and say “What’s thaaaaaaaaaat??” while pointing at her face.

  85. elyse Says:

    In highschool, in the midst of my accutane treatment, my acne got worse. My skin got greasier, and sheets were peeling off. My face was always covered in swollen purplish lumps and scabs, so I wore plenty of makeup. This kid in one of my classes used to give me crap about my makeup every day. He always said that I was so greasy because I wore too much makeup, but we all know that is not why. Anyway, I looked at my reflection in my sideview mirror one day and noticed that my concealer was illuminating my pimples like bright little lightbulbs. I looked absolutely terrible, scabs, grease, peeling face, and glowing pimples. I had been wearing that stuff for years and years, and NO ONE told me! my skin is doing better these days, but we all know the damage that skin problems cause, and any one of your readers deserves something to make life a little easier.

  86. Jennifer Says:

    I started suffering from persistent cystic acne during my first semester finals in college. Four years later, I am still suffering from breakouts. Every holiday when I go home to visit my family, I am always lectured about not eating the correct food, not washing my face enough, messing around with my face too much, how much better I’d look without pimples and scars covering my face, etc. Although I know in my heart that they mean good, it makes me feel so bad about myself to to see loved ones look my face and think my acne is so bad that they are willing to spare the embarrassment of bringing my acne up in conversation to give me advice. However, instead of helping me, they serve as a constant reminder of my blemished skin. I have now developed a habit of bringing up my fight with acne in conversations with just about anyone as a defense mechanism, just so I don’t have to hear it from them first. I’ve tried everything I can within my budget to treat my acne, but nothing works. I love myself for who I am on the inside, but I can’t help but feel that people are distracted by my spotty face to see the real me. It’s my time to shine, but I’m hiding behind my pimples. I’m graduating college in a month and it would be wonderful to start my the next chapter of my life as a working woman with a fresh face and a boost of self-confidence.

  87. Lily Says:

    Just hearing the word acne, or zit or pimple sends shivers down my spine. Acne really affected me throughout my teen years, and though the experience is depressing I thought it really taught me how to understand other people’s feelings and be more considerate when involved in discussions.
    So I have a lot of embarrassing acne stories, but the one that stood out the most happened at my friends house. Growing up, I had two best friends who both spoke the same language that was different from mine, so I would always have trouble understanding conversations when I’m at their house with their families. This one time I went to my friends house for dinner and her family was gathered around the dinner table talking in their own language. But, because I’ve been around my friends for so long I can usually pick up a couple of simple words. So I see my friends grandmother staring at me and all of a sudden she says,
    “Why is her face so red?” while looking at me…
    Then, my friend goes “I dunno, maybe she’s drunk.” (This she said in english)
    Then the mom goes “Oh, no she just has really bad skin.”
    And by that time, I just pretended all was well. But, deep down inside I was mortified that her family was talking about me thinking that I didn’t understand. I had to excuse myself to the bathroom pretending everything was fine. Gosh, I was so scared to come out…and to think not one of friends defended me…

  88. Zee Says:

    My worst pimple story probably goes back to high school when I was 17. My family had gone to Maryland for my cousins wedding and I had been trying really hard to get my skin to behave for the festivities. I had refrained from touching, overwashing, and applying too much retin-A, which made my skin turn tomato red. A week before the wedding events started my skin had finally started to clear up–I was ecstatic. The night of the rehearsal, we all went out for a delicious spicy thai dinner. The next day, my entire face had transformed into gross, red pimples. It was horrible, but at least it taught me that spicy food is a big no-no when it comes to treating my acne!

  89. Lisa G. Says:

    I have always had difficulty with acne. I was miserable as a teenager and my skin has only gotten a little better as an adult. My worst pimple story was of course the day of my wedding. I had been fighting an increasingly worse batch of acne the week before my wedding due to all the stress and the morning of my wedding I woke up with a large, painful pimple on the side of my chin to top my whole horrible skin week of. You can see it so clearly in all of my wedding photos even though I had my makeup professionally done.

  90. Nate Says:

    I’ve honestly never really had acne in my youth–however, the recent stress of moving has caused me to break out with a number of large and obvious pimples. It’s kind of jarring and a little frustrating having to deal with this for pretty much the first time at the age of 25, plus I’m a guy, so I can’t comfortably use make-up to cover them up. This would be really helpful for my situation.

