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get rid of celluliteMe too! Actually there was a point when I was cellulite-free! I will get to that later. Supposedly 90% of women have cellulite, and I’m definitely one of them! I’ve always been relatively thin, but except for a brief point, I’ve always had cellulite, and lots of it! I remember at age 13 grabbing my thighs and looking at all the cellulite. I didn’t even know you could have it at such a young age. If only cellulite was thought of as something wonderful, rather than something almost all women have, yet no woman wants. I’m 5’8″ and my weight is usually between 128-132, and now I think it’s even more than that, but I don’t own a scale. In the past, I had always wanted to get rid of cellulite, but didn’t think it was possible.

When I moved from San Francisco to Los Angeles, I started my own company and had no money. I ate at home, hardly had any money for food, and was so busy working that I only ate when I was really hungry. All of a sudden I was 120-123 pounds, and guess what, I had NO CELLULITE! It was all gone! If I squeezed my thighs, I’m sure it came out of hiding, but normally you can see cellulite all up and down my thighs without needing to squeeze. I don’t mind having cellulite if you can’t see it without squeezing. Anyway, after a few years at that weight, the weight slowly crept back up to my normal weight, and the visible cellulite all came back. And it’s worse than ever, probably because I’m older now.

So to get rid of my cellulite, I need to be at a >BMI of 18.5 or less, according the Body Mass Index. 18.5 is the very edge of being a “normal” weight for my height, and anything under that is underweight. So I pretty much have to be underweight, or close to it, to have no cellulite. Since most celebrities are super skinny, no wonder most celebrities don’t have that much visible cellulite! Right now I’m at a very healthy BMI, but I can’t wear short shorts or short skirts because it looks very unappealing. You would think that if you work out a lot and gain more muscle (by lifting weights) that that would help with the cellulite. Well, let me tell you, I’ve yet to see an improvement when I go to the gym all the time and lift a lot of weights. But I’ve never had a trainer and I’m lazy with cardio, so maybe that’s the problem.

There are all sorts of cellulite treatments – Mesotheraphy, Endermologie, Triactive, and cellulite creams, but I haven’t tried any of them yet. Since I know “how” to get rid of my cellulite, I’m always trying to lose 5-10 pounds. However, as I get older, I will probably look better with a few more pounds on me, since it will help fill out any wrinkles I get. Good grief. In the meantime, maybe I will order these books: The Cellulite Solution and The Cellulite Cure and see if they have any solutions that actually work. Right now, I’m going to the gym. Oh, and I should have just taken a picture of my own legs, but I’m lazy. I couldn’t find one picture of a thin girl with cellulite to illustrate this post. Finally, if stretch marks also bother you, I’ve written about stretch mark removal as well.

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5 Responses to “Would You Like to Get Rid of Cellulite?”

  1. Mary Burcaw Says:

    What a great website. You have really done your homework. I plan to consult your website before purchasing any skin care product. You cut right to the chase and tell us all the things cosmetic companies don’t want us to know. It’s been an education browsing this site and I plan to spread the word to all my friends. Thank you for providing this service and keep up the good work.

  2. Mary Burcaw Says:

    What a fabulous website. I plan to consult you site before buying any skin care product. I can see you’ve done your homework and I love the way you cut to the chase and tell us all the things cosmetic companies don’t want us to know. Your website provides a valuable service so keep up the good work.

    Mary in CT

  3. Erik Says:

    If you are considering treating cellulite, then target it with a non-invasive machine. Dermawave is installed in Newport Beach, CA at a Medical Spa. There is no downtime, pain, bruising or needles. Whether you are skinny, a few pounds overweight or 30+ overweight, you will have cellulite. Grades 1-3 are the easiest to treat. Receive a free treatment with a response to this comment.

  4. Betty Says:

    geez I’ve been trying to get rid of them the old fashion way……..exercising. Its tough, but its been working for me. I’m going to give these tips a try. I try running at elast a mile every other day. Since I am a bit over weight i’ve been using products to help me out during my workouts so I recently purchased these bike shorts from fitandsharp.com. I’ve been using them for about 3 weeks now and have seen a decrease in my waist. Give it a look, I hightly recommend it. Hope i was of some assistance and I’ll be sure to try these tips out

  5. Betty Says:

    I guess i’m not the only one having these issues, working out is definitely key but since i’m a bit over weight i can use extra help. I was recommended these leggings by Lytess. They help tone by legs and remoce the cellulite from my legs. If you want to take a look you can go to fitandsharp.com and see for yourself.

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