  91. Jennifer Says:

    I had perfectly beautiful clear skin all the way till college. Then for whatever reason my skin went downhill and I quickly developed severe cystic acne. My face literally ached from the pimples. I looked horrible and my confidence was at an all time low. I had gone from the girl that everyone called ‘peaches and cream’ to the girl people looked at with horror.

    I cried everyday and skipped out on a lot of school and social events because I was too ashamed of my face. No one close to me understood and many told me to just ‘get over it’. After a long time of treatments and such my skin is much more clear but I am still dealing with the after affects of scars.

    One of my worst stories was when I showed up to the opera I was performing in (I was a music major) and I had a bare face for the make-up artist to do his work. One of the guys in the show took one look at me when I walked in and said loudly “Jennifer what is wrong with your face!” Of course everyone in the dressing room turned to look and there I was completely exposed at the worst of times with a face full of huge, red, swollen, pimples.

  92. Kent Says:

    Hands down, it was the night I asked my girlfriend to marry me. I woke up with 2 pimple that morning. Ahhhhh! What luck huh?

  93. Sally Says:

    I’ve had breakouts since I was ten. yes, TEN. Small ones at first, lots of blackheads mainly, and tiny pimples. Then came the pustules and larger ones around 13.

    At 14 my doctor put me on oral antibiotics for the acne. I remember rushing out the door to school at 7:20 in the morning, no time for breakfast and having to take those pills. Having to run out of class a few times and throwing up halfway down the hall because they made me woozy and upset my stomach.

    I suffered using oral antibiotic after oral antibiotic all through high school. None of them seeming to clear my acne, and the antibiotics seemed to cause other body imbalances, yeast, fungus, impaired immune system.

    I’m 21 now and my acne is still nearly as severe as ever. A year ago, when it was at its worst, I was working as a cashier and had children come up with their parents and ask me “Hey lady, what’s wrong with your face?” It was embarrassing, and terrible, and I felt disfigured. I still feel disfigured. It’s not as severe anymore, but the scars are still there, and the little breakouts that still pop up from stubborn blackheads and whiteheads.

    I’ve tried changing my diet, taking herbal supplements, homeopathic remedies, antibiotics, almost every benzoyl peroxide and salycylic acid ointment out there. The only thing that’s lessened it even a little so far is my Duac topical gel and still nowhere near 100%.

    What makes me sadder about this is that when I put makeup on, strangers will come up to me and tell me I should be a model. Too bad I can almost never even wear makeup because it makes my skin even worse afterwards. Even the super nice mineral makeup I’ve bought, the only thing that doesn’t inflame it as much as all the rest. And then I feel like such a fake, that if they saw the purple marks left over from the acne, and the new little breakouts that I cover up they would think I was a monster in disguise.

    Every year when college classes start up I end up with thousands more pimples, too. If this laser treatment actually worked I would be so, so happy. I’ve tried everything else. I’m tempted to buy one of these on my own and SKIP OUT of paying for one of my college classes instead. that is how desperate I am to find something to stop my skin from freaking out so much.

  94. Zhai Says:

    I have always suffered from acne ever since I was 14 years old (now, 22). I have tried just about anything from ProActiv, Murad, Acneefree, Neutrogena, Clean & Clear, Clearasil, Mario Badescu and other prescription medications. The best that worked for me were the ones that my dermatologist prescribed; however even with insurance it was still pricey. It cost me about $250/month. I stopped after 8 months because I couldn’t afford it. Then, I went back to ProActiv. I wouldn’t say that my face got cleared but it helped until my skin got used to it that it suddenly stopped working so I completely stopped using it. It was 4 months ago when I experienced my worst acne moment. It started when my friend introduced me to a friend of hers (a blind date). The guy was really cute, and I thought we hit it off. After the date, I got really anxious so I called up my friend to ask her to ask him what he thought of me. My friend said he thought of me as a sister instead of someone he dates. I was devastated so I left it at that. A month later, I saw him at Express (where he was working) and asked about what I thought of acne.org’s regimen. I didn’t know what he was talking about so I asked him what he was talking about. And he said, “You should really do something about your bacne.” I was so embarrassed that I stopped shopping at that specific Express store location.

  95. alli Says:

    just wondering if the thermaclear worked for whoever won it…

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